Misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

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misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne[a] is an action-adventure game that was . the game, among other releases, for its first quarter financial results ending June 30, . Because of this difference, these dates have no anniversary relation to. VGMuseum, bringing you videogame endings in static form since the 's. Tron Bonne is a character from the Mega Man Legends series of video and conquer the world in the spin-off game The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. . Ending In Addition to the above, Tron and X share an opposite relation, as Tron in.

The Mother Units in 2, as well as their Servitors. Tron keeps falling for Volnutt whenever they meet and aren't trying to shoot each other. Sadly, he hasn't a clue. The first boss in Legends reappears as a two-armed Hammuru Doll in one of the portals. However, it also behaves differently due to the terrain layout. Didn't Think This Through: While the Master's intentions for destroying the Master System were good he wanted to prevent the Carbons, whom he had grown to love, from being exterminatedhe conveniently forgot that, in addition to preserving the lives of Elysium's inhabitants and providing a failsafe in case of humanity's extinction, it also acted as a seal to keep the Elder System, whatever the hell the inhabitants of Elysium left behind on Terra, shut down.

It's heavily implied that whatever fresh hell the Elder System would unleash upon Terra is several orders of magnitude worse than anything the Master System could have caused. The Powered Buster in the first game. It's found very early in the game, is comparatively cheap to upgrade, and at max potential has very high range and power with usable energy. Early on it'll probably be your best weapon, but as the game progresses its slow rate of fire and slow projectile speed hurt its utility against faster and more aggressive enemies.

The Drill Arm in the second game. Once again found very early in the game, cheap to upgrade, and at max upgrades it has maxed out Attack and Energy. Against slower enemies it's absurd, able to instantly flip Kuruguru on their backs and knock the shields off of Gorubesshu, and it does high damage.

Later on though, the fact you can't move while firing it and it's non-existent range make it a bit lacking. By the end of Legends 2, Roll and Tron are trying and failing to make a space program to retrieve Mega Man, who's stuck on Elysium with Yuna who's still in Roll's mom's body and Sera — and the three of them are most likely at the mercy of the Elder System, whose Reaverbots or commands for the existing Reaverbots may be more on the "Kill All Carbons" side than the Ancients we've seen.

Used to get Mega Man to Forbidden Island. When the Bonnes are unable to get the key to the Sub Gates in the first game, Teisel attempts this by just digging his way down around the Sub Gate entrance in the Clozer Woods. Unfortunately, the ruin elevator goes down far deeper than he expected, and he doesn't get very far before Mega Man intervenes. Though it costs a hell of a lot of money to fully upgrade, once you do, you've basically got an infinite-ammo Death Ray that can down almost all enemies, up to and including both games' Final Bossin mere seconds.

The only thing that prevents it from truly being in Game-Breaker territory is that in both games, you don't gain the necessary parts to build it until you're practically at the end anyway.

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The power plant in the first game. Quantum Refractors are used to power virtually all technology, and are also the Global Currency. It also justifies why almost all of the Reaverbots are Money Spiders. Even Evil Has Standards: During the siege of Saul Kada, Teisel steals the town's supplies, except the toilet paper. That would be barbaric. And then the Bonnes save Mega Man from Juno. Killing off an island of people is too far for them. The Bonnes as villains have always been thievesnot murderers.

Mega Man Juno again. Race memory from his Japanese VA having voiced Xelloss beforehand? He does, for a very short time, have his eyes open when he first awakens. Since it's a prequel, you already know Tron will be successful in Misadventures. An unusually obvious example, with a painting in the museum directly showing the final boss battle with Juno. Roll Caskett and Tron Bonne. Gameplay and Story Integration: While the currency is still called "zenny," money in this world is not real money, but quantum refractors, which are used to generate energy.

Particularly large refractors are used to power machines, but smaller and weaker refractors are traded as money. Nobody knows how to make more refractors, but they were used to power all the Lost Technology left behind by the Ancients, including the Reaverbots. This explains why robotic enemies in ancient ruins drop money when they explodeand why there's a Global Currency resources are scarce and everyone needs an extra refractor in case energy runs low.

Weapons are built from junk you scavenge, money comes from refractors found in digs.

