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A page for describing Characters: Fallout: New Vegas - The Courier. and choose to limp and fight your way back to town instead of fast travelling to have you healed. La Femme), you can resolve a lot of conflicts with flirtation or flat out sex. First Flight Courier Tracking helpline number, customer care number, corporate office, registered office & regional office address are given here. First Flight Couriers is a tireless team working smart to subdue your anxiety. We help reach your personal, professional & private courier packages across the.

A coach from a rival team spotted the mistake and tried to warn Bottomly, but failed to reach him in time. Under United States Golf Association rules, the infraction called for Bottomly to replay the shot and incur a two-stroke penalty. Nobody knew how big those two strokes would turn out to be. The penalty essentially cost the Hilltoppers their first sectional crown. They really played well. The defending state champion collected four birdies on the front nine and then stayed the course over the final nine holes to finish at three-under 69, tying his own sectional record from last season and winning his fourth straight sectional championship at Sunrise — the first player to ever record a fourpeat at the Madison sectional.

Poling, who made it his goal to win four sectional crowns when he was a freshman, was far from satisfied with his round. Now, I want to win my first regional championship. Wilcox thought the tops teams would flirt with a sub score. As it turned out, Christian gets four birdies on the front nine and none on the back.

It was just that kind of day. Justin Motenko added a non-scoring Can convince Ulysses that they can make up for what happened to the Divide by turning the Mojave into the potential New World "nation" that the Divide was working towards; extra point for creating Independent New Vegas with the good karma, which you are creating the new nation from the grip of the major powers. The Terrifying Presence perk gives you the option of opening hostilities by calmly informing enemies of exactly what you're about to do with their internal organs.

Badass Bi if you take the perk in addition to its heterosexual equivalent. The age of your character can be adjusted during creation, allowing the Courier to be one of these however, many of the older NPCs will still refer to you as "kid". Badass in a Nice Suit: The Courier can find formal attire or pre-war business suits for them to wear.

Since those outfits offer no protection whatsoeverthen this trope is all the more justified. Seen wearing one during the last slides of the Lonesome Road ending.

At first, the Courier is just an ordinary wasteland survivor If you go for the Pacifist Run. Beware the Nice Ones: There's nothing stopping a kind-hearted and morally good Courier from taking the Terrifying Presence perk and utterly scaring the shit out of anyone who messes with them. Conversely, a good-karma Wild Card Courier sets the Mojave up as a free and powerful nation. Blind With Out Em: But for Me, It Was Tuesday: The Courier can invert this when dealing with Benny and Jessup, since they'll freak out when seeing you even if you completely disregarded what happened in Goodsprings and only ran into them by accident.

You can also play it straight in Lonesome Road, by telling Ulysses that the delivery of the package that destroyed the Divide was just like any others.

Played even more straight as until Ulysses reveals what happened there, the Courier genuinely had no clue what destroyed the Divide. Before Goodsprings, you were just an unknown courier making their way in the world - a tough cookie by any account, but nothing remarkable.

Afterwards, you become a one-man army who takes the fate of the entire region in your hands, carving, sneaking or talking your way through anything and everything between you and your goal, whatever it may be. Maybe them bullets done your brain some good. You can be one if you wish. Do you want New Vegas to become the slaving capital of the world!? Actually, yes, I want it to become the slave capital of the world.

Have a high enough unarmed skill, and your bare hands can literally punch limbs off or even reduce low-level enemies to chunks of meat. A male Courier who apart from Cass having the hots for them, can also earn the affections of Sarah Weintraub and Red Lucy.

With the Lady Killer perk they can also add more. They can also use this to there advantage by making Janet fall in love with Jack. There are also other sexual encounters granted you pay.

Depending on player choice, the Courier can potentially side with various different characters, factions and settlements, only to betray and harm if not completely wipe them out for reasons varying from deciding to side with a particular faction to just for the hell of it. The Wild Wasteland trait makes you see things quite a bit differently Particularly in failed speech-checks.

Do you know anything about the Brotherhood of Steel? I've heard they shoot lasers from their eyes! Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3. The Lone Wanderer had Three Dog center newscasts around them and gives them their moniker as a way to identify them; the Courier is never mentioned by name by Mr.

New Vegas, who only refers to you as "a civilian contractor" and other anonymous synonyms. The Lone Wanderer travelled the wasteland searching for their father; the Courier travels the wasteland looking for their murderer. The Lone Wanderer's early life is detailed in several sequences through the years; save for Ulysses and other optional dialogue, the Courier has a Mysterious Past save for a few bits here and there.

The main goal of the first half of the game is completing your delivery which you can even get paid five times your original amount for with a high enough Barter skill.

