As expected from this helpful document , a fair amount of tune current was required before oscillation started. This makes the module’s tuning behavior more like the next lower range, for example the AV With the specs determined, I now have enough information to continue work on my project using this oscillator. Then, join our amazing community. Recordering accurate values is a bit troublesome, would need to phase-lock the microwave source and receiver.

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YIG Oscillator

Signal level was 0 dBm. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Remembering some earlier work, I had a look at the S — these were made by Avantek, and are available, scavenged from old spectrum analyzers, for about USD each, and still have one spare around here. The control will be wvantek enough, just a programmable current source and some parameters, but first, finding a suitable YIG is quite a challenge — either only single pieces are available surplus, or they are new, and prohibitively expensive.

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The coil supply has a 4. Also probed other parts of the circuit, with a thin wire, under the microscope.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hope to trace the defect to some specific part. Voltage at the resistors is about 4. There are quite a few of the yug Stellex units on eBay, but they generally don’t go much past 10 GHz.


Well, limited accuaracy — the YIG will be fully characterized, once things are more advanced. So the S is most likely a 3 stage 3 sphere filter.

Well, with all the basics checked, what to tig with such hermetically sealed unit, other than using it to satisfy my curiosity about its internals. Note that the measuement points are not arbitrarily selected, but the YIG was actually tuned for the minimum loss, and the maximum response of the spurious. Before verifying the suspected power level, I used an inline attenuator to avoid any chance of damaging the machine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The thing has two pairs of connections: Calculating the roll-off 25 MHz assumed 3 dB bandwidth: For a small job, I need to design a digitally-controlled YIG preselector a high-performance bandpass filterfor the The closest standard units appear to be the AV through AV, which cover 8 to Since this particular project wasn’t very sensitive to any of the parameters, I waited for a cheap one to show up with the avantei range and went for it.

Then, join our amazing community. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Avantek: Avantek Octave Band Series YIG

As expected from this helpful documenta fair amount of tune current was required before oscillation started. The lower edge of the specified range 7.

There is a spurious signal, about MHz above the center frequency. And, in fact, it works well and heats up quickly, drawing about 80 mA at 28 V, less with strong coil current applied more during heating-up.

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Figuring out the details of the Avantek S YIG filter | SimonsDialogs

Satisfied that the module abantek behave somewhat as expected, I hooked it up to a spectrum analyzer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This I will need to investigagte further. Learn how your comment data is processed. Well, seems that fixing this is beyond what I can do here with the tools at hand. Core element is a small YIG sphere, placed in a magnetic field.