The high accuracy sensor will add everything up that is in the path. Reboot the unit and verify the new option is enabled. With the FlexCal, you can change the frequency range and you don’t have to perform another calibration. Download Center Search by product Model Number. Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct. Maintenance Manual pdf 1.

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User Guide pdf 1. Drivers, Software Downloads exe 7. With the Softward calibration, you have to calibrate each time you change the frequency range. Home Test and Measurement Products. Back to Previous Menu.

I am able to download plots from an SB using the same laptop. If superior accuracy is of important, then the precision calibration tee is the best way to go. Master Software Tools — Work with spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, and transmitter test measurements as well as softwaare reports.

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Channel Partners Technical Partners. This has been known to help in cases where everything is set up properly. How can I tell if the problem is due to a bad coax or if the Site Master is faulty?


Set up your test in return loss mode and perform a calibration.

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With the FlexCal, you can change the frequency range and you don’t have to perform another calibration. The sensor provides better accuracy than the internal power meter and is also better suited for making accurate measurements of modulated signals. Please change File1 to File. Specifically, MST is focused on these trace types: FlexCal is great for troubleshooting purposes.

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Spectrum and spectrogram traces Channel Scanner displays Transmission measurements Transmitter Signal Quality measurements Backhaul tests Master Software Tools is the PC based software tool for analyses of Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer traces. This product has been discontinued Replacement Model s: The port setting is port 4 in HHST.

After windows has restarted, re-run x: The SD when upgraded to Version 5. For detailed information on the firmware update process refer to the User Guide for your Anritsu handheld instrument. The internal power meter is using the Spectrum Analyzer receiver to measure the channel power over a certain bandwidth.


Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment. Drivers Software Downloads pdf Master Software Tools User Guide.

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Facilities Technologies Design Resources. IoT Internet of Things. Anriitsu Technologies Design Resources. What is the difference in accuracy when comparing the Instacal module with the precision calibration tee?

Download Center Search by product Model Number. For signal standards, it is assuming that you are using COM1 and if you are not, it will be challenging.

If disable is an option disable the wireless connection and try to download your traces to a database. Try opening the plots one by one. The InstaCal has a specified directivity of 38 dB for frequencies below 3.