22 pistepirkko the singles flirt

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22 pistepirkko the singles flirt

03/01/ 22 Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest () · Contact us . 01 - Flirt 02 - Personality Parade 03 - Walnut Whirl 04 - Sorry 05 - Penny Was A Tomboy Three Songs () * Louis Likes His Daily Dip () * Canned Music (). The new and highly superb Mattias Alkberg single "Andra känner" is out now. . Now are the new and super catchy summer flirt from Holiday With Maggie up .. of Egotrippi via The Strokes to pistepirkko can be spotted on The Attraction. How about Circle and 22 Pistepirkko, do they have UK deals as well? . Well, one of their new songs (Reinkarnerad exakt som forut) goes with an outro that is a smart rip-off/tribute from Kraftwerks . You been flirting again 3.

Please, please, please more songs about pizza and erections. Vice Records' Days gets tranced out like it's on their latest eponymous CD, spilling neatly into the "new rave" niche slowly moving across the pond in a DayGlo blob.

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Surprisingly, it's not the Vicks VapoRub rave music of yore. Instead, the quartet offers the punishing ups and euphoric downs of their Kraut neighbors. No stranger to raves, Sondre Lerche's upcoming Phantom Punch Astralwerks promises more melodi-pop from the golden-haired troubadour; biting at his heels are rustic guitarist Thomas Dybdahl and Magnet, aka Even Johansen, who has soundtracked breakups The OC and death Six Feet Underwhich lends a nice razor-blade aura to latest The Tourniquet Filter.

Speaking of tourniquets, Load Records instrumental trio Noxagt ties off industrial, letting the metal flow.

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Here, it's about the good, the fair-skinned, and the glammy. Malmo's the Ark were a surprise hit last year, toe-touching off amps and falling somewhere between Seventies glitter and the Darkness' falsetto vibrato.

22 pistepirkko the singles flirt

Vains of Jenna jump forward into Eighties glam. Sahara Hotnights definitely aren't the "European Donnas" anymore; the slightly reconfigured quartet's latest single "Cheek to Cheek" is less rock, more polish. Copenhagen's Blue Van laid down a scorching Sixties slab with last year's Dear Independence TVTon which the quartet brings back the stomp and hellfire while grinding organ and eschewing razors.

Denmark's also packing the electro-zap, courtesy stuttering, innuendo-friendly dance duo Junior Senior, whose single "Move Your Feet" was included on the PlayStation version of Dance Dance Revolution. His next album is rumored to be in Faroese and will only be available in the Islands, so now might be a good time to catch him. Another example of Denmark's fickle tastes: You can hear it at Swedish radio P3 right now!

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You can buy this great song at klicktracktell yoyr friends, listen to it on Spotify and check out Verket's myspace. All in all we have 12 items on sale right now. So please be our guests and follow this link and get yourself a gift. On Tuesday, the first of September, we will release the new Darcy single. This particular week we are very proud to announce the six track debut release from the wonderful indie youngsters of Amber Oak.

22 pistepirkko the singles flirt

Their debut is called "Your missing piece" and you can get it from our Klicktrack store or iTunes etc I promise, its a get for all you indie nerds. But its even more to come, because next week we will release the first new track from the forthcoming Mattias Alkberg album "Nerverna".

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By the way, his new album will be released in autumn, but yet there is no exact date set. So stay tune for more information.

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For example, perhaps why its been popular, contains the album two previously unreleased tracks by Mattias Alkberg. So if you are interested check it out on our klicktrack store or where you buy your stuff If you are interested and like our music, which I certainly hope, now its the right time for you to visit our web-shop and look at the items we have on sale.

All in all there are 12 different items on sale right now at our x-price page. Or for the same price the latest album, "The Attraction", from the Finnish alternative rockers Penniless. So please be our guests. A long lost friend is back. Within a short period of time we will release this brand new single from The Drowners, their first release on West Side in a decade. Convenient, for this time to come, its sort of a Christmas single called "My candle".

So order it physical from our web-shopor down-load it from either iTunes or Klicktrack. Music for all you who loves strong, beautiful, melodies with catchy chorus. But before that we are releasing this brilliant up tempo song from the album "Call me on Tuesday" with piano, keyboards, brass etc.