The reggae genre, once a distinct idiom unto itself, has been co-opted by artists throughout the years and melded with other pop forms. I see music as inspiration. But I see music as life. It is, in effect, smart music you can dance to. As the legend goes, Rodney bumped into Marley while walking through a field, and the two began talking about music. Are you certain you want to delete this board?

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Yes hallelujah come free me Come free me come free… Hallelujah extended mix Chorus: Please select a valid image file. But I see music as life. In the midst of its expected messages about love, oppression and African history is the title track, a public confirmation that his brand of positivity is tempered with a strong sense of self.

Jah Is My Driver | Burning Spear Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

Ann, Jamaica, he was an early fan of Bob Marley. And “Fix Me” embraces the power and essence of love, which Burning Spear sees as the ultimate goal of humanity.

Bolstered by its throbbing basslines, bright horn parts and slinky female background singers, the songs embrace persistence “Try Again”self-analysis “Friends”love “Fix Me” and community “Together” through deceptively simple lyrics that point to deeper issues. Log in to watch more. Edit Lyricx View as Public Logout.


As fame took hold the name of the group gradually became synonymous with Rodney.

Make my profile public at. Always play videos fullscreen. It’s very different, what it looks like to them. The bouncy “Friends” asks rather simplistically, “Are you my friend, my neighbor or my enemy? I don’t see anything wrong with his plan and his direction.

You really want me to love you You really… The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos. In his time, Marley gave Burning Spear his personal seal of approval, and the Spear continues to maintain a devotion to reggae’s roots while continuing his service to Jah.

Jah Is My Driver 0: Rodney was born in Saint Ann’s Bay, St. Unfettered by someone else’s record company, still linked to the roots of reggae and to the ideals of its forefathers, OUR MUSIC points to a better jau for those who are oppressed, lyrcs for those who simply believe a better world is possible. Want to watch more videos spar this song?

The political statements are still there, most obviously in the continued references to Marcus Garvey “One Marcus” and “Little Garvey”. Born Winston Rodney in St.


Burning Spear – Jah Is My Driver K-POP Lyrics Song

I see music as inspiration. Music for your Website.

Garvey in his philosophy, which Burning Spear greatly took to, and Marley in directly helping Burning Spear get started in the music industry. People are gonna say different things according to what they see. He witnesses that process each time he takes the stage.

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Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. So then people walk all over these burningg and do things where it’s not appropriate and it’s not right. Garvey was jailed in the s speag eventually exiled to Jamaica, though he never lashed out at the system that brought him down.

I think he opened a lot of eyes and opened a lot of mouths so those people could really talk and their voices could be heard.

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