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For Rayman 3 on the Game Boy Advance, FAQ/Walkthrough by Rexy. The Teensies - A group of small creatures which patrol the end of each world. by giving him an elixir for a friend of his, but will their relationship stand? hook the game up to "Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" for the GameCube you. To this end, André turned the other red Lums into black Lums, then they Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is the third major game in the Rayman. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc was originally launched back in February for Which I had a love/hate relationship with in this game. that would happen at the end of some levels which saw Rayman on a board collecting.

Rayman must grab a Throttle Copter powerup and begin climbing the floating platforms. However, he must be quick, as the platforms magically disappear after a short time, and Reflux will attempt to blow Rayman out of the air with an electrical ranged attack.

At the top, Rayman finds a Shock Rocket, which automatically maneuvers around Reflux and deals a final blow to his glowing orb. Seemingly defeated, Rayman gloats at his victory with a Grimaceonly to watch as Reflux sprouts wings and flies into the starry formation above.

As he buries his face in his hands, Globox arrives with the Armaguiddon, and together they chase Reflux into the starry formation: Secret Area At the start of this phase, Rayman can drop down to find the game's final Green Emerald in a hidden alcove.

It is not possible to reach it with a powerup active, and if Rayman falls off the tower, he must restart the entire fight from the first phase.

Final Fight - Phase 4 The final part of the final fight involves Rayman fighting on the Armaguiddon as a flying Reflux attacks with energy filaments. The fight starts with the first-person shooting view seen in the last section of the Tower of the Leptys. Rayman must shoot down the magical shield covering Reflux's orb while also shooting down red energy filaments fired by Reflux. Reflux then plants himself into the center of the arena.

With the help of Andre, he produces a large amount of Hoodlums, then creates a dark vortex beneath his body. In a third-person view, Rayman must pilot the Armaguiddon to avoid red filaments and destroy as many Hoodlums as possible using guided bombs.

The Hoodlums constantly march towards Reflux, and any who get close enough without being shot down by Rayman is sucked into the vortex, restoring some of Reflux's health.

After all Hoodlums are off-screen, Reflux re-sprouts his wings and restarts the first part of the fight. After he defeats her, she ushers him into her magic mirror, and he is teleported into another region of the Bog. After defeating RazoffRayman finds Globox in the hunter's dungeon. Rayman spots another magic mirror in Razoff 's dungeon. Realising that it is another portal, the heroes step into it. After overcoming many Hoodlum enemies, the heroes find themselves at the foot of a tower made of light.

Long ago, this was constructed by the Great Spirit Palmito as a prison for the Griskins. When Rayman frees the ghosts, they help him along his way by destroying some Hoodlums.

He then ushers them into another Teensie Highway portal. The Desert of the Knaaren The heroes emerge in the Desert of the Knaarena scorched landscape whose cavernous underworld is inhabited by sadistic beasts known as Knaarenwho worship a god known as the Leptys. The Knaaren quickly capture Globoxleaving Rayman to make his own way through the tunnels.

Rayman himself is eventually captured, and forced to take part in an arena battle against Refluxthe undefeated champion of the Knaaren. Rayman defeats Refluxand Gumsithe child-king of the Knaarengrudgingly rewards him. With the Sceptre of the LeptysGumsi invokes his godand it bestows a new power upon Rayman: Rayman can now pull a grotesque face which causes corrupt Black Lums to revert into harmless Red Lums.

Armed with this new power, Rayman and Globox finally arrive at the office of Gonzothe third Teensie doctor. Deep within the tunnels under the Desert of the Knaarenhe tracks down Refluxwho was disgraced by his defeat at the hands of Rayman. Once they arrive, the doctors explain the situation to the heroes: The doctors tell the heroes that they are currently in the Longest Shortcutwhich will hopefully allow them to catch up with the villains.

You can use this to get the remaining lums at Wanderwood Forest if you want, before going to the trampoline on the left, using your helicopter to a vine on the left, climbing up, landing on a floating island, swinging on a purple lum and running along the path to the next level.

Go further on for your first Hoodlum encounter - one with a wooden shield. He fights back with explosive cocktails, so the best bet is to jump over them.

When you have the chance, destroy the shield by launching both fists, and then kill him like the Henchmen. Go to the end of the platform and reach for the red lum and the platform. Then you face the same Hoodlum again, only this time he's on a higher platform than you. It helps if you launch your fists while in the air this time.

After that, jump on the platform and helicopter your way to the net, getting another red lum on the way. Helicopter for the yellow lum [4], quickly swing on the purple lum and helicopter to another net, getting another lum [5].

Climb to the top for another [6]. Then, helicopter to the left to a high platform and another Hoodlum. Kill him, and go behind him for three lums []. Go back to the net, swing on the purple lum and helicopter to the next net, getting two lums [ 11] on the way there. Climb to the top for another [12], swing on another purple lum and land on the turf, getting two more on the way [].

Near the Green Lum, a flying Hoodlum should come by and try to shoot you. Either jump or duck over his shots, and if you can, fight back with your fists to kill him.

Swing on the purple lums ahead to reach another platform, getting three more lums [] at the same time. If you want, you can helicopter to a red platform on the left for an extra life and jump back up.

