Research for this project was carried out from 7 July to 7 October , and builds on the gathered expertise of the participants in the CharityChannel Cybergifts Forum and the Gilbert Center Online Fundraising Mailing List, along with a review of existing information in the form of literature and other data. Sexton advocates a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the strategic value of constituents, including the cost of establishing and maintaining a relationship, profits from donations and membership fees and the time and skills the contributor is willing to devote to the relationship. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. E-mail is a personal and effective way of communication that stimulates action. Previously, he was responsible for press and public relations at the Berlin branch of the Dutch-German Chamber of Commerce. Resources include information on starting, running and funding a non-profit organisation, recruiting and managing volunteers, management and technical support to non-profit and community organisations. Every organisation performs marketing-like activities, whether or not they are recognised as such.

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Deconstructing Rape Culture and Building Connection

However, this presupposes adequate information and treatment: Increasingly, non-profits are ready to reap the rewards of the digital economy Hoffman, These findings provide insight on how the solitary part of civic engagement need not contribute to social isolation.

Its primary purpose is to encourage, support and service the Canadian non-profit community, though the site gets visitors from all over the world.

Consequently, only a limited amount of research literature exists on the subject. Sexton investigated how non-profits are applying CRM strategies and tactics to improve the relationships with their constituents and the ways in which technologies are enabling the application of CRM practices.

Its mission is to end hunger in America.


Deconstructing Rape Culture and Building Connection — Molly Boeder Harris

Interactive civic engagement activities appear to provide a higher level of social connectedness than solitary civic engagement and interactive non-civic engagement activities. Non-profits “have always focused on contributor relationships, but their strategies have been one-by-one, rather than one-to-one.

The local celebrity that I had engaged to speak, using my full repertoire of PR rhetoric, disappeared from the scene once the press conference was over and would not return telephone calls afterwards.

In order to make an assessment, she surveyed 89 professionals with decision making responsibilities regarding database, Internet, and other technological investments and conducted interviews with decision-makers at non-profits and asked them about their parameters to measure success, their definition of a customer and their measurement of customer lifetime value. Resources spent on e-mail strategies tend to be more cost effective than the same resources spent on web strategies alone.

The global flow of information is characterised by inequality, as Hamelink has boedder. John Van Maanen, Frost and Sullivan carried out a study in order to gauge CRM end users’ experiences. Grounded Theory Procedures and Techniques. Networking pervades the entire social structure. These reports include information about the organisation’s interacitve, current and planned programs, and staff.

A practical way to do this would be the implementation of an interactive Web intelligence model capable of accommodating CRM strategies, as DiGrazia proposed. These have a strong potential to empower no-profits with the low-cost technology tools they need while safeguarding independence from proprietary software platforms.

Lukas Boeder Soccer Stats – Season & Career Statistics | FOX Sports

Several megabytes of human conversation were recorded. The Internet has the potential to amplify these advantages, but is unlikely to supersede them. Rossman and Bruce L. Consequently, marketing concepts and tools have had an important impact on the study and practice of non-profit management. Considering the suboptimal or even non-existent HIV health care in many countries, the Internet is likely to be ingeractive single source of credible and timely information for many people living with the disease.


Some of these, however, turned out to be quite useful for this research and are therefore discussed elsewhere in this work.

With every interaction, something new can be learned about the person or organisation involved in a transaction in terms of their boedfr, preferences or customs Peppers and Rogers, Non-profits have been struggling to keep their established donors while pursuing new ones, but the costs of that pursuit using traditional fundraising channels are significant.

Sage; draft of paper at http: Non-profit organisations are also providing the links, information, and resources that connect local interaxtive to the tools they need to build their technology interactivd, sharing vital information within and across sectors. The CharityChannel Cybergifts forum describes itself as open to any person who shares an interest in any aspect of charitable fundraising over the Internet.

The identification of the relevant issues and debates involved interplay of data and interpretation.

Non-profit organisations – that acknowledge the strategic necessity to counteract the particular challenges it faces in understanding, attracting, and keeping its constituents – may choose to develop a more market-driven business model Day, a, b in order to better cope with the competitive forces that threaten to pull any organisation out of alignment with its present market.

Research Methods in the Inferactive Sciences.

Computer-mediated communication has taken the place of Habermasian coffeehouse discourse.