Even when buying from a store, it's implied you're just buying something another scavenger found before you did. You even find yourself checking garbage cans, just in case someone threw something you could use out. The Genie Knows Jack Nicholson: The test in the second game has questions about real world events, rather than events in the MML world.

Subjects ranged from history, pop culture, music, sports, even math questions, among others. Who is the famous Greek philosopher who expounded the theory of idealism? What is the name of the underground aqueducts found in Iran? No one will know the answers to these questions without a lifetime of research on every subject or without consulting a guide.

The first two games are a pair of over-the-shoulder third-person shooters with platforming and action RPG elements. Bola and Klaymoor from Legends 2. It eliminated all hardships from human existence; no war, no hunger, no disease. The people living under it were practically immortal. However, they became so dependent on it that they literally could not survive outside the System, and they became so stagnant that most of them died out simply from losing any will to live.

The last human left saw that the " Carbons " had started building a civilization of their own and had become virtually indistinguishable from real humans, so before he died he ordered Trigger to destroy the System so the Carbons could live and grow without interference, even if it meant the extinction of humanity.

Ending for Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Sony Playstation)

Gotta Catch 'Em All: The museum exhibition pieces in the first game. Collecting them all nets you the Prism Crystal, a part that goes into building the Shining Laser. The Spread Buster in Legends 1 and 2 fires multiple bomblets in a wide horizontal spray. Upgrade the Special and Energy stats to carry up to 32 discharges of 7 explosives each. Averted; you have to pay to rebuild buildings that are destroyed in boss battles including buildings you need to complete the game.

The boss of the second subgate in Legends. A short, yellow pillar that Roll "doesn't pick up any readings" from when you first see it, a Humongous Mecha the next time you enter the room. The Ground Crawler in Legends 2 can also home in, when properly upgraded; it fires a bomb that rolls along the ground, even traveling up wallsuntil it finds an enemy to blow up. This is extremely handy for disabling the Birdbot guard towers on Calbania Island. Mega Man uses a pair of jet-skates.

Largely the province of the Reaverbots, though the Bonnes keep coming close. In terms of sheer size and firepower, Tron's masterpieces probably top even the biggest Reaverbots. Bruno and the Gesellschaft, to name two especially colossal ones. Let's not forget the giant dinosaur found in Saul Kada in the second game, which is bigger than Bruno by a good margin.

The biggest so far would have to be the Colossus Reaverbot that serves as the endgame boss of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Heck, it's so big that its Hit Point bar goes off-screen. System Units are unable to act against the Master System's parameters, hence why Sera is so focused on executing the Carbon Reinitialization Program the System won't allow her to do otherwise.

It's implied that the Master was slowly able to break Trigger away from the System, hence why he was able to stop Sera from carrying out the System's orders.

As for Yuna, she broke from the System when she transferred her mind to Matilda's body, so while she no longer has any control over the System, she's also no longer bound by its limitations hence why she's able to aid Trigger in destroying the System.

The beginning of the first game.

Mega Man Legends 2 - Plot/Spoiler/Errata FAQ

Teisel Bonne The other games in the series prove that the Bonnes are competent. They're simply fighting against a highly advanced precursor combat android in the Legends games. The other games prove that Tron is competent.

Bon has the excuse of being a baby. The Active Buster in the first game and its improved counterpart the Homing Missiles in the second, both of which produce a constant stream of autotracking missiles. Like the Shining Laser, both can be upgraded to have infinite ammo and have high attack power, though not quite in the same league as the Shining Laser. The main difference is that the Active Buster is gotten late in the game and requires more money to fully upgrade than the Shining Laser, and like the Shining Laser it can only be used while standing still.

The Homing Missiles can be fired while moving and can be gotten extremely early in the game, which causes it to obsolete most of the other special weapons if sufficiently upgraded. Traditionally, the Shining Laser especially once you've sunk enough Zenny into its energy capacity to make it infinite. Easy Mode playthroughs also hand you a Buster Part that turns the default weapon into one.

The second game version of the Shining Laser turned out to be even more powerful than the first version. That's saying something, considering the original version with full upgrades could down the final boss in four seconds of fire. Partially averted — you can blast them until they fry and turn a charred, burnt color. After which you can kick them for health.