Jump to the next platform and swing on more purple lums to reach a platform, getting four lums [] on the way. Use the trampoline to jump up to the next turf, swing on the purple lum to the left towards three nets and six lums [], go back to the purple lum and swing to the right.

Use the trampoline on the left to get back up, get the three lums on the turf [] and reach the exit. Then go back and use the net to reach a turf with a trampoline. Jump on it and reach the high platform on the left. On there is a Hoodlum, but this time he has a metal shield.

To fight him, jump over the cocktails and hit him wherever he's unprotected - it helps if you repeatedly punch and jump at him. Go back to the trampoline, go up the slope for two lums [], and keep on going for two more [] at the end of the stretch]. Jump to the wooden platform below to face another different Hoodlum - that with a battering ram. The trick is to jump over it and hit it on its back.

After he's gone, continue to the trampoline on the right, getting another lum [6] on the way there. Reach the other trampoline for three lums [] and a way up to a pole to hang onto. Go to the end to drop down to two lums [] and a trampoline to bring you to another pole. At the end of it drop down for another battering ram Hoodlum. After he's gone, go to the trampoline again and follow the trail of three lums [] to the platform above. Reach for a lum in the air [15], swing on the purple lum and go to a platform to the top right.

Go along there for another metal shield Hoodlum. After he's gone, hit the switch, go back and down, and to the right towards a Green Lum. Go across the nets for a lum [16] and an extra life. Then jump on the trampoline to reach another pole, drop down to the right for two lums [] and another trampoline bounce to another pole, and reach the end to drop down to three lums [] and a trampoline to take you to two purple lums to swing on.

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Get the lum [22] above the trampoline afterwards, and go to the lower right platform. Fight another metal shield Hoodlum, flip the switch, and use the trampoline to go through the door at the top and reach a Green Lum.

Jump on the net, reach the trampoline to the right and bounce to another platform, getting five lums [] in the process. Jump back up, swing on the purple lums and grab the trail of three lums [] before going on the trampoline and on another pole.

As soon as you reach the end, drop off, helicopter if necessary and swing on the purple lum. Reach the trail of three lums [] to another platform with another trampoline. Bounce on it to another pole, reach the end, quickly swing on the purple lum and traverse more of those to the other side and the final two lums []. Jump on the trampoline to reach the top right platform for another metal shield Hoodlum.

After he's gone, get the switch, drop down, go through the door on the right and reach the exit. If you got all the lums, you can go as far to the left as you can and drop down for Mega Havoc 1, or you can go to the Teensies, whom were guarding an exit to your right. Pass through there, and go to the next world! Hit the switch on the left, go through the door on the right and face another non-side scrolling platform level!

Touching lava makes you lose a hit, while touching anything else either bumps you back a bit or sends you speeding down a corner.

Be careful with how you get your lums here - if you lose a life, you lose all the lums you earned on that level too.

Going around a lap of the track for the lum locations, go straight ahead for six lums [] and a still boulder to avoid. Go around the corner to the right, and there's another lum ahead [7] and a line of three [] over a set of trampolines.

Two in a row [] are there after that, and two more are in a line [] before another corner to the right. A fork lies ahead, each of the two sides having three lums []. Grab the red lum if you need it.

Go past the moving boulder to another fork, again with three lums either side []. Get the lone lum ahead [27] and go to a corner to the left. Go past the moving boulder and go around the u-turn, facing a line of eight lums [ 35] on there. Get the lone lum ahead [36], go on the trampoline, get the other lum [37], jump on another trampoline, get the three lums in the line [], go on another trampoline, go around the rolling stone, get the three lums ahead [] and take the corner to the right.

Two lums are in a line behind the finish line []. After you complete the level, hit the switch on the right to leave through the door, climb down the ladder, and climb under the gap to the left for your next destination. Reminds you of the Echoing Caves in Rayman 2, doesn't it? At the start, go left to the first lum [1], and a fight with a Henchman in a gold shirt. They fight like the red Henchmen in the first world, but also they sometimes jump over your attacks, so it helps if you jump with them.

Go across the platforms to the right back towards the start, but be sure to duck under the red shells that come your way. Once there, go down the slope to the right for another lum [5], jump to another platform and keep going to another gold Henchman.

Defeat him and keep going to three platforms, each with a trampoline on them, and one of which with another lum [6]. Keep going to the right, drop down to another platform and run to the left, getting another lum [8] and facing another gold Henchman.

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He's on a higher ledge than you, so use the trampoline near you to reach him and punch him while in the air. Go back under the gap, run left, jump for another platform and go down the slope for two lums [] before ducking under another red shell.

Jump up two platforms to the left before turning back to the three trampolines on the right. Use the second one to reach a red lum if you need it and a yellow lum [12] before using your helicopter to go to a platform on the top left. Jump back up and go to the platform on the left to reach another lum [13]. Helicopter to the left from there to another platform, but hang on the edge - a gold Henchman occupies the whole space on there!

The trick to beat him is this - jump up, hit him and hang on the edge again. If you do this about four times, then he should go. Jump up on the platform and helicopter to the landing on the left. Run down the slope for three lums [] and reach the chunky platform to the left.

