Cop james woods ending a relationship

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cop james woods ending a relationship

Cop () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Based on the James Ellroy novel "Blood on the Moon", James Woods is It is a thriller from start to end, and overall a very enjoyable film. Hopkins, of course, hates feminists but somehow, for the sake of the investigation, he gets into a relationship with McCarthy. Find Cop - Polis at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Woods worked for scale, intending to make their money on the back end, focuses on the truth of male-female relationships rather than the uselessness. James Woods Gets Dirty in the Genre-Defining 'Cop' () it alone, fighting bad guys and the system, and along the way, loses his marriage. if not more, grizzled and hardened by the end of the film as he was at the start.

When his wife confronts him on the subject, he launches into a passionate speech about the danger of feeding unrealistic fantasies to young, impressionable girls: Believe me, it kills! I see it every fucking day of my life! The lurking, off-screen presence of this perpetrator is teased in a remarkable take that pans across household items—salt, pepper, stove, eggs, knives—as Hopkins and an interview subject have kitchen sex.

Hopkins buries himself in the evidence, and Harris does the investigation justice, showing Woods in detail as he pores over photographs or scans stray objects for potential clues.

cop james woods ending a relationship

When he at last identifies the killer and corners him in a vacant gymnasium, his catharsis—culminating in an unbeatable curtain line—is exhilarating. Like Cop, the movie begins with a ruthless murder—this time, of a police officer. But while Cop kept the identity of the killer a mystery, Boiling Point presents itself as a both-sides-of-the-law portrait: Harris employs narrative parallels—Mercer is given a week to find the cop killer, Red is given a week to repay a debt; both Mercer and Red have run-ins with a kind-hearted hooker Lolita Davidovich —and careful crosscutting to render this material not as a kaleidoscopic ensemble piece but as a quiet, dialed-down look at the loneliness and broken relationships that plague the personal lives of both cops and crooks.

cop james woods ending a relationship

Harris has spoken of the troubles he had working with Warner Bros. With slicked-back hair and spotless suits, he approaches possible funders of his bogus schemes like a smooth-talking salesman—pointing his fingers, waving his arms, forcing smiles.

Even his interactions with Ronnie are painfully phony: When Birdman turns up dead in a motel room, the wall is smeared with blood, and the motto from McCarthy's high school is written in the stains. Hopkins returns to Whitey's apartment and surprises him as he comes home, carrying Birdman's police file. Whitey claims Birdman is his snitch, but Hopkins knows that Whitey was running drugs and male prostitutes through Birdman.

He puts a gun to Whitey's head and gets him to confess to raping McCarthy with Birdman in high school. Whitey offers information on police corruption to get off the hook. Then, he tries to surprise Hopkins with a shotgun, but Hopkins kills him. Dutch tells Hopkins to lay low while the mess he has created is sorted out.

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Pratt invites Hopkins over for sex, but when he gets there, she has been murdered and placed on the stove in the position that she last had sex with Hopkins. At the station, Hopkins and Dutch get McCarthy to go through the yearbook against a cross-reference of suspects.

cop james woods ending a relationship

They are interrupted by their superior who suspends Hopkins. When Hopkins returns to the interrogation room, he sees that McCarthy has run to a phone booth across the street. She calls Bobby Franco, who was in the poetry club with her, warning him that Hopkins is dangerous and will suspect that he is the killer.

She realized Franco has sent her the poems every year, and she refuses to believe that he could be a murderer. Cop - Polis: James Woods, James B. Harris: Movies & TV

When Hopkins grabs the phone, she hears Franco threaten him and realizes that he is in fact the killer. Whether or not they do is the drama of their stories.

Although his films have been marketed as thrillers, or action movies, Harris always makes them intimate and memorable — due to his casting ability. The novel this movie is based on, Blood on the Moon, is a sprawling epic that takes place over many years, and features dozens of characters and subplots.

Cop: James Woods Gives New Meaning to the Genre

Somehow, Harris managed rip out the best elements of the book, combine them into one story and turn them into a tense, gritty, real-world thriller, with dramatic beats. The Punch to the Gut Ending Harris also changed the villain from the book and fixed the problematic ending.

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Cop fixes that in the closing minutes with a punch-to-the-gut-ending! By the time the final reel is playing, audiences members will be fooled into thinking that the movie has played out its dramatic hand. The final scene of Cop is shocking and stunning. In lesser hands, we might have got a more conventional Hollywood ending, but thanks to Harris, we get the ultimate closing.

Deeply satisfying and much talked about.

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You will not be disappointed. Cop has it all, and deserves a place up there with other classic crime thrillers like Dirty Harry and the aforementioned L.

cop james woods ending a relationship

I cannot recommend it highly enough.