Sneak attacks, Stealth Boys, mines, dynamite, mini-nukes, spamming Stimpaks, hyping yourself up on drugs, irradiating enemies to death, picking enemies off from a thousand yards with a sniper rifle, tossing sand into an enemy's eyesusing a gun meant to bring down tanks, calling on a death laser from space to do your fighting for youand if need be, a power fist to the crotch. The Courier does not fuck around.

During Silus' interrogation, a Courier with high-intelligence can reveal not only a familiarity with Latinbut prove to be knowledgeable enough to be able to quote Virgil and Cicero. Curiosity Is A Crap Shoot: Ulysses calls you out on this in Lonesome Road. In Old World Blues, you get your brain, heart, and spine surgically removed by Dr. However, in response you get replacements that work even better.

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You can even remove the "Cursed" part by getting your original Brain, Heart and Spine back, but with some advanced tech remaining with them, and while some of the bonuses are reduced, some bonuses are actually increased.

Becomes one in Old World Blues. To a lesser extent, can be upgraded with implants at the New Vegas Medical Clinic. In addition, some perks seem to be cybernetic implants When told that they should be dead by someone who witnessed them get shot in the head, the Courier can reply, "I'm a ghost.

Gets shot in the head at point-blank range and buried alive in a shallow grave. Two days later, one very annoyed Courier wakes up and decides to track the shooter across the entire Mojave, before the brain damage has had a chance to settle in.

When you meet him, Caesar says this trope is why he took notice of you: A male Courier with the Lady Killer perk. Or at least he thinks that he might be. When meeting the Lonesome Drifter and learning that he's both from Montana and never knew his father, you have the option to ask, rather nervously, if he's 17 years old.

Much to the Courier's relief, he's not, but that doesn't mean there's not still a Courier Jr. If played with a low intelligence stat, anyway. The Courier is quite a veteran of the trail, having traveled all over California and parts of Nevada, even having, if some optional dialogue is to be believed, made some detours to Utah, Illinois, and Montana.

Ulysses sees the Courier as a kind of harbinger of mayhem, destruction, and change wherever he or she goes. He's not exactly wrong. You can be this to Mr. House or Caesar, if you so wish.

If you are in the service of Mr. House, you'll be going around doing all the work for him. And you can design your character to be as intelligent and lucky as he is. If you help him gain control of New Vegas with an evil character, during the ending the narrator will reveal that the only reason why he's keeping you around is because he's terrified of your retaliation, should he cross you.

The Courier is this to their enemies.

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Even your allies can be terrified of the Courier, should you take certain "old-fashioned" ways of completing quests. Like freeing slaves by murdering every single other person in the compound. Or, apropos of little, announcing that you killed a person with an undertone of daring your audience to do something about it they won't. An evil Courier working for Mr. The narration says The Tunnellers and The Marked Men let you travel back to The Mojave without a fight partially because of this trope.

In Old World Blues most of the Courier's vital organs are extracted in replaced with advanced cybernetics, granting you resistance to damage, chems and super human strength. Even before then, you can become more than human with the use of implants and power armor. Not to mention the fact that if you take the perks literally, by the end of the game the Courier can absorb strength from sunlight a la Superman "Solar Powered"lace their bones with metal "Adamantium Skeleton"regenerate damage while irradiated "Rad Child"and inexplicably repair equipment with non-matching parts "Jury Rigging".

Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": See also "Hello Insert Name Here. You're free to swing your Karma Meter whichever way you like. One of the top-level perks in Lonesome Road a set of three is awarded based on your karma. If you're very good or very evil, you can take it for a significant combat bonus while resetting your karma. The bonus varies depending on the extreme.

You can wear them with many of the outfits, in both one or two-gloved varieties. The Pipboy glove on your left hand that you can't remove without PC platform powers at least is fingerless. A female courier has a lot of very good reasons to hate Benny and want to watch him die.

That does not prevent her from potentially sleeping with him. Even he is initially freaked out by this. It is fully possible to play the game doing things that don't make any sense at all and still somehow manage to do far better than you would have otherwise, especially with a high enough luck stat.

Raul clearly believes this of you.

fast flirt courier

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Played straight, subverted or averted depending on the playthrough. Evil characters with the Four Eyes trait, certainly apply. Neutral or Good karma? Good players with a Legion alignment are a brilliant subversion. Friend to All Living Things: You can come quite close. Between having a high charisma, high speech and the Animal Friend perk, you can get through much of the game quite peacefully if you're careful.

From Nobody to Nightmare: Alternatively, just ask Benny. Or ask Ulysses, who watches as the Courier unknowingly damns the community of the Divide from a potential godsend for the wasteland to a literal Hell on Earth.

fast flirt courier

The game starts with you being killed, just because of something you were carrying. The very idea that you could actually still be alive is ludicrous, and yet later on you can be the one making Benny kneel, pointing his own gun the one that 'killed' you at him. There may never be a more karmic reward for shooting the messenger.

