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Gundam Wing: The Movie - Endless Waltz (TV Movie ) .. close, with subtle hints at a deeper relationship than the princess and her knight in shining armor. Here are 15 golden nuggets of Gundam Wing goodness that might end up Relena and Heero's relationship is one of the bedrocks of the series and . alone , but you're better off viewing Endless Waltz as the end point. Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz (Anime Movie Classics): Mark Hildreth, I wish they would have drawn out the relationship between Heero and .

Gundam Wing might not get such an honor, but it does happen to share a premiere date with the original series, Mobile Suit Gundam. Deciding to have this premiere date on the anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam in order to call upon the heavy tradition of the series is a great way to conjure up nostalgia, too.

Such an alliance between Zechs and Treize might surprise you at first, but the idea here is that the two of them intentionally set out to make the Eve War between the Earth Nation and White Fang as grueling and miserable as possible so people would be more receptive to the idea of pacifism.

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These are shows filled with giant mobile suits! A number of integral mobile suits have been put through the wringer in various series, with Gundam Wing showing no fear in the area of killing its mecha-darlings. Granted, Trowa might not be charging into battle with the same veracity as Heero or Duo, but he certainly goes through his share of battles. Having tons of gatling guns come in handy. In the manga, he recognizes it because Trowa uses an acrobatic maneuver to dodge one of Duo's attacks.

Trowa's description of Operation Meteor is accompanied by a series of illustrations showing how the plan would have worked.

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Notably, the scene ends with an image of the original five Gundams, but re-imagined in Tokita's style. Though Wing Gundam is identical to Okawara 's version, the other four combine elements of Katoki 's EW redesigns with the originals, such as Heavyarms ' beam gatling and Sandrock 's shoulder missiles.

However, just like the animated version, Tokita uses the EW versions in all flashback sequences. Dorothy appears at the beginning of the fourth chapter, watching the Serpents descend from her mansion. Her hairstyle, as well as the mansion, are inspired by Battlefield of Pacifists, in which she played an important role. When Dekim, Mariemaia, and Relena arrive at the Presidential mansion, Relena has a brief flashback to a scene from Battlefield of Pacifists, in which Heero promised to be there whenever she needed him.

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Wufei's flashback includes minor elements of Episode Zerowith Master Long disagreeing with Operation Meteor and asking Wufei to fight according to his own sense of integrity.

In addition to the event described earlier, this scene includes a cameo appearance by Dick Higasaki, the engineer from Tokita's popular spin-off G-Unit. Actually not that bad Max-Maxwell 25 October Endless Waltz, a sequel to the successful TV series Gundam Wing, is a fitting conclusion to the After Colony continuity, and manages to make improvements to the series in just about every way. One year after the end of the TV series, Earth and its space colonies have come to terms, ending a costly war with peace throughout the solar system.

Just as the pilots of the near-invincible Gundams have sent them to be destroyed, one space colony secedes from the new world government and declares war. Lines of loyalty are quickly drawn, and the the five pilots are soon fighting each other to resolve this final conflict.

Nearly every character from the TV series appears, leading to some surprise revelations.

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If you have not seen the original series, good luck, because this movie will fail as a stand-alone title: However, as a conclusion to the series, it continues to build upon its stronger points, including the philosophy of battle and the complex array of allegiances that are built. As I watched the dubbed version, I realized that the voice acting is for the most part quite good, but like the TV series, the English writing suffers now and then.

Still, the writing here is an improvement, and the conversations had a better flow. My vote for best exchange in the series: Unfortunately, the movie lacks a good villain, with the young daughter of the series' primary antagonist rarely seeming that dangerous.