At this clearance it can project a inch picture. If you’ve already made the leap to digital TV, this will allow you to watch one programme while recording another entirely different one, something many DVB-T PCI cards don’t allow. However, while it is extraordinary small and very portable, that makes also makes it very fragile. Posted by CyberGhost – Thu 25 May The device draws mA of current and gets noticeably warm to the touch.

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In reasonable signal areas I didn’t see diversity making sx huge difference in signal strength, so in general I’d probably stick with the more useful dual tuner mode.

I tried this on a Virgin train between Birmingham and Bristol and got no picture, just programme info, but I’m inclined to believe that the fact I was sitting in a large metal tube had something to do with it. On the bigger integrated on the middle: I got my soldering iron and took the beast cimergy.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, Marc. However, we’re not aware of a USB2.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS – LinuxTVWiki

Posted by Marc E – Mon 29 May The other trick up its diminutive sleeve is diversity mode, which locks on to two seperate signals, and allows better reception even when travelling at speed. But since end of march there is a working linux driver.


Our Verdict Great features, easy operation and useful extras make this well worth the asking price. Against Diversity mode seems largely a gimmick.

TERRATEC Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS – digital / analog TV tuner / video capture adapter – USB 2.0

Here are the pictures: Posted by CyberGhost – Thu 25 May Actually, you see 6. There’s a surprising amount of connectivity coming from the tuner, thanks to the provided cabling. Successfully created frontends, demuxer, dvr and nybrid. Posted by Marc E – Fri 07 Apr Terratec has done a stellar job cramming the functionality ciinergy has into such a small device.

The version with usb identifier 0ccd: This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat Still persists firmware problems. The only chip I could see was a Zarlink ZL Retrieved from ” https: I used the apps from Terratec to do the snoops:.

Review: TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid USB XS DVB-T/analogue TV tuner – Audio Visual –

At 7-inches you can get a inch picture. I opened the case and found 2 PCBs almost coverted by shieldings.


If you need a compact, easy-to-use TV tuner with support for DVB-T, we’d say this little number is well worth considering. The software is the same suite that appeared in the Cinergy Hybrid: Don’t have an account?

Hi, Sorry to bring up this old topic but, does this tv tuner actually have stereo output? Unfortunatly, I could not find an Linux driver for this beast by Januar I bought Hauppauge’s H just to find out the hyrid was mono, don’t want to be wrong about this one too.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM

For Compact and attractive Subscription to tvtv. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Posted by Steve – Fri conergy Apr This page has been accessed 55, times. The clever bods at Terratec have managed to cram not one but two DVB tuners into the svelte case that housed the Cinergy Hybrid.