Never use yield as a progress guarantee!! This call removes the visibility of the device to the user from sysfs , but does not destroy it. Use this to negotiate to a particular IEEE transfer mode. Return true if group stop completion should be notified to the parent, false otherwise. They will be detected by lockdep when they occur, but the first might not occur very often. Seems to be something broken in MythTV for this function.

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If width is set to 0 the msbits will be set for any sample format with a width larger than the specified msbits. Free all memory associated with a platform device.

Hi, again a try to get the nice TBS be working on Gentoo and a 3. This function may not block, as it may be called from interrupt context.

Returns negative errno on error, or zero for success. This function waits until the masked status lines have the desired values, or until 35ms have elapsed see IEEE page 24 to 25 for why this value in particular is hardcoded. The pointer to the struct device will be returned from the call. Note that the callback can be called from an atomic context. This macro declares and initializes a completion structure.



Kerne, May 27, 4: Atomically adds a to vso kfrnel as v was not already u. The transport class contains an embedded class which is used to identify it. This routine must clear the interrupt from the adapter and does so by reading the reply FIFO.

If you don’t care that the audio and video can go out of sync, you can use tvtime and arecord to tune analog channels. If the thread is marked percpu then its bound to the cpu again. In addition, set hue full up or down and kednel adjust the rest. This prepares the device for use by other kerneel by initializing its fields. Synchronous waits for the first fence in the array to be signaled. If found, the resource is removed atomically and freed.

This returns the parallel port with the specified base address, or NULL if there is none. Make the current task sleep until the given expiry time has elapsed. The driver model core is not designed to work with devices that get unregistered and then spring back to life.

CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB: DVB/ATSC Support for cx2388x based TV cards

If it wants to keep control of the port it should return non-zero, and no action will be taken. There is a bug kernle has found so far.

Caller must hold the reference count of device. You need to recover the actual RC5 bits out of the oversampled IR sensor bits. This call triggers the elimination of storage associated with the transport classdev. All posted buffers are freed, and event notification is turned off.


cx88 devices (cxx) – LinuxTVWiki

This method solves the problem of threads exiting and PIDs getting reused. Compatibility class are meant as a temporary user-space compatibility workaround when converting a family of class devices to a bus devices. Invalid argument modinfo cx filename: If someone wants to provide a brief synopsis of the driver tale of woe, outlining why it took so long then do so here Return an absolute value of x.

This function relinquishes the port if it would be helpful to other drivers to do so. Although this is a greate improvement over previous expedited implementations, it is still unfriendly to real-time workloads, so is thus not recommended for any sort of common-case code.

Currently used for EventNotification and EventAck handling. Enable CI debugging int parm: