Lycos flirt and chat

Lycos isn’t top dog – but sniffed out the way to survive - Telegraph

lycos flirt and chat

Ever since the chat was created by the Jubii ChatTeam back in we have This includes restrictions on swearing, flirting and even in the adult rooms. How do I find [email protected]? Whilst in your chat logbook, look up and the "Flirt & Chat" tab should be brown, with a few subheadings underneath. Click on the. Le Chat gratuit le plus cool du monde! Le Chat Lycos est différent. Chatter et bien plus encore; Des contrôles de sécurité avancés; Créer des profils cools et.

Lycos isn’t top dog – but sniffed out the way to survive

It is demanding, takes hard work and dedication and a lot of online time. Despite this, it's also great fun. Many navigators much prefer it to being a chatter. As a navigator you're an ambassador for the Chat.

lycos flirt and chat

This means that chatters watch everything you say and do. Behave inappropriately, and it gives all Navigators a bad name.

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Being helpful at all times when on and off watch, shows what a great team we are. Navigators are the first people new chatters meet and their most important task is to make sure that these newbies have a good experience the first time they are on board. Some chatters will see it as their job to try to wind you up.

If they succeed, they win. If they don't, everyone wins: Therefore you have to be helpful and patient when people ask you a question. As a Navigator your behaviour should be spotless on the chat at all times. If you are the kind of person who gets emotional easily, then being a navigator may not be for you.

You must be objective always; NEVER taking sides, even when your friends are involved, and always play devils advocate. You must be able to keep confidences, both chatters and other Navigators may come to you with problems.

lycos flirt and chat

And you will also be the first to find out about new things too — you must be able to keep these things close to your chest! Having the patience of a saint too is necessary! Some chatters take a while to help, and you need to ensure that your personality can cope with these demanding times.

lycos flirt and chat

You should also ask yourself, Am I a team player? This is a very important question as the Navigator system can only work with a team spirit.

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We have always been proud to operate as a family friendly chat, keeping the chat safe and friendly for users of all ages. That being said, over the last few years we have noticed our ratio of children: We rarely get children register to use the chat anymore, and when they do, some of them are people trying to pretend to be underage who we swiftly remove, and the others don't stay for very long at all.

Whilst we've always been keen to cater for these users who want to use the chat safely, in order to do this, we have to place heavy restrictions on our adult users.

This includes restrictions on swearing, flirting and even in the adult rooms, sexual chat. For many years you have been saying to us that you find the community far too strict, and don't feel like you can act like an adult.

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We have always agreed, but until now, we've wanted to remain a family friendly chat. The time has come where we have realised that the restrictions we need to place on adults are too strict and the negatives of such restrictions outweigh the positives.

We have such a tiny really really tiny amount of active chatters who are under 16, that placing restrictions on adults just for that small chatter base, no longer seems appropriate. There are going to be 3 categories of rules, and each deck on the lift will have a rule category assigned to it. This will allow you to appropriately use words that you have previously been prevented from using.

lycos flirt and chat

We will also continue to disallow abuse towards other chatters.