Another Henchman is in sight! The trick with this one is to jump on the lower part of the chunky platform and shoot him there. When he's shooting at you, either duck or jump onto the higher part of the platform. After he's killed, go along the left and you're home free! Jump in the air, send your body down to there and land on the platform to get everything there.

Before doing anything, go to your left and jump up to the lum on the platform [1]. Then go down to the platform beneath it for another [2]. Get back up, jump for the keg, grab it and walk to the torch. Do you think the designers could have added a Murfy stone here?

That should set you flying. The first straight is easy enough, with three lums [] on your way. Then comes a dip down for two seconds, and a rise back up for four more lums [] before the keg loses its power and you land at a Green Lum. Jump back up and keep on going right, until you face another gold Henchman. Defeat him, and keep on going to the keg. Bring it to the torch and start flying again! Get the first lum near the start [10] and take the top path for two more [].

You then face a straight with bombs and planks at the top and bottom with five lums inbetween []. Then rise to the top quickly for two more [] before the keg loses power. Slide down the slime path to another platform and a Green Lum. Climb up to another platform, and to the right of you is another gold Henchman to defeat. After that, cross platforms to the keg on the right, bring it to the torch and take off again. Along this route you should take a brief dip down and a rise up the path, going over a moving bomb, heading straight through three moving bombs, taking another dip down and a rise up towards a narrow straight before the keg loses power and you land on another platform.

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You should earn the last six lums while doing so []. Helicopter to the platform on the right and jump up to fight another Henchman. Jump back up and go to the right to reach the exit. You should soon see Ly, who tells you that Globox was found in the world of Bad Dreams. So without further ado, she gives you a new power - that to climb up between two walls.

Soon you'll be back at the world map - go under the gap at the right, run up the steps, crawl under the space and climb between the two walls to reach the next level. LEVEL 7 - Void of Bones Start by going right, crawl under the gap and climb up the walls, getting a lum [1] on the way up. You should then see a skull heading down the screen before vanishing into thin air.

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Shoot your fists at it to stop. Jump on the skull and keep going to the left, getting a lum on the platform [2]. Swing on the purple lum to the right towards the trampoline and use it to get the lum above it [3]. Jump back onto it and head up to the purple lum on the left, using your helicopter to the ladder on the far left of the screen.

Climb up and go to the ladder to the right, reaching a nearby platform. Use the trampoline there to reach a gap between two walls - climb up it and get a lum on the way [4]. At the top you should meet a zombie chicken. Unlike the Henchmen and Hoodlums, they only take one hit before defeat! After that's gone, climb up the ladder and go to the top before using your helicopter to the left as far as you can. You should reach a long straight with three lums [] and a trampoline to push you back up.

At the top of the channel, helicopter back to the bottom of the ladder. Climb up, shoot the skull floating down and step on it to reach another ladder. Go up and shoot both skulls for stepping stones to the platform to the left.

To get this one, you use the purple lum on the right to swing towards it and hit it with your fists. Repeat and it's open. Use the lum again to swing to a platform to the right, holding a lum [8]. Use the skulls to cross to the left, crawl under the gap and climb up the walls, getting a lum on the way [9] to reach another zombie chicken.

Kill it off and go to the right. Shoot the skulls there to reach the ladder on the right. Climb to the top, then go left to the trampoline and use it to reach another platform towards another lum [10]. Cross the skulls there and reach the platform to the right, towards another zombie chicken.

Shoot it and jump on the trampoline to reach the switch - hit it! Then climb up the walls, getting another lum [11]. Go through the door and jump to the platform with the trampoline on it. Jump onto it towards a batch of three lums [] to the left.

  • Reflux the Knaaren

Then swing to the purple lum on the right and use it to land on a platform in that direction. Cross the skulls to the left towards another platform and head to the ladder to your left. Shoot at the skull and use it to cross to another ladder.

Repeat with another skull and ladder to your right and climb up towards the zombie chicken. Shoot it and go left until you see a trampoline that takes you up two walls.

Climb up them once you're at your highest height and get the yellow lum [15] on the way up. You should reach a platform with a Green Lum. Cross the skulls to the ladder on the right, climb up it and shoot the skulls so that they're almost vertical to each other. Use them to reach the platform above the ladder for another lum [16].

Then swing on the purple lum towards the left. Jump on the trampoline, climb up the walls, get another lum [17] and reach the top.

Continue right and you should face a black ball of sorts. Shoot it to make it stop moving. If it has landed on a platform, pick it up and throw it to defeat it. Go to the ladder to the far right and climb up it. Shoot the skull, step on it, jump to the platform and climb the ladder above it.

At the top, go to the left and jump on the trampoline to a platform on the right with another lum [18]. Jump on it again and go to the left, to another platform with a trampoline.

Climb up the walls nearby, get the lum [19], and you should face two black balls. Get rid of them and continue to the right towards a ladder. Shoot the skull and jump up onto the platform to the right towards three lums [].

Get back on the ladder and shoot the skull again. Jump onto it and use the skulls that follow to cross over to the left.