The first game has the Blue Sharukurusu in the Lake Ruins. As if the regular green versions weren't tough enough alreadythese blue ones will remain invisible until they are near you. Which is probably a few seconds away from impaling you. Nothings screams "Nightmare Fuel" when you hear Reaverbot footsteps and you can't see the enemy until it's too late. Thankfully, they can't jump, and the room they're in has platforms to snipe at them from. An odd non-romantic example.

Roll seems to realize who the amnesiac "Joe" really is, but doesn't reveal the truth because it might ruin the life he's made for himself with a new family. Data is Mega Man's "peripheral memory storage device", and contains a backup of his original memories.

He also saves your game. Volnutt's armor can gradually turn black as he abuses local fauna or conducts other selfish acts even going straight to jet black for stealing a business loan the Servbots take out, if you decide not to return it to the police instead.

Note that in the first game, adopting cats, being nice to Roll, and completing sidequests for the citizens of Kattelox brightens your armor up again. The second game's primary route of redemption was making massive cash donations to the church; prices go down and your reputation betters if you lighten your armor past the default shade, becoming Light Mega Man.

In the first game you can kick a can in one of the first areas behind a shop's counter in order to get money for "recycling", and doing this for a while will turn Mega Man darker, but without any negative effects. A similar can kicking into a garbage for money is in Legends 2, but it doesn't have the same effect. As mentioned directly above, the game lets you invoke this quite literally. You can kick the dogs in the industrial district of Kattlelox, causing your Karma Meter to go down, and your armor to turn black.

Other, less literal, Kick the Dog opportunities are also available, such as keeping stolen money as opposed to returning it. The Japanese version of the first game allows you to kick Paprika away from Tron instead of just talking to him.

The Beast Hunter minigame also invokes a literal definition by having Mega Man kick balls at an animatronic dog, and occasionally kick a smaller dog as well for a chance at double points, meaning that you're Kicking The Dog As an unfortunate necessity, this involves exterminating the Carbons in order to make room for humanity's return.

In the first game, Teisel has no interest in getting involved with the raiding, he claims he left that to Bon and Tron. Then he goes to turn on his favorite TV show, only to find it has been interrupted by an emergency news cast of Mega Man saving the town. Teisel does not take this well. With the cancellation of Part 3, it doesn't look Part 2 will ever get resolved. The OST to The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne abounds with these, from Denise's theme having four distinct mixes, to a variant of Tiesel's theme being used in the level where you play as him, to the mission complete theme being remixed with instruments appropriate to the mission.

The Drill arm in 2. See the Game-Breaker entry for more info. Like Brother and Sister: Mega Man Volnutt and Roll Caskett.

Except that reading Roll's diary near the end of the second game reveals that she does not think of the relationship as this or at least wishes it was something more. He simply woke up one day on Yosyonke's outskirts and coubldn't remember who he was or what if anything, he was doing holding on to the plans of banner's dropship. All that's known is that he's living with this single mother Maria, who works as a barmaid and her daughter.

Still, Joe is thankful for the rescue and seeing as how he can't find a use for the Dropship he built it to try to jog his memoryhe gives it to Roll and Megaman to use for their rescue. Megaman lands on Forbidden Island this level is in the shareware and makes his way past tenacious Reaverbot defences to get to the predicted "crash site" to render help.

Along the way though, he finds humans in suspended animation and sealed inside environmental bubbles. Megaman also finds a wrecked dropship -- in fact exactly like the model he just descended in, with a woman in pig-tails in suspension inside! Anyhow, Megaman makes it to the largest signal on Forbidden Island and finds a huge crystalline structure hovering over the surface.

Undaunted, he activates a switch and frees this girl she's nekkid! In the instant that Megaman throws the switch, the Maelstrom dissapates with no ill effects and the Sulphur Bottom, still in danger of crashing, suddenly recovers trim and stabilises.

Sensing that a great discovery is about to be made, Von Bluecher invites the naked girl and her man-toy aboard the Sulphur Bottom. The dark-skinned man explains that he and the girl are "Ancients", members of a race long before -- possibly the ones who built the ruins. He also explains that because of their release, he only wishes that he and the girl be allowed to live out the rest of their natural lives.

And in exchange, Geist will show them the location of four keys known only to the Ancients that will unlock the Mother Lode! Understandably beside himself, Von Bluecher agrees -- only to have all four locations intercepted and overheard by the pirate family known as the Bonnes!

