Angel beats sad ending relationship

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angel beats sad ending relationship

By the time it ended it left me bawling in my dark sad corner of my room. in love and physical and psychological distance associated with relationships. Set in a high school in the afterlife, Angel Beats! follows students as they learn to let go. I think it's pretty sad, But some of the middle scenes were sadder. If you watch the character's past lives, It's depressing and makes (me) want to bawl. I will say I did cry, but at the very end, I wasn't entirely depressed to be emotionally impacted by the events and relationships and be sad that But not as sad as Air, Kanon, Clannad, Angel Beats, Little Busters, or Anohana.

Submit Simply Tragic Ending. The MC is established to be a good person willing to put himself through physical harm and to both lead and follow if he thinks it's for the greater good. Life treated him unfairly for being a good person and he died as a result you best believe he was wasting water giving all of the orders underground, helping with the physical labor, giving speeches, AND intercepting bullies. The film sets him up to finally get his closure, which was a core theme of the series which unites the entire cast from start to finish: Life isn't fair, but in the afterlife, you get the freedom and leeway to keep trying as long and hard as you wish for your own ending, which pretty much everyone but the MC gets in the end.

Why do people find angel beats so sad ?

His request is both reasonable and touching. He gets to guide others to the best outcome just as Kanade was trying to do from the start anyways, and he gets to spend the rest of eternity with the love of his life. Why do you love sad anime? I love a good cry! They are so romantic! The big eyes are so cute when they're filled with tears.

Yui's goodbye (Angel beats!)

It helps me with my own life problems. See results Grave of the Fireflies Fourteen-year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister Setsuko are orphaned after their mother is killed during an air-raid by American forces in Kobe, Japan.

After a falling-out with their aunt, the children move into an abandoned bomb shelter.

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With no surviving relatives and their emergency funds and rations depleted, Seita and Setsuko struggle to survive their hardships as well as those of their country, which is on the losing end of the war. The story is told in a series of flashbacks. They exchange letters, but the distance between them increases as time moves on. Years pass and the rift between them grows ever larger, but as an adult Takaki remembers the time he shared with his friend.

As life unfolds, he wonders if he will ever see Akari again. In order to earn some money, he stops in a town a performs a puppet show. Yukito meets three strange girls named Misuzu Kamio, Kano Kirishima, and Minagi Tohno, and begins to suspect that one of them may in fact be the girl he has been searching for.

He quickly becomes friends with Misuzu, who invites him to stay with her. Yukito puts his search on hold, delaying the journey that his mother had left unfinished.

angel beats sad ending relationship

It is said that the Diclonius will eventually become the destruction of mankind. Because they are dangerous, they are held in captivity in laboratories. Lucy is a young and psychotic Diclonius. She manages to break free and brutally murders most of the guards in the laboratory, only to be shot in the head as she escapes.

Wounded, she makes her way to a beach where two teenagers discover her. The teenagers, Kouta and Yuka, take her home, but the government is pursuing Lucy.

Check out this review for further details. True Tears Shinichiro is a very artistic student who lives at home with his parents.

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When Hiromi, a popular girl from school, moves in with his family Shinichiro senses that she is sad inside despite her outwardly cheerful behavior. At school Hiromi is all-smiles but at home she treats Shinichiro coldly. Shinichiro has other problems too: His friend Nobuse teases him and a strange girl has put a curse on him. Kanon Yuichi Aizawa returns to the city of his childhood after having left abruptly seven years earlier.

Whatever it was that caused him to leave, he has blocked out the memory. On the day after he gets settled in, he tours the city with his cousin who leaves him briefly on a sidewalk. A strange girl carrying a backpack with wings on it bumps into him. Her name is Tsukimiya Ayu and she immediately confesses a minor crime she has just committed.

Yuichi meets four other girls, each with their own bizarre story, and begins to piece together the memories he had lost.

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It starts out typically, with a depressed guy who attends a new high school and finds himself in a harem situation. This show truly shines through its characters. They all have sad, realistic and sympathetic backstories. They begin to form strong relationships which help them all to mend. However, and this is where Clannad is unique, the characters move on.

They are thrown apart by life. Clannad, but mainly, Clannad: After Story explores the ups and downs of characters' lives after high school. In particular though, the growing relationship between two very special characters really makes our hearts melt.

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angel beats sad ending relationship

The story focuses around a group of teenagers of coursebut the setting is truly unique. The high school serves as a place for souls of people who have passed, but can not give up lingering attachments to life and loved ones. In other words, they can not rest in peace; they have to learn to let go.

The characters' sad situations and unlikely friendships will definitely bring out those tears. Arima Kousei is a young piano prodigy. His mother's death causes intense psychological trauma that prevents him from playing the piano, or from hearing music the same way. An encounter with the talented violinist, Miyazono Kaori, begins to slowly set him back on the path to music.

This one has heartbreaking illness, beautiful character relationships, and music. It is dark as hell.

angel beats sad ending relationship

With its broken characters and a setting beyond depressing, this is a spectacular series. Watch Madoka Magica fully prepared for the dark and sad setting. The story centers around a group of friends in their teenage years. A tragic accident separates them. They spend their days trying to shake off individual guilt. The characters' intense emotions tug the core of your heart and don't let go til the very end!

After you watch this anime, just hearing the ending song will bring you to tears! The story explores the aftermath of an 8.