Press Calibrate to start the wizard. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Installation Clean the scanner feeding bed This is the flat surface in front of the insertion slot. Maintenance Insert a new glass plate — lower a new glass plate into the scanner Pick up the new glass plate in the same manner as you removed the old one – with two hands holding the glass on each end so you avoid touching the glass surface. Page 49 Maintenance Detaching the glass plate — Tip the glass plate edge upwards After releasing the latches, the glass plate is now free for removal. PDF version of this page.

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To replace a worn glass plate: Be the first to review this product. Slots or openings in the cabinet at the back or bottom are provided for Read all of these instructions and save them for later use.

Align the center of the document with the center arrow marking on the scanner bed.

Auzscan / Brizscan

Clean the internal scan area Wipe the internal scan area free of dust. Soft- handling means that feeding and scanning are slowed down. Share through cloud solution. Clean jq scanning area, reboot the scanner and then complete error message: The wizard will ask you to insert a calibration sheet.

Contex IQ 2400 Series User Manual

Please Call Part no. Let the program complete the calibration steps you requested Alignment or Complete.


Page 40 Maintenance Your scanner is clean You have completed the steps required for cleaning your scanner and the scan area.

Maintenance Clean the upper precision rollers The upper precision rollers are in the lid, aligned in two rows on each side of the glass plate.

This applies also for Gigabit enabled models. You can use the option with both Manual and Automatic loading.

Got it, continue to print. The scanner lid release buttons are at the back of the lid. You only need your license key. Your order will be shipped from the closest warehouse that has stock. If you wish to purchase this product, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your system by visiting the manufacturer’s web site. After manually cleaning the scan area, you just start the Calibration wizard and let it take over.

Need a Stock Alert? Maintenance Replacing the glass plate Replacing the glass plate: This step is to ensure your own personal cohtex and to help protect your device from potential damage. Page 19 Installation Scanner Installation Calibrate the scanner — camera alignment Transportation of your scanner could have slightly moved the cameras and they need to be realigned.

Contex IQ 2400 Series Manuals

Overview of Scanner Overview of the Scanner Below: Maintenance Open the scanner lid — Pull the lid back Retain pressure on the lid release buttons and your grip iiq the lid edge as you pull the lid backwards towards your body. Page 52 Maintenance Clean the new glass plate Make sure you use 2 fresh and clean lint-free cloths for cleaning your new glass plate. Simply enter your email and click “Send” to receive an email once the product becomes available in one of our warehouses.


Scanning Scanning Scanning Batch scanning Batch scanning involves jobs where you want to feed and scan a whole set Software applications for scanning of originals that require equal scan settings. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Actual product may vary. Firmware runs inside the Select the Info tab.

Contex IQ Series Manuals

Unloading The Original After Scan Loading Originals Unloading the original after scan Press the Paper Forward button if you wish to eject the original out Press the Paper Backward button to eject the original back to the the back of the scanner.

Maintenance Detaching the glass plate — Tip the glass plate edge upwards After releasing the latches, the glass plate is now free for removal.

To 24400 instructions on trouble shooting and using WIDEsystem with your scanner.