Apres vous ending relationship

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apres vous ending relationship

Après Vous () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. My first choice for the time slot was full, and this would end in time to see my next screening, . second place to his humanitarian concerns and this puts a strain on his relationship. In "Apres Vous" he does the right thing and it results in nothing but trouble for He is heartbroken over the end of his romance with Blanche. Après avoir rompu avec votre âme sœur: Les relations avec une âme sœur peuvent Here are 7 things to remember after ending a relationship with a soulmate.

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Pierre Salvadori commands his film at arm's length and delays the most momentous moment of the movie the meeting between Louis and Blanche to better linger on Louis' new life and especially on Antoine's love trouble. In a way, by making Louis work in his restaurant, by undertaking to reconcile him with Blanche and unfortunately by having a crush on her, he is a victim of his generosity.

And Louis doesn't really realize the situations in which he puts Antoine. There's a funny sequence around the beginning of the film during which Antoine is at Louis' grandmother's and tries to alter Louis' suicide note in a placating, comforting letter.

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The movie becomes very enjoyable when it accumulates misunderstandings and embarrassing situations linked with Louis' job as a waiter or Antoine's sentimental trouble which the latter tries to escape by hilarious means check the sequences in the Chinese restaurant.

The scenario is also interspersed with droll lines: A threesome of actors serves the film. Daniel Auteuil is able to provide enough caliber to his character to watch the film until the tail end and I would like to congratulate the user "writer's reign" for the tasty pun he inserted in his review: At last, Sandrine Kiberlain, a little frail, naive but the director never ridicules her. She was ideally cast as Blanche. In French, this name is also an adjective which means white and the actress has a somewhat pallid face which suits well to both the name and the personality of her character.

If the director honed his work with a palpable painstaking care for much of his work, there are little setbacks towards the end of the road. The end is thoroughly unexpected but was made in a rush and the trick of the lighter has been seen many times before.

apres vous ending relationship

But these flaws aren't major enough to reject Salvadori's film. Was this review helpful?

apres vous ending relationship

Antoine secretly tracks Blanche down at her florist shop, and as he manoeuvres a reconciliation, he finds himself smitten by Blanche himself, even as Blanche is on the verge of marrying Andre Fabio Zenoni. This delicate situation is compounded by Christine, of course, and by his feelings of guilt. Review by Louise Keller: He just can't help being a do-gooder, and Daniel Auteuil's Antoine lives his life trying to fix everyone else's problems.

apres vous ending relationship

Whether it is a customer at the restaurant who hasn't received his meal, a colleague who needs a hand, or a total stranger about to commit suicide, Antoine is on the case. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and Antoine is well on the way.

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Totally lacking in self-confidence, when his girlfriend Blanche Sandrine Kiberlain calls their relationship off, he is ready to end it all. Add the complication of a beautiful woman who is the object of desire for both men, and you have all the ingredients for a lively romp. Exploring the fine line between happiness and despair and being in charge of your life as opposed to allowing life to knock you around, the film skillfully plays with the fragility of our emotions.

apres vous ending relationship

Filled with funny situations that are often borderline farcical, director Pierre Salvadori, whose black comedy Wild Target remains a favourite, elegantly balances the ridiculous with the profound, as the two central characters impact on each others' lives. When we first meet Antoine, superficially he seems to have it all: Louis has none of these things, but as we get to know both men, we realise that neither circumstance has permanence.

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