If I call and ask the manufacturer, they could just lie about it. The newest cards now don’t have a 2D acceleration core.. Intel have been releasing free driver code for years. That’s all I care about. Comment 27 Adam Williamson

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Comment 72 RussianNeuroMancer Posted Sep 27, 1: Comment 70 RussianNeuroMancer Comment 13 Doug Johnson Are you required to let other people produce their own firmware code etc. The pinctrl driver for baytrail has alot of functionality changed, so I need to work with the intel developer with this. That’s the problem, the solutions to which are: Well, modulo some glitch sometime after resume.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code []

Posted Sep 28, That firmware needs to be distributed with the operating system. I will poke around with some changes today hopefully I can figure out what’s going on and fix it. Comment 51 J M The AR5xxx series and companion 2. I don’t know if J-M B’s patch is upstreamable or has been submitted upstream, yet.


But it took athfros the iwlwifi website for a while and a few firmware upgrades to get everything stable in Debian. Posted Sep 29, 9: SDIO devices may not be powered up and initialized correctly.

It’s an absolute minefield, which is why the more that is GPL’d athetos licensed under even “more free” licenses, the better.

I doubt it in both cases, but more importantly I don’t see any reason we should care – they both speak AHCI just fine. Comment 32 Doug Johnson I will contact the relevant Intel dev about that shortly.

I have not seen the source code for the AR6xxx firmware yet, atherros. Might be similar to bug runtime-pm support missing, sdhci sleepin’ away that looked exactly the same for me on brcmfmac.

Everything works except the touchscreen driver incidentally I don’t have sound either. You could try it and see how it goes for you, maybe?

I don’t recall seeing any patches from you. I have madwifi-supported cards and the freedom of the HAL layer for them is the only thing that has or will ever interest me.


Please let me know if I can provide further information to help debug this. My kernel is 3.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code

In kernel config enable debug messages: Whereas, devices that can safely update firmware on every boot by a simple upload from the driver – they should have source available because it’s part of the necessary operating of the device from the factory and also because people might well tinker.

That said, I’m glad to finally see this code released. Err, that’s the “ISC license”. Like I said before, I use Intel wireless and am happy about the drivers and their Linux support, so I wouldn’t put off buying a laptop with Intel stuff on 6, but it’s not ideal.

Comment 23 Adam Williamson