The Bonnes having sold the giant Ford Explorer refractor from Megaman Legends 1, opened up a department store and tried to go legit; unfortunately they've been in the red for a couple of months now and they need some quick cash. In fact, the Bonnes are so desperate, that they've even teamed up with an ex- enforcer for the loanshark Loathe named Glyde.

This wacky alliance forms the main "intelligent" although I don't think that's a fair word to use opposition for Megaman in this game. Anyway, with too many locations to mount a thorough dig and that crazy woman Yuna to deal with, Von Bluecher decides to entrust the operation to Megaman and Roll.

Throughout the game, the story focuses on the actual getting of keys before the pirates and having Megaman either make or break his reputation as a ladies' man.

Only when the game focuses on the fourth and final key does the story get back on track. Upon returning the third key and learning the location of the last one, Megaman and Roll reach Yosyonke right before the pirates are about to launch another of their whacked full-scale assaults. Fretting about what to do, Megaman and Roll notice that an old locomotive that was always here when they visited the town for supplies was gone and refurbished into working order.

Further investigation revealed that Joe the Digger was the one responsible for the creation and that he created it to defend Yosyonke from the pirates.

According to Maria though, the amount of overworking caused Joe to collapse from exhaustion. Joe willingly gives the machine's key to Megaman and asks that he fend off the pirates.

After Megaman leaves the room, we are treated to a disturbing cut-scene. Maria leaves Joe for a while to runs some errands. Joe doesn't hear her as he's brooding over this faded photo. He says, "10 years ago we tried to land on Forbidden Island And now your're trying to succeed where we failed. He can do it You can trust him He's the one Roll There's something in my eye Okay back in action.

Megaman gets the fourth key soon enough and returns to the Sulphur Bottom. As he hands the key to Von Bluecher, the two Ancients aboard naked girl and Geistsuddenly reveal who they are and attack the ship. The naked girl freed from Forbidden Island was none other than Mother- unit Sera! Sera seizes control of the Sulphur bottom and takes all four keys but Yuna and Gatts counter her plot and the two mother-units embroil in a test of wills to gain control of the Sulphur Bottom while Geist and Gatts reveal their true nature as the mother-units' attendants and begin their own fight outside the in the skies.

IN the battle, Sera accuses Yuna of being a traitor and allying with the Master's Trigger in the last war. Yuna denies the charge, stating she merely believes in the Master's last wish, but had no power to go against the limits imposed on both mother-units by the System.

Sera makes a counter charge, that Yuna is no longer a part of the System at all when she switched her original body for that of a young woman who crashed on Forbidden Island 10 years ago guess who? In any case, Sera is unwilling to be far from her established power base on Elysium and absconds with the keys before Yuna or Von Bluecher can stop her. Geist buys valuable time for his mistress to escape by making attacks on the Sulphur Bottom.

With Yuna busy restoring control of the ship to Von Bluecher, Gatts and Megaman are the only ones who can put an end to this. Yuna's servitor Gatts is torn by conflicting desires: In the heat of battle though, Geist comes out as the victor and Gatts, in his death scream, asks for Megaman Trigger's forgiveness for his failiure and pleads that Megaman stop Geist before he does more damage. The Bonnes meanwhile, have returned to the Sulphur Bottom in a Drache and are willing help fend of geist only if to get another chance to steal the keys.

They get shot down fast though, after about 15 seconds into the fight. While unconcsious, Megaman is wandering through his dreams as old memories are relived and reviewed.

Images of Sera, Geist, Yuna, and locations not of this earth flow into one unifying vision -- that of the Master speaking directly to Megaman. In haunting detail, the Master decries his own folly in creating the System and only wishes that humans can once again find peace that old time crap- ola.

The Master realises that Sera and Yuna cannot do his bidding as they are all under the System's unyielding yoke, but Megaman Trigger is not part of the system.

Misadventures Of Tron Bonne PlayThrough Ending Part 3

Nor will he ever be, thus Megaman is the perfect successor to the Master and to carry out his last wishes. When the Master fades and dies, a woman in pig-tails shows up and identifies herself as Mother-unit Yuna. Megaman is confused about all this until Yuna tells him of the war he and Sera fought so many centuries ago. To prevent Sera from escaping, Yuna took to removing unwanted visitors and wiping out their memories with her nannites. Megaman escaped attention since his memories were in Data and not in Megaman himself -- Yuna figured with a complete format, Megaman would not remember anything and would thus not behave as he would once he was repaired.

