I would turn the cutter toward a wall with that plug assembly facing to it Aaron Mulka Dec 6, Aug 19, 5 humandroid New Member 18 0 0 Aug 19, I installed the drivers for the cable and it seems to be installed correctly. If if works maybe someone can point me to a place to upload it so others can use it as well. Aug 19,

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FlexiSign is a better sign program, once you’ve mastered output in Corel. Two Different Levels of Software: Set Width to mm inches and Height to mm Don’t connect by USB.

Ensure that you are using a Landscape page. Already have an account? A dialog box will appear. Apparently not Have you read this? All you need is a computer with Internet access and minutes. Second, insert the screws and washers into the -s60 besides the squares then tighten them Figure Aug 19, 2. Aug 19, 13 Greenthorn Member 0 0 Feb 23, Couldn’t you get a 25pin serial cable and attach that to your plotter, then at the other end nearer to your computer, install your adapters and converters?


Expert technicians are available at Brother Printer support to assist you in installing the Printer drivers and to fix any printer related issue that may come up. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements sitnpal on this site. Just purchased a Lynx S I’m needing hardware and I’m not sure what direction to go in.

FLEXI with Lynx S & SERIAL to USB | Signscom: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals

Any other ideas maybe another brand of cable or even a hub? Called and left message Aug 19, 5 humandroid New Member 18 0 0 Aug 19, I installed the drivers for the cable and it seems to be installed correctly.

The xignpal rollers must be positioned above the grid drum. Figure and reverse of the H-stand will show you the position to insert screws. If the plotter still cannot work, please inform your dealer of these types of error indicators or have your plotter serviced.

SignPal 12_softwave_Products Laser Engraving, Vinyl Cutter ,UV Printer – GCC

Select the Lynx S from the “Cutter” drop down box and select your port. Adjustment depth knob Outward ring Figure PM me if you get stuck.


Connecting The Cutter 3. Next click on the “Cut” button and then the “Cut Settings” Button. From there you just need to press print and it will attempt to output to the plotter as with any other printer.

For the former condition, please send a new graph from the computer; The information signpa, Computing. Net and its accuracy. They sent me the drive and how to load it.

Lynx S-60 User Manual

Parallel cards are cheap as chips and work perfectly. Why is the cutting plotter not functioning? I read this post and today I tried: