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In order to accomplish this you must go to the refugee section on Nar Shaddaa without Atton. Two Twi'leks will approach you and give you. STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ I don't hate Bao-dur, but in an amazing cast of characters he kind of sucks. it is a huge testament to the astonishing quality of writing in KOTOR 2. writing and characterization (aside from the flat ending but the mods kind of help there). <. Reddit now has sitewide support for spoiler tags in comments, and a I turn around, and Bao-Dur has collapsed while "repairing" the ship.

Its a case of influencing everyone, and playing all the paths the game allows. Kreia feels that the Force, light or dark, is controlling. It manipulates and balances, killing millions in the process. She believes that the Jedi are as slaves to the Force, just as the Sith are. The only way to stop this, she posits, is to 'kill' the Force.

As stated in the game, big things cause "echos" in the force. The Exile's destruction of M5 caused giant echos in the force. The episcenter of these echos - the millions of deaths at M5 - was so turbulent sp?

Sort of life repeatedly prodding the side of a waterbed with a stick: This 'wound' found itself inside the one Jedi that survived the massacre - the Exile. Unable to cope with the Force Echos from M5, he took this 'wound' into himself. He alone was the only person in the Star Wars galaxy, past or present, to be completely severed from the Force, and not die from it.

So Kreia, angry at The Force, mentors the Exile. She trains him in the ways of the Force again, because he could then understand what it is like to both feel the Force, and be completely apart from it.

Her plan was to have him understand this, so that he would sacrifice himself. The 'force wound' would not dissapear when the Exile would have died. It would have spread forever and ever, completely erasing the Force from the Star Wars galaxy. I'm not sure if it was Voyager or TNG, but there was an episode where some element, if destroyed, caused Warp Drive to not function.

Same thing with the Exile: Killing him would have caused the entire galaxy to be 'free' of the Force's 'meddling'. He's either a Jedi who is willing to shut himself off from the Force forever, or he's a Sith, unable to relinquish that power. So, she does a backup plan. She incapacitates the Exile, and claims to the Handmaiden that she killed the Exile. Shortly afterward, a shuttle crashed not far from his hiding place.

Bao-Dur's remote

Travels with Surik Edit When Bao-Dur went to investigate he found a burning wreckage and went in to save the crew of three. Among them was Meetra Surik, now branded the Jedi Exile.

Although she did not recognize him at first, Bao-Dur still insisted on referring to her as "General. During the travels, she found that he was Force-sensitiveso he agreed to let Surik train him in the ways of the Force as a Jedi Guardian.

Eventually, Kreia betrayed the group and revealed her true identity as Darth Traya. On the descent, the Ebon Hawk crashed, and the entire crew save Surik and Mira were incapacitated.

However, Bao-Dur had previously programed his remote to reactivate the Mass Shadow Generator for a final time if Surik should give the order. Menze deviated from the usual black Sith Lords dressed in and instead added some color to soften her, based on the written description of the character. Voice directors Will Beckman and Darragh O'Farrell wanted someone "special" and "maybe a little sexy" to voice the part. Built to oversee and aid in the planetary reconstruction of the planet Telos, its programming included two directives: Sadly, all options G0-T0 could think of to assist the Republic would involve breaking a Republic law.

Following this, the droid 'broke'; it overrode the second directive, and set up the greatest smuggling organization in the galaxy. Eventually the droid would be destroyed, but not before the organization had helped countless systems achieve prosperity.

Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph is a Snivvian smuggler. Jarael is a young female Arkanian offshoot who also acts as Camper's bodyguard. Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk is an elderly Arkanian offshoot inventor and mechanic who fled Arkania with Jarael as he was being hunted by Adascorp, an Arkanian corporation. Elbee is one of the labor droids that was used on Taris' Jedi Academy. Rohlan Dyre is a Mandalorian soldier. Slyssk is a Trandoshan ship thief and an excellent cook.

Darth Malak[ edit ] Darth Malak, voiced by Rafael Ferreris the old Sith apprentice of Revan and is the main antagonist of the first game. They fell to the dark side in pursuing the Mandalorians. Malak then betrays his master and usurps the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. However, Revan survives the attack, at the cost of his memory. Revan regains his power in the search for the Star Forge, and defeats Malak in the game's final battle. Her character received mixed reception since the game's publication, but is generally thought to be one of the most well developed backgrounds and characterizations.

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IGN chose her as the 81st top Star Wars character [11] and Kreia, along with the other Sith Lords, was put as the 2nd top Star Wars villain that was left out of the original list by Jesse Scheedeen based on reader's comments. She's also one of the few villains who still wants to kill the player's character even after an olive branch is extended Darth Traya trained both Sion and Nihilus, who in turn betray her.

He holds his ravaged body together with the dark-side of the Force. The player's character eventually defeats Sion, and upon doing so, can return him to the light before he dies. Brian Menze, creator of the concept art and in-game model, had difficulty finding a design that Avellone was satisfied with, and the two had many conversations on how he should appear. Engine troubles, however, made that difficult, ultimately resulting in a character looking far more "human".

Problems arose due to most English actors lacking deep voices, though afterwards they wished to avoid making Sion "too Scottish", wishing to avoid creating a caricature to American ears. Darth Traya found and trained Nihilus on Malachor V.

With Darth Sion, Nihilus later betrayed her and drove her into exile. Nihilus, along with the other Sith Lords, was put as the 2nd top Star Wars villain who didn't appear in an earlier list based on reader's comments by IGN's Jesse Schedeen, Schedeen commenting "[a]t the very least, Nihilus probably wins the award for coolest-looking Star Wars villain ever". She appeared in the second game. Darth Bandon was a sith apprentice of Malak who attacks the player, and is defeated.

He appears in the first game. Calo Nord was a bounty hunter in the first game. Nord was originally a slave, until he murdered his captors and escaped when he was Players go to him to obtain bounties.

He can arrange the player's character to fight the Mandalorian death-match champion Bendak Starkiller, which can be redeemed for a bounty to Zax. He was killed in the orbital bombardment of Taris.

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He appeared in the first game. Saul Karath was Carth Onasi's old teacher who betrayed him to join the Sith. He was voiced by Robin Sachs. Queen Talia is a descendant of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd and the ruler of Onderon who is at odds with her cousin Vaklu when the Exile comes to the planet.

Azkul is a battle-scarred mercenary who served under Malak and later settled on Dantooine, attempting to destroy the local community of Khoonda but was thwarted by the Jedi Exile. He appeared in the second game.

General Vaklu is the power-crazed cousin of Queen Talia who seeks to overthrow his young cousin and take the royal throne.