This was also the reason why Data chose not to reveal what or who, he was after Megaman Juno's defeat -- it simply would not have been wise. Yuna also reveals that the woman with pig-tails was indeed "Yuna" -- or at least her original body. Because Yuna was now in Matilda's body, she was now free from the System's controls.

How this came to be was a s follows: Thus she placed all the visitors after Von Bluecher and Gramps in stasis after they claimed to have gone to and returned from Forbidden Island.

Then ten years ago, Yuna found a young woman dying in a crash site on Forbidden Island. The dropship she was in was fairly intact, but the shock of the landing severely injured her. This woman in the Dropship you should know it by now was Matilda. To ensure Matilda's life, Yuna decided to use her nannites to repair her. Unfortunately, the injuries were so severe that Yuna needed to use so much of herself to repair Matilda that ultimately, Yuna's essence was transferred into Matilda.

Yuna-Matilda coped with the situation by installing Yuna's original body into the intact Dropship. Earlier, Banner had his memory wiped and his body dumped nearby Yosyonke. And when he woke up as "Joe", his only mementos of his past came from the Dropship plans and a faded photo.

This is sick as Final Fantasy 7. Max thinks so and I do too In any regard, Megaman quickly recovers from the injuries from his fight with Geist his memory was wiped and then restored from Data -- thus Yuna's remark that Megaman was wise to back himself up into that little monkey before his bout with Sera in the past. At this point, there is no need to hide anymore from the mother-units or the System and so when asked, Data will reveal the whole story of "what happened?

Mother-unit Sera though, has paused the program only because she harbours "confusing emotions. This infuriates her to brutal action: This will of course, not happen with liberal application of any Gameshark v2.

Yuna-Matilda then shows up, carrying her original body the one with pig-tails and tries to persuade Sera to abandon her body to avoid termination of her program. Sera, still spiteful, refuses -- although she readily admits to Megaman that she "understands now" why the Master chose him to be his favorite. Don't ask; it's a Japanese thing. Incredibly, Megaman expresses remorse over killing someone who was just trying to kill him.

Again, it's a Japanese thing.

misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

Sera's final form explodes, and she "dies. Having been removed from "her original configuraton", Sera-in-Yuna's-original-body Sera-Yuna comes to realise things that Yuna-Matilda have come to known over the past 10 years. And with both their attendants Gatts and Geist dead, Sera-Yuna and Yuna-Matilda have begun a strange sapphesque friendship.

Megaman now wonders what will happen to them as Gatts, their transport, is gone. Stuck in Elysium with two women wink, wink -- except one of 'em is in his girlfriend's mother's body -- eeewww Megaman can only wait for Roll to come and rescue him.

The ending comes after the credits and is quite hilarious. And just a hint: For example, check out the desks in one of the guest rooms aboard the Sulphur Bottom for a clue on the "love-thang.

Megaman Volnutt - Megaman is the central character in Megaman Legends and other games. Although possessing the mind of an average 12 year old, Megaman is out and out a combat unit built with the sole purpose of carrying as much firepower in the smallest possible frame.

Strategy Guide - Guide for The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

This makes him very dangerous if not for his inherent sense of right and wrong. Roll Gaskett - Roll still serves as the team's mechanic and support gal. At the tender age of 14 farhvegnugen Roll is already a natural tinkerer and can invent a lot of complex things from crap Megaman finds on the ground. She also can't believe that Megaman likes Tron. I use the word plague, because they never turn a profit, and the destruction they wreak is to no one's advantage.

Although she's as clever as Roll, she is not as dumb as "Blondie" and can be mean-spirited and flip out in an instant -- possibly due to her more intense monthly attacks since she's 16 whatever -- she's available, so can we say, 'Harem'? Though not as maneuverable as Megaman and cannot fit into tight spaces, the Gustaff is larger and more formidable in open battle. As a side note: Megaman has already seen both gals nekkid as the day God - frey Jones, from the show 'Rock Bottom!

