I’m not really interested in spending money on the data plan if the modem isn’t going to work on my MBP. Setting up the MC for activation and use is trivial. No contract commitment and no activation fee 2. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I don’t know if it has anything to do with already having another Novatel 3G wireless card..

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brozdband2go Aug 29, Did you try installing the drivers that I linked in a previous post? Since not working on a Mac was a deal breaker, I returned it to Best Buy.

Mobile Devices

In my opinion, it is probably best suited for the person that needs occasional Internet access while on the go. Anybody got any ideas how to solve that?

I decided to try the device out to see how it holds up on my new MacBook — a late 2. Makes debugging tough if everything doesn’t go smoothly. Oct 6, When you plug in the device, nothing happens. The drivers simply do not recognize the device. A performance is rated at up to 3.


Moey Labs » Using a Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go on Mac OS X

However, the configuration of the connection is completely manual and up to the user. These instructions have been written to work with a MC mobile broadband device from Virgin Mobile. One an installation package called Installer. Setting up the MC for activation and use is trivial. Did you download the software package that is specific for your operating system from the Novatel website?

Oct 13, 2: This device works for me on my mac. Can anyone confirm that this works or shed more light on it?

Install the Connection Software – Mac OS X 10.5

When you try to add a new interface in the network preferences, the Novatel device is not one of the options? Mail will not be published required.

Connects like a champ. I’m running Snow Leopard broadnand2go you seem to be running Leopard. After your computer has restarted and you have logged into an administrative account, you will be met with a prompt stating a new network interface has been detected. Although in their user guide is says “Virgin Mobile does not provide support for this configuration or any issues related to Mac activation, installation or connectivity.


Other vendors like Sprint and Verizon offer similar plans. There will be a Userguide.

Pay macc play As of broafband2go writing, Virgin Mobile offers four plans: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Kind of a bummer for Verizon and Sprint customers who were hoping to have one of those new Windows Phone 7 devices in time for the holidays. Starts to load other sites and then redirects to Virgin.

That left me shopping around for mobile broadband service, which almost all the major carriers in the U. Posted on Jul 17, 7: After a restart I followed the rest of the directions for setting it up broadband2gl a mac. Be sure that no other network devices like your ethernet port or Airport have an active network connection, otherwise your computer may use one of these devices for an internet connection in lieu of your mobile broadband device.