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Quick Answer: The central relationship in Whiplash is between Andrew with a shot of Andrew (Miles Teller), a freshman studying jazz drumming at . lock eyes at the end of Andrew's exhilarating solo it is clear that this is the. Watching Whiplash, the story of the antagonistic relationship Although almost three-quarters of the film moves to the sound of drums, the images in one's mind veer more for independent journalism with a year-end gift to The Guardian. . 0 1. A Simon Phillips drum solo would shut this motherf*cker up. I will pitch in my perspective with relation to whiplash's ending, lets first discuss Jim Niemen .. In the end when Andrew plays the best drum solo, ever. At that.

Andrew believes Connolly is a less talented drummer than he, and is infuriated when Fletcher promotes Connolly to core. Determined to impress, Andrew practices until his hands bleed, and he breaks up with his girlfriend Nicole to focus on his musical ambitions. After a grueling five-hour audition with Fletcher and the other drummers in the class, in which Fletcher kicks furniture and screams at him, Andrew earns back the core spot.

On the way to another competition, the bus Andrew is riding breaks down. He rents a car, but he arrives late, then realizes he left his drumsticks at the rental office. He races back to retrieve them, but after doing so his car is broadsided by a semi.

"Not quite my tempo" - Whiplash (2014) scene

He crawls from the wreckage, runs back to the theater, and arrives on stage bloody and injured. When he struggles to play " Caravan ", faltering due to his injuries, Fletcher halts the performance and dismisses Andrew.

Horrified and enraged at Fletcher's extreme lack of compassion, Andrew attacks Fletcher in front of the audience, after which he is dismissed from Shaffer Conservatory.

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The subtlety of that scene is masterful. None of the above is explicitly stated, but it's all there, plain as the nose on your face. Impossible to miss, in fact. That, friends, is the stuff of great storytelling.

Is “Whiplash” about an abusive relationship

I won't argue that this film should have won best picture although I thought Birdman, which did win, was a far inferior, gimmick-driven film.

It was up against some hefty competition. Its subject matter is a little obscure to some people. And its story argument is an uncomfortable one. It makes us realize that most of us are mediocre. Most of us have never been forged in fire like this, even if we deserved to be.

And it probably makes some of us certainly myself wish we had been, even if we didn't deserve to be.

The final scene of Whiplash nearly gave me a heart attack (Spoilers) : movies

In short, this movie was quite an experience for me, and I'm not likely to forget it soon. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, he becomes a core member of that group, displaying a level of musicianship that, even without understanding music, we can appreciate by watching him play. The way that the camera cuts between wide shots of his flailing arms and close-ups of Andrews hands show how the rapid precision of his jazz drumming requires both physical exertion and minute control.

In his mind, Fletcher represents the key to this gargantuan success. The film explains this seemingly baffling ideology by referencing an anecdote about jazz legend Charlie Parker: He claims that this violent incident is what made Charlie Parker into such a great musician.

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He isolates himself from his family and any other sources of outside support. I think he [Fletcher] likes me more now. Despite the fact that Andrew could be classified as a victim, he is not a particularly sympathetic character.

Fletcher tells the ensemble about Sean Casey, a talented former student of his who recently died in a car crash.