He's seen Roll nekkid twice and Tron once. Proof that Capcom, unlike Konami and Nintendo, caters to the straight male audience Another side note: Okay, the first time Megaman saw Roll nekkid was on Kattalox Island when she was changing in the room.

The next time was in the bath read Roll's Diary if ya' want more, huhuhuhuhu. Megaman sees Tron's ya- ya's during the exploration of Saul Kada Caves or the exploration of her caves, huhuhuhuhu Knock it off you perverts - Marge Simpson Teisel Bonne - The eldest Bonne the manuals are incorrecthe serves as their leader and "plan-making guy.

Whether or not he approves of Megaman's and Tron's hump shack arrangements, we may never know. As far as Teisel is concerned, money is the where the heart is. Bon Bonne - The youngest of the Bonnes, he's more machine than man and can only utter, "Ba-buu?

He usually serves as a lieutenant of some sort in surface and digging operations, and is only a threat if physically provoked. Barrell Gaskett Gramps - an old fogey, the elder by which Megaman goes to for advice and mentorship. With Megaman and Roll approaching their prime in their digging careers, he has taken a back seat as their advisor, coordinator, and manager.

Von Bluecher - some rich guy with an obsession. His complexity as a character is limited by his words alone; the game neither explores or tries to explore the other facets of this man. Matilda Gaskett - Gramps' daughter Roll's mom who vanished 10 years ago on an ill-fated landing on Forbidden Island. Dying, she was healed by Mother-unit Yuna, only to lose her individuality when Yuna was forced to take over her body due to some -- unpleasantness.

misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

It mustn't be fun when you watch your wife disappear in a fierce storm using something you built My god! What have I done? It's her coffin now! One can only guess what were his last thoughts as "Banner" -- the dropship plans he held so tightly when he was found outside Yosyonke may be the last vestige of his desire for his family.

Yuna - Mother-unit of Habitat Terra. Pacifist nature, and non-confrontational. Her peaceful demeanor explains why she was noticeably absent from the War Sera and Trigger fought years ago. She currently inhabits Matilda's body and is seeking a way to rectify the error without harming Matilda or Sera while remaining free from the System's control.

Sera - Mother-unit of habitat Elysium. More aggressive despite her initial original appearance. I say she looks like the gal from Ridge Racer 4. Prone to jealousy and extreme action, she expresses the System's wishes as the Master's orders -- hence her limit in thinking.

She currently inhabits Yuna's original body, although both mother-units are trying to return to their "original configuration" since Megaman has shut down the System on Elysium. Megaman Juno - a beaureacratic model suspended in the depths of Kattalox Island. His activation comes as a result of Megaman's accidental triggering of the local carbon initialisation program in the local network. Although made for administrative duties, making him appear quite the queit fellow, Megaman Juno is only a local coordinator, lacking the memory and faculties of Mother- units to make fully autonomous decisions -- this explains Juno's rather simple minded and blood-thirsty behaviour when Megaman Trigger disagreed with Juno's decison to format Kattalox.

Data serves as a repository for Megaman's memories and allows him to save his freaking game. You shouldn't be, the Legends 1 manual states that Data can only speak in binary gibberish; however, Megaman is the only one who can understand what jack-off bot says. That's why the end of Legends 1 was so intersting because we finally hear Data talk instead of just reading the text.

In Legends 2, the observant will notice that Data only talks when it and Megaman are alone -- reflecting the nature of the Data-speak. The Master - No one knows who this guy is! There were rumours that megaman was still the robot and Doc Light made him for the Legends game, but this is not true.

The Master acts as the initiator of all the turmoil going on as his creations -- his "children" -- the Anthro-units fight one another over his legacy: Data does make snide references to Megaman in 'Legends 1' about how "purty" she is, etc.

Megaman may even choose to hit on this attractive older woman But nothing comes of it, so you can only dream As for Data's comments, one can imagine what went on between the Mother-units and Megaman Trigger so many years ago wink, wink, huhuhuhuhu. Hey mom, I'm going to Japan She's drunk most of the time; there's no mention of her previous husband; and it's a wonder her daughter is not afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Although he offers info, you gotta pay for it. So let's refer to him as an information broker instead. He keeps the Calinka Sub-gate and the fourth key a secret until the Bonnes attack Yosyonke. Guildmaster - The head guy on Nino Island. He's also crazy enough to self-destruct the island and everyone in it if the pirates manage to get through the door even by an inch. Shu - some cast-away girl who lives with her "brothers" on Caldonia Island. Appo and Dah - Known simply as the twins, these gene-pool rejects are whom Shu focuses her life on.

