Kelly flirt dirty grandpa

kelly flirt dirty grandpa

Dirty Grandpa Directed By Dan Mazer Produced By Jason Barrett Bill Block Written By Jason Kelly attends his grandmother's funeral, where he reunites with his Jason is shocked that his grandfather would flirt with women. That's the premise of Dirty Grandpa, the lewd comedy that opens And like a good fratboy, he flirts with every woman they meet, hitting on DeNiro's Richard Kelly is such a creep, he makes Johnny Knoxville's Bad Grandpa. Here's perhaps the more instructive stance: De Niro has been flirting . Jason ( Zac Efron) and Dick (Robert De Niro) Kelly in 'Dirty Grandpa'.

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Still, in a week where, coincidentally, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are opening in the excellent 45 Years, you have to wonder if part of the problem may be that De Niro also refuses to take a pay cut. Surely, there are some smaller dramatic roles or genuinely indie projects available that might actually serve his talent instead of submerging it beneath the worst caricatures of Hollywood ageism.

kelly flirt dirty grandpa

The premise here is that the recently widowed and ready-to-party Dick Kelly De Niro persuades his uptight grandson Jason Zac Efron to drive him to Florida during spring break, ostensibly because he's lost his driver's licence. The obnoxious Dick hasn't had sex in 15 years; the repressed Jason is about to marry the controlling daughter of his father's law partner. The bridezilla stereotype is pretty tired, but Julianne Hough is note-perfect as the type. Out on the road, grandpa and grandson soon team up with the lascivious Lenore Plaza and the tree-hugging Shadia Zoey Deutch.

Clearly, one of these guys needs to loosen up while the other needs to smarten up and these winsome women are just the ones to do it, but to give Phillips credit, there are more twists and turns along the way than you might expect. It's the direction, not the script, that really kills the picture, as Mazer limps along from the chugging contest to the half-naked conga line to the car chase without ever raising the laughs he needs from the comic set pieces or the tension he needs from the dramatic developments.

There's little chemistry between a sadly unfunny Efron and a sleepwalking De Niro, and both Jason's awakening and Dick's plotting feel forced. Although a running gag about a Daytona Beach drug dealer's cozy relationship with the local cops is nicely executed by Jason Mantzoukas.

Not raunchy enough for the Animal House set, not sweet enough for those looking to snuggle up with young Efron, the movie seems unlikely to satisfy any audience. Meanwhile, the veteran star's former fans will be left pleading: Could somebody in Hollywood please start actually directing De Niro — preferably away from jokes about the size of his penis?

Dirty Grandpa: Robert De Niro and Zac Efron’s misguided spring-break flick

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kelly flirt dirty grandpa

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kelly flirt dirty grandpa

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kelly flirt dirty grandpa

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