Stephen king christine ending a relationship

Christine: 20 Things Everyone Forgets About America's Spookiest Car

stephen king christine ending a relationship

Author Stephen King has had many books adapted into films and TV develops a sort of romantic relationship with his car, becoming more “cool” and . it was the only Christine car that ended up in private hands until later. Plymouth Fury car in the film of Stephen King's Christine Come the end of the novel, it's still not clear who the third-person narrator is. Christine is a horror novel by Stephen King. that something is wrong with Arnie in regards to Christine; Dennis eventually tells him the full story, at the very end). . Also, Dennis had a thing for Leigh prior to her relationship with Arnie.

Every year, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals gives an award to the best Christine look-alike. The replica Christine features self-locking doors, a self-starting engine, green-glowing radio console, and the ability to fill up with smoke. The problem was, those scenes were primarily filmed at night.

With the darkened windows, the stunt drivers had no side or rear vision—other than a small area covered with a window tint.

stephen king christine ending a relationship

Leonard is best known for doubling Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies. He was the primary stunt driver in Christine though only one of Throughout the sequence, Leonard wore a fireproof suit equipped with limited oxygen to keep him safe for the duration of the stunt. With the blacked out windshield and side windows of the evil Christine, Leonard had to complete the stunt without being able to see anything!

He wanted to jump immediately into another movie after his first high-profile flop. But he wanted unknowns cast in the lead roles. Initially, Kevin Bacon was offered the role of Arnie, but he ended up choosing Footlooseand that was a good move.

It's sold to Arnie by a crotchety back-brace-wearing old man called Roland LeBay, who loves that car, but it's time to sell it on. Dennis doesn't like LeBay. Dennis doesn't like the car.

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Dennis doesn't like the idea of just buying a car outright "To my ever increasing horror, Arnie pulled his wallet out … ". Arnie buys the car anyway, takes it to a garage and learns how to turn it into the car of his dreams: Arnie then begins a transformation: He is suddenly and inexplicably attractive to a new girl in town, Leigh another of King's early easy stereotypes: Leigh and Arnold begin dating. Arnie is a moron, and becomes more and more like LeBay, even to the point where he starts wearing a back brace.

Dennis develops a thing for Leigh — adding a smidgen of personality to the narrative — and then, over the next god-knows-how-many pages, things come to a head, and we discover, shock of shocks, that somehow the car is possessed by LeBay or something, and that maybe it's now trying to possess Arnie, and oh my god ARNOLD rearranged is ROLAND and on and on. The car drives itself into a trap set by Leigh and Dennis, and is crushed. Arnie dies in a potentially unrelated car crash.

Dennis, the narrator with nothing to him, becomes one of King's stereotypes himself: For such a straightforward narrative, it's a bit of a structural mess. While most of the book is in first-person, with Dennis as our trusty reliable narrator, there's a section where he ends up in hospital after a football accident and the narrative switches, inexplicably, to third-person omniscient.

Dennis has a nasty accident during a football game, thanks to being distracted by Arnie and Leigh. Fortunately, it's not fatal, and he does eventually recover. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Buddy Repperton and Richie Trelawney look a lot like Mick Jagger and Keith Richardsrespectively which becomes particularly obvious in a scene where they are driving in a car, and "Beast of Burden" is playing on the radio.

Christine regenerates whenever she's beaten to smithereens.

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Dennis suspects she's rebuilding herself at the end. Christine's radio only plays popular music from the '50s. It's revealed that LeBay may have sacrificed his choking daughter to Christine. Dennis is Arnie's only friend. Secret Test of Character: In the film George tests to see if Arnie is the right person to sell the car to by letting him try the car. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: An interesting case on it. In the beginning of the film, Arnie is the sensitive guy while Dennis is the manly man.

As the story goes on, Dennis becomes the sensitive man while recovering from an injury he received from a football game while Arnie becomes the manly man from Christine's influence. Christine is a sentient car, and also the Big Bad to boot. Arnie and Leigh go Christmas shopping at the Monroeville Mall. A sign of Christine's increasing control over Arnie is his caring more about her than the fact Leigh nearly choked while stuck inside her. LeBay turned Christine into this.

stephen king christine ending a relationship

It's left ambiguous whether Christine was always powered by a malevolent will or if LeBay really did become one with her. Christine's radio blares out 50s hits as she kills her targets.

In the book, Arnie's parents are killed by Christine. The film leaves this out. LeBay's spirit eventually possesses Arnie completely. Leigh in the film is frequently shown in tight, cute sweaters.