Please, switch off ad blockers. Please share our article, every link counts! Especially the staging of the LED power button is a bit too much for our taste because the shrill blue light is always in the line of sight when looking at the display and therefore can be described as annoying. The surface can be described as being thoroughly gliding-eager. Practically, this will stay within a limit due to the fact that the notebook weighs a bit under 3 kilograms plus half a kilogram for the necessary power supply. Even if the idea of two graphic cards in one notebook was primarily reserved for high performance bolides, gradually you find models with a dual graphic solution in low priced starting devices.

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In the test a noticeable benefit of the Crossfire solution from ATI was seen, after all.

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The tag “CrystalBrite” refers to the reflective surface which is a usual for notebooks in this price category, though. Acer is moreover quite well known for its competitively priced offerings and this Puma based Acer Aspire G is no different. The user has to decide if he likes this or not. Performance Call of Duty 4.

The typing feel on the keyboard distinguishes itself through a palpable pressure point 5530, with an almost subjectively too long stroke length. Gateway, which has an own laptop line-up, has also belonged to the Acer Group since The surface temperature of the case stays within a limit most of the time, but hotspots can develop punctually on the bottom side. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series. Practically, this will stay within a limit due to the fact that the notebook weighs a bit under 3 kilograms plus half a kilogram for the necessary power supply.


The case presents itself as very attractive and shows the common high gloss finish of the display lid for this category. We could ascertain problems in the area of the bottom side of the case-tray in the test.

The cores are still based on the old K8 architecture memory controller is newer. 5530t practical use, for instance in computer gaming, the increase of performance turns out to be even less and provides only for a few more frames, not to mention a jump in performance in consideration of detail level or resolution.

Acer Aspire Motherboard | eBay

We tested the practical gaming performance of the Aspire G with the popular shooter “Call of Duty 4”. This may be related to the keyboard unit, which gives in under pressure and recoils during typing. This applies especially to the Crossfire graphic solution with two Mobility Radeon HD graphic cards in gaming application. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. 5530t also equips its Aspire G very generously with communication modules. The Acer Aspire positions itself as a low priced multimedia starter notebook.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. In opposition to this, the touchpad offers a generous and pleasant surface with a seperately marked scroll field.


Griffin based entry-level dual core aspure.

Product support

The Aspire G has a In consideration of performance, the processors from AMD might just be placed behind the equally clocked Intel chips, but for simple tasks this is unimportant. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series.

This can be very helpful for office use of the device, especially if you are planning to often use the notebook mobile. Acer Swift 5 SF Unusual for this price category is the docking port on the left case edge. With the Crossfire option deactivated, so with only one HD, the G reached a slightly bit better The single ports are distributed almost completely around the whole device, apire the majority is concentrated on the left side.

System Noise The notebook stays pleasantly quiet and only the running noise of the hard disk is audible after turning it on.

The cards are stacked against the Acer Aspire G when it comes to the outdoor suitably of the notebook. The case presents itself in the well-known Gemstone outfit from the Acer Aspire range.

The application field for the Acer Aspire G can be specified as light multimedia fare in stationary use.