They're complete morons with an illiteracy rate that beats the U. There are certain parts needed for these "Special Weapons" as they are far more powerful than most Buster Parts Combinations. There are also similarities between the first Legends' Weapons and the Legneds 2's Weapons. Stats valid when fully upgraded Legends 1 Legends 2 Equivalent Machine Buster Machine Gun Arm Requires: Broken Model Gun Max Ammo: Scattering Powered Buster Buster Cannon Requires: Thick Pipe Max Ammo: Bottle Rocket Max Ammo: Homing Ability Special Enhance: Homing ability Drill Arm Drill Arm Requires: Broken Drill Max Ammo: Shield size Vacuum Arm Vacuum Arm Requires: Suction something the Energy Enhance: Sucking power Blade Arm Blade Arm Requires: Super Ball Max Ammo: Mine parts kit Requires: Rusted Mine Max Ammo: Rusty Bazooka Firecracker Clipsize: It highly resembles the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Party Wagon of crap-o- la fame but was only intended as a temporary alternative to the Flutter when it was damaged.

It had all of Roll's spotting equipment on board, as well as fully functional workshop. It was used by Roll to help Megaman fight off the Bonnes while on Kattalox.

The vehicle was not used in Legends 2. It featured some armour plating and was used by Roll to fight off the Bonnes' submarine forces in Lake Jyun. The craft was returned to its owner Wily, when the Flutter departed.

Flutter - small flying ship, base of operations, and home of Megaman and Roll. Has four decks including the uncovered top deck with three small cabins Roll, Megaman, and Grampsa living room, kitchen, lavatory, half-bath, storage rooms, and a machine bay.

It uses refractors to power its engines and copes well with a variety of modifications. Dropship - a specially designed pod-like vehicle designed to descend in rough weather. It uses a rotor system to slow its descent and ascends by inflating a helium gas cell stored in its upper compartment.

Gessellschaft - The Bonnes' equivalent of the Flutter, but much larger and more expensive cha-ching! It had a variety of unmapped rooms evidenced in Tron ni Kobun including: Sadly, this craft was obliterated over Kattalox Island in Legends 1.

Gustaff - a large mech which "Miss Tron" runs her operations. In Tron ni Kobun, the Gustaff was a bipedal machine playing just like Megaman and was limited to mounting only one weapon at a time.

It was capable of firing beacon bombs from a cannon on its forehead to guide Servbots to tactical objectives. In Legends 2, Tron gets smarter and develops a hover skirt for the Gustaff -- making it more maneuverable -- as well as fitting both arms with modular pod units, allowing the Gustaff to carry two weapons at a time.

This particular unit was destroyed in the Saul Kada Ruins. Blumebear - a lightly armed wheeled tank used by the Bonnes in Legends 1, the Blumebear has arm mounted machine guns instead of hands. It is also fairly speedy, making tight right angle turns with no problem. Servbots can open the hatch to throw bombs at attackers. Available in Red, Blue, and Yellow paint jobs to differentiate Tron's attack force at a glance. Drache - a sleek small aircraft used by the Bonnes for scouting and raiding.

For all purposes, this is a flying Blumebear; however, because of its high speed and ability to fly above the battlescape it is an invaluable as an interdictor and can be troublesome in some levels. Do note though, that Draches have less armour than Blumebears. Featured in Red or Grey. The Bonnes' sizable air fleet is reduced to a single Drache after the Gessellschaft gets shot down and their private department store venture goes sour.

Incidentally, the Bonnes' last Drache featuring some enhancements to the armament and sensor suite gets shot down by Geist when Tron tries to run interference to help Megaman in Legends 2. Feldynaught - you remember this mech from Megaman Legends right? A large four legged monstrosity that Tron tried to sexually destroy her current beau with, yeah? That machine was destroyed by Megaman after a short battle. Bruno - largest Bonne Mech manufactured on Kattalox but not the most dangerous.

It's existence was kept secret until Megaman discovered it in Warehouse