The new drivers offer a completely different interface: I found the driver on a German site and was at first leary — but I’ve had no problems at all. Any multimedia card will suit. Moreover, a lot of experts do not think that its sound is better than that of even a CD-DA. Diagnostics of the Minerva v1. Audigy The cards sounded differently on the Event studio speakers. Developers solve this problem differently; sometimes they enable a special operating mode partially compatible with DirectSound.

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Try uninstalling everything and start over with a fresh download. An additional codec is designed to operate as a DirectSound device of the Windows so that users can have all advantages of a standard Balue sound card. Write a comment below. I’m beginning to suspect XP is bugging out on me. The fifth connector is a stereo minijack Line Out.

That is why in our tests we played music simultaneously on the comparable devices instantly switching from one to the other. Here we can see again mirroring of the spectrum at the half of the resampling frequency, 48 kHz. Both mixers are separate devices.

Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value Sound Card

Music listening Ssp24 I write that the music is played excellently it would hardly satisfy anyone. A signal from an AC’97 codec is applied to it. Some time ago Sony gave us a present with Let’s see what Hoontech offers.


And it makes no sense to replace it with such a dear exotic product whose future depends on valuf mood of this giant. You can look at the full range of the Hoontech’s products at its site.

Take a closer look at the IMD graph. So anyway I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and could share a solution. The files were played by two copies of the Cool Edit Pro 1.

Who had troubles with the DSP24 driver vvalue out of W2k?

DSP24 Value

Luckily, theRightMark Audio Analyzer puts all cards in equal test conditions, and now no magic specifications will help. Video 3Digests Video cards: It turned out to be difficult to measure input-to-output characteristics because with such connection and without applying a ds;24 the ST Audio DSP24 Value card entered the mode very similar to self-excitation. Mirroring of the signal dsp2 at 24 kHz indicates at resampling into 48 kHz at a certain stage of signal sampling.

A dspp24 PCB with gold-plated connectors has the following elements: The recording devices have quite clear names, except Digital Mixer. In this mode the card can work in a relatively weak computer. In the first case a part of each separate instrument is less discernible, and there is some kind of “sand” in the sound which I earlier related to imperfection of a sound-reproducing track.


Traditional Solo and Mute are here, and unnecessary channels are easy to remove. A hardware audio mixer Behringer MXA provided instant reswitching. We compared the records first in the PCM stereo format 16bit The correlation was equal for 16bit I tried the PCI reg hack for the va,ue 10 and still no luck.

Probably, it is resulted from hardware mixing of those 20 channels with unavoidable reduction of the dynamic range and anti-aliasing by dithering. Very good in detail. Moreover, a lot of experts do not vlaue that its sound is better than that of even a CD-DA.

With it you can enable two mixers: