Or just in the trash? New running the operating system Android version 4. The rear panel of the device matte, but not very hard plastic, thereby easily scratched. Externally, the tablet looks like a predecessor, Explay Informer The results obtained are listed in the table. In the graphics test Nenamark 2 gadget scored

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Carefully laid in a box:. Fradne55, After what operations did you get an infinite download? New, at the moment the best firmware from China.

Explay Informer 702

And it can not but rejoice: Slightly removed from the group the reset button reset. Touch capacitive display layer, in most cases he correctly responds to touch, it supports up to five simultaneous keystrokes.

We are confident that Informer will definitely uusb a niche in the market, and not too demanding users will be pleased with its appearance.

How do you like the new firmware from the Chinese? Before you ask a question! The message will disappear after 2 seconds. Increase the size of the system partition. Gradually tablet PCs become more affordable cell phones, and their market is more diverse. AVG Firmware and description recall About firmware from ya.


Tablet Explay Informer – specifications

Third-party software in the tablet two, both very useful: In profile the test AnTuTu exolay scored points. This package allows you to get the newly purchased device out of the box and immediately start using it. Here withdrawn microphone, standard 3. The first and more simple edition Nenamark tablet showed much more remarkable result: Color gamut of the display Explay Infromer in comparison with invormer sRGB color palette; the palette display, white triangle; palette sRGB — black triangle.

Post has innformer edited bitas – Explay N1 – Firmware OS 4. All the available connectors and interfaces are concentrated on the left side of the device. If you do not install ADB driver. The kernel with init. On the firmware “ConROM” you can exit to the recovery through the settings.

The people installed the sewing, which was “from China” for a couple of months, everything was OK, now the tablet stopped loading, an animation of the inclusion is shown, the type of the android icon on the standard sewing, and everything, no further. From all the above we can conclude that the device with the appearance and ergonomics, everything is in order. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed and a solution is found. Will the novelty keep this trend?


Its front side depicts the front panel of the tablet and lists its main technical characteristics. Explay Informer – Firmware Post Firmware from Teclast, it is recommended to put a modified from ya. The fact is that the official firmware 4.

AVG here And alternative links with People The Russian language is there – you have to switch the setting icon, then below the icon with the informeg “A” and there is one line at the top – this is a change of language. A new battery and buttons in the lower bar, and a new USB connection picture here Another battery option And one more battery Editing the buttons, and remove the non-working item “bluetooth”.