The older sylvania, ken rad, RCA and of course the tung sols I have seen all had round plates. Your name or email address: All that ruggedization paid off. Tall bottle, chrome at the bottom, black base, white writing. Not sure if anyone has an extra stash I could borrow as well to try need a quad set though.

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These tubes do it all better than anything I have ever heard, and they are dirt cheap!!! Originally posted by jazdoc View Post. Last edited by jazdoc ; But they’re not for sale. There are other reasons.

The Best 6SN7 |

I used to know all the varietal details but that was More syrupy than RCA’s, with percussion not as good. Getter is on the bottom. I got a black glass tube for 99 cents- the auction was for bset closed box listed as 6SL7. It is only correct that Google have Goo Screens, is it not? They also have long life cathodes rated at 10, hours of service.


Many believe these early 6SN7’s sound best. Great bandwidth with gorgeous midrange.

Top 5 6SN7’s

This tube has the plates on a degree angle to each other. From my trials I have found the Ken Rad’s to have the best bass, the Tung Sol’s are next in the bass department after that who knows.

Would work well in a system with an aggressive top end. These are virtually identical to the RCA red except the base is brown in color.

Top 5 6SN7’s | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Good for adding bass. As stated above 6s7 are system dependent and will sound in accordance with the circuit. December 2, – 8: Good general purpose 6SN7 for audio or other uses. A good rule to follow, when purchasing off of eBay is, if the are not in original boxes, the are not NOS tubes. This called for 2 6SN7s.

I am just not sure where, because of its quite different character. As far as matched quads I tried that they were very good specially the Raytheon’s but, from listening I discovered that a tube from two different brands sounded better then four from the same brand.


Again, if you are looking for something specific and don’t see it here, please ask. January 1, – 2: I use one per amp channel and they are run very conservatively. Post 4 of I’m discovering this is all very system dependant as well as personal preferance, this subject is also full of pretentious thought based on 6sb7, value, geography, good and bad years and even NOS vs New stock.

And within a given manufacturer’s offerings there are a dizzying number of variants. The trade-off is the TungSols are more transparent with finer detail, the Raytheon’s have a better bottom end. I find the RCA’s to be closest to your 6snn7 Same as Above but “Used Tested Good”. Sounds pretty good all around, but just doesnt stand out like some of the others.