With the Luck statistic being deconstructed in NV, a Courier with high luck and low intelligence is a Genius Ditz as well. They're essentially a master at calculating odds and variables, and pushing events to their favor, while being dim when it comes to everything else. At one point, you can act perform brain surgery.

This takes either a lot of skill in Medicine, or a high Luck stat. With the latter, you can admit that you had no idea what you were doing, but succeeded anyway. If you're one of those people who feels the need to exhaust every dialog option indicated by the option 'graying out', though still selectableyou'll end up asking a lot of questions to the same people repeatedly. A small number of NPCs will even take note of this. That's what I love about you, boss, your firm belief that one day you'll actually remember things people tell you.

High charisma and sticky fingers. The whole plot gets started with the Courier having a really bad day at work. Good Is Not Nice: Should you so choose. It's possible to have the highest good karma rating and still be one of the rudest people in the Mojave Wasteland.

Good Is Not Soft: You can have the karma of a saint, and still never fail to cap anyone who threatens the freedom and safety of the Mojave.

fast flirt courier

In Hardcore mode if you get crippled limbs and choose to limp and fight your way back to town instead of fast travelling to have you healed. Had To Be Sharp: While this technically applies to everyone in the Fallout universe, the Courier's chosen profession literally involves walking through the hostile wastelands, often completely by themselves.

Caravan code of the wastes is you don't fuck with the one who brings you your mail, and you don't fuck with your supply line. Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Played with; regardless of the name you pick you're almost invariably referred to as "The Courier" or "Courier Six".

Your chosen name will sometimes appear in written dialogue, but never in the verbal dialogue. Alas the limitations of pre-recorded voice acting. Both genders can be this trope. To the NCR, who are completely hopeless without your assistance. House, though only to the extent that he physically cannot enact his plans without outside help, and it's not like House himself is a pushover.

Averted for the other two factions: Caesar doesn't really need the Courier and mostly just has them around as a bonus, while Yes Man is this trope to you. The DLCs hint towards the Courier being more special than they appear to be, given that they appear to have a relationship with Ulysses.

Finally revealed, as the Courier was the specific one that Ulysses watched over as they helped the settlement at the Divide. Until the destruction of the Divide that killed everyone except Ulysses. The Cannibal perk allows you to feed on human corpses.

Eat enough of them and you'll unlock the option to cut off some "Human Remains" to take with you as a food item for later. This can be taken to Extreme Omnivore levels with the Ghastly Scavenger perk which requires Cannibalwhich allows you to feed on Super Mutant and feral ghoul corpses.

Feeding a corpse or eating Human Remains causes you to take a karma hit yes, even the feral ghoul that just gave you positive karma for killing itand NPCs who witness the act will be horrified by your "crime against nature" and turn hostile. For those without the perk sthere's always Strange Meat, which is all but stated to be human flesh that less morally-sound individuals sell to other people without telling them what it is.

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Also, there is a clearly marked "Human Flesh" food item sometimes dropped by feral ghouls, which is different from the aforementioned Human Remains and can be eaten without losing Karma or turning witnesses hostile.

You trudge across half the Mojave Wasteland to find the man who shot you. Even Caesar applauds your tenacity. Most of the lower dialogue choices just drop off sarcasm and downright rude or insulting to who you talk to.

The Terrifying Presence perk combines this with The Dreaded. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: If you're still good karma and selective on who will you treat like jerk and who will you treat nicely. You can steal and murder and get away with it if you're careful not to be seen.

You can also commit heinous acts against factions and still associate with them as long as you have a means to raise your reputation back up. You can kill every Legion member you come across on your way to New Vegas, then you get the Mark of Caesar, pardoning you of all crimes and inviting you to a private audience with Caesar himself.

Likewise, you can cause serious harm to the NCR and potentially kill several of their troops or even civilians, but as long as you do all of this before confronting Benny or entering the Lucky 38 and don't kill Ambassador Crocker or Colonel Moore, you'll receive a pardon from the NCR, who will have no problem accepting your help despite the trouble you caused them.

Inversely, there's certain points in the game that making certain decisions will cause factions to turn on you, even if there's no feasible way they could have gained knowledge of these choices that fast.

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The game handwaves it as you being under surveillance Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge: The good karma ending of Old World Blues states that the Courier went on to serve as protector of The Big Empty for many years, releasing beneficial technology to aid in the development of the Mojave, on an as-needed basis. An agent from the Followers of the Apocalypse is also there and seeks you help in hiding the destructive potential of the plant from the NCR and the Legion.

The Brotherhood of Steel remains in this role, but Veronica's story revolves their decay from preserving the knowledge of the old world to hiding that knowledge and keeping technology from everyone else.