Star wars the clone 2003 ending relationship

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star wars the clone 2003 ending relationship

The animated microseries Star Wars: Clone Wars () chronicle the major The Clone Wars end shortly after the Great Jedi Purge, the Separatist . were created to enhance the technological continuity of the Clone Wars in relation to. Not that it wasn't entertaining (at least on my end), but the series actually Star Wars Clone Wars is pretty much canon leading up to Revenge of the Sith. intellect, and relationships which are equally important parts of Star Wars. The Animated Clone Wars isn't canon for some unknown reason, . madness (and it does explore Obi Wan's relationship to him as well) The because it really is a constant flow from the beginning of II to the end of III.

The Jedi may be master warriors, but they aren't superheroes.

star wars the clone 2003 ending relationship

And that scene was way pushing it. They have superweapons that can destroy entire battleships, massive superweapons that cause unspeakable damage Opponents who didn't even have heavy tank support or anything, just troopers.

It's bullshit and it makes no sense.

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I do admit that the series had one of the best lightsaber duels in Star Wars history the duel between Ventress and Anakinand it did build suspense fantastically. The series still has better characters, dialogue, and significantly better story-arcs. If I read you correctly, you said that the lightsaber duels in the series are "just lots of shit going on as fast as possible" The series may not have lightsaber duels that are as suspenseful, and that are way more flash rather than substance, but that does not encompass the entire series like it does with the series.

The series has way, way more substance in every other respect.

star wars the clone 2003 ending relationship

The series adds so much more to the Star Wars universe than the series. In fact, the latter adds nothing significant. June 28, Posts: Tartakovsky didn't really watch the show but knows some of the microseries' design played a role. Taylor, who voiced Obi-Wan for that series as well, said while there was an influence of the microseries on the longer series they were also both very different.

I think I learned a lot from the microseries and kind of cutting my teeth on what was in store for me in the world of Star Wars for years to come," Taylor said.

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Zoom In For Tartakovsky, it was painful to have the longer series basically replace the microseries in the Star Wars canon, since he felt they paved the road, but he still thinks the microseries remains important to Star Wars. He feels they had an effect on the tone of what followed in the franchise. He was also surprised to see a familiar-looking scene when the new The Force Awakens teaser trailer debuted: A crashed Star Destroyer looks very similar to crashed Destroyers seen in the microseries.

I don't know if J. Taylor sees the microseries' importance in how it broke ground and played a role in the current power of Lucasfilm animation. He also feels that the stories are very powerful. I love where they took us and what they did with those characters, from [Asajj] Ventress to Anakin and all in between. Mace Windu has an amazing arc in that series as well, so it's really important to me as a Star Wars fan.

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I don't really know if I know of a single Star Wars fan that I've met, and I've met one or two in my day, that hasn't loved the microseries if they've seen it," he said. Tartakovsky said, whenever he sees fans react positively to the microseries, he feels he contributed in a small way to the universe.

He also feels, as many believe, "It happened in the Star Wars universe to a degree. Looking back a decade later, Tartakovsky said he has "very fond memories of doing it.

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I watched some of them recently at a lecture I did, and they still stand up pretty well. It's hard not to feel a thrill when seeing the Jedi in action during the Clone Wars, or seeing clever explanations for aspects of Revenge of the Sith, like Grievous' cough.

Exploring that period of time in the Star Wars universe for the first time on screen sparked a shift in our thinking about the potential for Star Wars on TV.

Without the microseries, we would probably not be enjoying all the Star Wars animation we have today. The first time the clone troopers appeared on their own as ARC troopers stands out as a favorite Filoni is keen to point out that, while Ahsoka is back working with the Jedi, she has still not regained her faith in the organization.

However, her trust and love for Anakin and Obi-Wan remains unwavering in its strength. However, before they can take action, General Grievous attacks Coruscant and Yoda is forced to recall the two Jedi. Palpatine has been kidnapped, and we all know what happens from there In a moment that would see Eckstein burst into tears, Filoni reveals that Anakin would have taken Ahsoka aside to tell her how proud he was of her.

This would be the last time they ever meet as Anakin and Ahsoka. Of course, the next time they meet it would be Darth Vader standing before her, not her old Master. This would have been a heartbreaking, but fitting end, not only to the Clone Wars show as a whole, but to this major chapter of Ahsoka's journey. But, Filoni teased that he had even thought beyond that intimate moment, describing how he imagined Ahsoka survived Order With Ahsoka taking over control of the Clone Army attempting to liberate Mandalore, she would have been right in the crosshairs of the Jedi's darkest moments.

star wars the clone 2003 ending relationship