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Vanessa R. Schwartz, Jeannene M. Przyblyski It might seem possible to point to the poetically luminous realism of Köbke's art and claim that he Marginal phenomena arc as likely to be politically and socially conservative or intellectually Other systems begin or end in a relationship with dominant modes of visuality but. Vanessa is an antagonist and playable character from Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series. Vanessa first appears during the fourth chapter . Luminous Arc is definitely one of the most basic examples of the although the destructive actions of Vanessa, the witch of immolation, end up making the When Alph is next to a character he has a relationship with, both.

Shops become very rare in the second half, meaning most your team will have outdated equipment very fast, which kills some game balance; some characters have significantly lower stats than others and require the use powerful equipment to be of real use. This is balanced out a little with an item crafting system introduced around the halfway point, allowing you to mix gained vatie to grant new bonuses to armor and weapons, but it requires additional weapons so you can switch out equipment of party members.

There's little that interesting about any of the systems in the game, outside leveling up and the battle system. Your party gains experience whenever they perform an action on a target including themselveswith healing actions on other characters granting thirty experience every use, making level grinding characters with healing abilities much easier. Otherwise, attack experience is based on the difference between levels from your side and the enemy.

Leveling up completely restores health and magic points as well, making it crucial in battle strategy.

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This can also make things a bit too easy, however; healing characters almost never run out of magic points if they heal constantly even when a target is at full healthmaking it very hard for characters to die in combat. Performing actions in combat also increases the flash drive bar, which fills with three flash points that can be used for flash drive attacks and synergy moves between characters, which are incredibly powerful and can turn the tide of battle.

Synergy moves, however, take a ton of points to use and require close proximity between all involved in the move, making situations where they're needed almost non-existent. I only used a single synergy move in my years of playing this game on and off, and that was just to see what the attack looked like. The game has a very uneven difficulty curve at times, and it can easily be overcome with grinding, which in itself can be a bit of a mark against the game.

Avoiding grinding in extra battles can result in some frustrating battles with high damage dealing enemies, although this is occasionally a problem with grinding anyways due to a lack of item shops in late game. Taking time from the story to grind out experience can be tiring for some, but I didn't mind it so much.

Luminous Arc's simplicity is its greatest strength, because you always understand most every variable. There's no overwhelming feeling here, just good old fun fighting monsters and bandits with whatever characters you want. The game works perfectly for a portable system, because you can easily save anywhere and spend a few minutes in a simple battle to kill some time.

It's never too demanding outside story battles. The result can be addictive, or at least this was the case for me. There's also the intermissions you can try to complete.

After every battle, your main character, Alph, can talk with someone who was just in battle with him. There's a set amount of these moments with every character, and answering correctly improves your relationship with your party, which fills a heart meter. At certain points, characters will give you different gifts, and reaching the max gains items that half the cost for spells, useful for the tons of magic users present in the game.

This is nice, but the benefit in battle is almost non-existent.

Is there multiple endings in luminous arc?

When Alph is next to a character he has a relationship with, both characters get a bonus of accuracy and evasion. However, most every spell in the game hits targets next to each other, so this creates a conflicting design where the last thing you want to do is have characters paired up next to each other. There's never a moment where this bonus is particularly helpful. The presentation is simple but effective.

So even the intermissions lean towards Alph and Lucia. Also every freakin' time that Lucia tells Alph to protect the planet, he keeps adding that he'd protect her, too. But I know the boat you're in for FF4.

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P I hope you don't feel attacked upon. Thanks for being watchful of yourself too and trying not to attack me. I really respect that.

In the end; however, we're all insane and too overly obsessed about our video games. P -Aegis Runestone- User Info: MattDark MattDark 10 years ago 16 I always felt that Cecille cared about alph and the others in more of a big sister sort of way. There's no danger music' - Jim Carrey Yoshindo 10 years ago 17 Ah, bloody mutha fug- type amount boat-load of typing crap.

I played a few games and seen a few anime where they used that kind of relationship, but I rarely seen where they actually work like UFO Princess Valkyrie unless you have some control over it like Ar Tonelico. Also, childhood tend to throw me on a guilt trip, especially when they seem noticeable.

Ar Tonelico did this to me big time. But it made me evade one of the biggest innuedo scene in gaming existence that I've ever see. Whether that was a good thing or bad I do not no. I'm actually fond of amibigious relationship. This basically keep everybody happy with their fandoms pairing.

If the intermission actually made the relationships seem this way, I would absolutely love this game for it's replay value. Whadda ya mean "poor theo"? Knew I should've spoiled him. But if there were still a good number pointing at others.

I certainly choose Cecille when Leon asked Alph who he liked. Man, was he pissed. Especially with it seeming the end being so No running into each other arms and confessing their love to one another, no secret meeting to do said confessing, etc. This leave fans the choice of continue the stories and maybe even choosing different pairings.