All of which have not worked for me. This is becoming a major problem for me, and Canon’s ham-handed support is infuriating. I need your help. I bought the machine from someone in France not to a dealer and is in Tunisia right now and we do not have what services the low. I’m not a printer communications protocol guru, but I know a few things about networking and my assessment is that connecting Snow Leopard to a Canon C1 through an Efi Fiery Server seems to be a difficult proposition.

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Attached to this post is a screen grab of the error. Looking for alternatives, since I’m stuck here — when I look at drivers for the C1 I assume I can’t use them? I’m sorry to hear that didn’t resolve the problem.

Canon imagePRESS Server T1 – Colour Controllers and RIPs – Canon Europe

Your Canon dealer should be able to install this for you. Karl, It looks like the v2. Search Our Knowledge Base Please enter your question: Once I’ve upgraded a workstation to Snow Leopard Find the IP address of your gateway.


When the installation is complete a message will be displayed indicating that installation was successful. Need to find a dealer?

Now I can’t avoid it as our office will be migrating workstations to Snow Canoh. In an intranet, PING a printer on a remote subnet. The following outline provides the steps required to use this System Software installation method. Please reinstall system software of server and then do configuration it such as network settings My office is paying a considerable amount of money to lease this Canon C1 with Efi Fiery workstation and we are simply not receiving due diligence from them.

If it has one but has stopped working, it could mean you’re experiencing a router failure, and others will be affected as well. If I watch CWS, the job shows up in the queue, status goes from “Processing” to “Printed” very quickly, with no actual “Printing” step that I see when I print from other imageprezs.

If this is the case, focus on fixing the server. Once I added the printer it appears in the print dialogue box. I have reached out to Efi only imagepresss be directed to the Tech Forums.

imagePRESS Server-T1

Is it the Efi Fiery server PC? Check the hub to see if the system is getting a link across the cable.


Print out a Configuration page. Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading This is your local interface on your router.

Using the generic postscript driver works fine, only the T1 driver fails.

To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file. Click Next at caonn Welcome screen. Wait while the files are transferred. Although this works for now, we are going to have trouble when all the workstations are upgraded to SnowLeopard.

Canon imagePRESS Server T1

The reason it was for OSX If you can’t get to a particular system in your network or on the Internet, that resource may not be available or the router’s routing table may be misconfigured. We have imsgepress OSX This page requires Javascript.

If desired, the USB 2. At the Connection Type screen make sure that Ethernet is selected.