Forever young 1992 ending relationship

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forever young 1992 ending relationship

List Rules Movies about characters who are in a long distance relationship. . Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood Forever Young is a film with elements of . Jesse Metcalfe The Other End of the Line is a romantic comedy film released in. Buy Forever Young (): Read Movies & TV Reviews - Great actors! Has a good storyline and a good ending! Read more. Helpful. Our Flick of the Week is ``Forever Young,`` a cornball romance that has the courage to propose marriage-that he asks a friendly military scientist to freeze longer, to and suddenly Gibson finds himself walking around naked in present-day California. No, they don`t fly away on bicycles at the end.

The greatest discovery of all is the fact that Mel Gibson manages to make this film work. He makes for a very endearing character when he is lost in the 's. His amazement at the new world is played in a very understated fashion. What's nice about his performance is also the fact that Daniel was brought up in different times. He has a completely different set of values compared to the cynical attitudes of the present day.

I like the scene where Daniel saves Claire from an abusive ex-boyfriend, or when he gets to sit in the cockpit of an old-fashioned test plane.

This type of story could have become very mawkish, but Steve Miner manages to find just the right focus, and balances events just right.

forever young 1992 ending relationship

Jamie Lee Curtis adds sterling support as always, and she gets a lot of good scenes with Gibson. Elijah Wood also puts in an excellent performance, showing incredible maturity for his age.

He acts as Daniel's guide while he is in the 90's, and proves invaluable in putting together what happened to Daniel's past.

He plays Nat as neither too precocious or too juvenile, and went on to the fame that he deserved. In some eyes, Forever Young has an improbably happy ending, where Daniel is reunited with Helen. But I didn't mind this time round. Probably because I was enjoying myself too much. I especially like the scene where Daniel teaches Nat to fly in his tree-house. Watch the camera angles, and you sometimes feel as if they really are flying a plane.


Forever Young wouldn't win any awards for originality, but if they gave out awards for heartwarming stories, Forever Young would definitely be up for a nomination.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Beautiful amazingstella 17 February Such a beautiful film. I don't care if it isn't the most highbrow film ever written - how many people truly are bothered by such details other than academics and snobs?

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I remember watching this years ago and it is one of the very few films that I love to watch again and again, despite knowing the ending!! It is a wonderful, compelling story of true love, a true gentleman and genuine friendship that crosses the ages. Mel Gibson's character, Daniel, is sensitively portrayed and the ending is incredibly moving.

Gibson ably handles all the shifts in emotion and even time. Fifty-three years later, two boys are playing inside a military storage warehouse which is being emptied in preparation for its demolition. They discover the suspended animation chamber containing McCormick and are enticed by it.

Forever Young - Helen's Alive

Believing it to be a miniature submarine, they proceed to play with its dials and controls and accidentally activate the restoration process. The chamber opens and McCormick reflexively grabs one boy's coat, causing them to flee in terror, leaving the coat clasped in McCormick's hand.

forever young 1992 ending relationship

Shortly after, McCormick awakens to the realization that it is now After appropriating shorts and a shirt from a clothesline, he first approaches the military about his experiences. When they dismiss him as crazed, McCormick becomes more determined to learn what happened to Finley, Helen, and the world that has seemingly evolved overnight around him. An address tag inside the jacket leads McCormick to the owner, year old Nat Cooper Elijah Woodone of the two boys who opened the chamber.

Though the boys are initially terrified, McCormick is able to calm Nat and his friend with the truth of his story. While hiding in Nat's tree house with a secret stash of junk food, he witnesses Nat's single mother Claire Jamie Lee Curtis being assaulted by her abusive, alcoholic ex-boyfriend, and goes to her defense.

After McCormick receives a gash in the fight, Claire, a nurse, fixes it up and a bond develops between the two. This bond is strengthened when she offers McCormick a place to stay, until he can discover what to do with his search. Nonetheless, McCormick's time is running out, as his body starts to age rapidly because the suspended animation chamber process was not entirely successful.

When another "aging attack" practically cripples McCormick, Claire is told the amazing truth.