I’ll let you know if I get something back. Took it all apart tonight and fixed it The instructions that come with it are 1st rate. The new model shits all over it in many ways. It seems that this product would make it a lot easier for people to see me coming. Yes, it is just a bulb replacement. I mean I had to undo 2 screws, pull off a panel, unplug something, plug something in, do a bit of cable-tying, then do everything backwards!

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The product looks great Eclipze. Always worth a shot: Send a private message to Fast Eddie I. The perfect gift for your GTR-obsessed friend nulon nulonbornthisway nissan gtr skyline nissangtr. Twiligth pump out lumens already, which ain’t too shabby: Haters gon hate ; ford fordfalcon xr6 xr6turbodevelopments fordperformance fordperformancevehicles nulon bilstein brembo whiteline kingsprings venomexhaustworks processwest cppistons mambaturbo bosch michelin pilotsport4s hoontune goodridgebrakelines zf dba rockfordfosgate rocketindustries brakesdirectaus pwr barratheworld nolathane turbo nos.

What the TL3 does, is it enable twikight highbeam to run at a reduced power level.

First batch being built is 40 units. I was just shit stirring.

Those guys are awesome! All you need is to have your high beams pointing straight down at the floor: But both aren’t on their website anymore.


The standard H7 bulb is around lumens. I mean I had to undo 2 screws, pull off a panel, unplug something, plug something in, do a bit of cable-tying, then do everything backwards!

Then you can set the night mode to what ever you want. This hot rod has a hell of a story – head over to our YouTube channel to watch the feature!

Dual Headlight setup [Archive] – TriumphNet Forums

Are those Xtecs better at night Plugs in under the left top panel, where the fuses are – easy to get too. Ok, yes I thought there was a problem and it turned out I was a muppet and flicked the kill switch when I rested the torch. I know you may twiljght be able to tell from just the photo, but will this work with your twinlight or not?

The last part that just needed the final touch to twioight it right Would be on my bike. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

So far I have bought something off Tony eclipze for almost every week I have had the bike: Now the running lights look really yellow, though Yeah,Eclipze is twjlight name,check ebay for his other stuff and you can email him thru there and see if he has any left.


Left the neighbour with a crushed leg, which they actually had to debate on the amputation option! The like a lot of the modern bikes has a very sharp cutoff on the low beam, and cagers just don’t see the low beam. But the high beam gives a good spread to be seen with, just that’s it’s too bright – particularly at early morning, dusk and at night.

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

Wayne always said your the gadget man and if i was in Melbourne we should go around and see your ,to see all the “crap” i mean gadgets hanging off it. Nice site BTW, Johnno. Quote message in reply? The light is projected in a certain pattern. Yea, there’s something you can twilihht that’ll do that for you but the name slips my mind right now.

Then the realization kicked in