Vaan and ashe relationship tips

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I would say that Vaan and Ashe would make a nice couple, but Vaan's older than Ashe. I tried to picture a romantic relationship between Ashe, and some of the male main (Most of the hints coming to the end of the game.). "What is between Vaan and Ashe isn't love, but there may be other love interests. So maybe in the marriage sceen (or whatever) Ashe marries that guy- he Or maybe it'll be like golden sun with the TINIEST HINTS that NO. Final Fantasy XII does not have any blatant romantic relationships, so really, it is up to you to decided whether Vaan likes Ashe or not.

I'm Basch, and all day every day I'm pretending to be Gabranth for a promise to my dead brother.

Vaan love Ashe or not in Final Fantasy 12?

I get a letter about Ashe, who is my lover, and how she keeps up appearances but she misses me. I understand the appearances she keeps up not to be my dutiful charade of playing Gabranth to support Larsa as part of an international peace conspiracy, but the appearance that she is happy without my good loving. I don't smile about my lover, I think again about my dead brother. If I were doing this dead brother thing all day every day, I wouldn't think about him when prompted to think about my lover.

They have sufficient appearances to keep up without this addition. Basch didn't give Ashe a ring, in my recollection, so Ashe looking at the same ring she has been looking at does not suggest longing Basch to me, but perhaps a general loneliness and conviction she has come to associate with it over time.

Lani Jan 19 I really like to have romances in every FF, since this one doesn't, It makes me feel a little sad I think I have to wait until the game come out. I really don't know what are they doing in this story. Roland Jan 19 Ashe's mother or father could've had an affair with another person. Even though I doubt they're siblings, it's still possible that the two share the same mother or father.

All of that was known in past interviews, though I don't recall the developers stating that Ashe and Vaan are not in love, at all.

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Not every FF title was a love story. Otherwise, the main hero might have a love-interest or he may not. But they did say it in my EGM!!!

Look it up if ya wanna!!! Katya Jan 19 In medievil times kings usually had a lot of lovers that's a fact from history. It feels like Ashe and Vaan gonna be like Lady and the Trampbut with out love story. The Judge Master Jan 19 EsperADN Jan 19 I'll miss the romance but I'm also glad they changed the outline for a change. They'd make such a cute couple!!! Go to a newsrack and grab the latest issue of Electonric Gamign Monthly- but if you're gonna get it just for the FF12 part I'd recomend just reading the stuff about FF12 IN the bookstore- but whatever.

Sorry to bring down everyone's hopes of another FF romance? Jysbena Jan 20 In most of their games that was the case but isnt a bond between friend and friend good enough? And im sure there will be a love portion in it, just not between ashe and vaan. I think it will still be a great game even without the love. Anyone think that if Vaan had a tail he'd be Zidane? Breathe Jan 20 I get the sense that Vaan is less uh, horny, or if he is, he isn't as vocal about it.

Sure they both have the blonde hair and little vest thing going, but I'm sure that Square will make a totally new or as new as Square gets, anyway personality for their hero. I mean they have the same style of closing and almost the same hair and facials. Plus Square said he is outgoing persona, so he is probably horny too. I can see Vaan being, well, your average seventeen year old, but not like Zidane in the "I'm-going-to-hump-anything-that-moves" way.

Anyway, it's all speculation at this point. Back on topic, go Square for breaking the melodramatic main characters falling in love trend, if that's indeed what they are doing. I think it's great that a guy and a girl can be just friends. It's more realistic also. I don't really want Vaan to have a tail sticking out from his butt Luna Jan 21 If they clearly said no, then I believe it!! Roland Jan 24 Penelo was taken in by her parents' friend, the bangaa Migelo, who let her and Vaan work at his sundry shop, doing various odd-jobs.

Penelo catches Vaan stealing from the imperial soldiers. Penelo is frustrated with Vaan's obsession with becoming a sky pirateand tries to dissuade him from getting into trouble.

On the day Vayne Solidor from the Archadian ruling house and heir to the throne comes to Rabanastre as its new consul, Penelo lectures Vaan about stealing from Archadian soldiers. The pair later witnesses Vayne holding a speech in front of the crowds.

Penelo meets up with Vaan at the Giza Plains nomad camp when Vaan is trying to obtain a sunstone to sneak into the Royal Palace of Rabanastre.

She helps Vaan in his errand and later admits she enjoyed their time together. They part ways when they return to Rabanastre and Penelo urges Vaan to stay out of trouble.

When she hears intruders have been caught trespassing the palace grounds she rushes to the site, knowing it had been Vaan's plan. She sees Vaan, together with the sky pirates he had met in the palace, being led away in chains.

She tries to run to Vaan, but Balthierone of the sky pirates, assures her Vaan will be safe and gives Penelo his handkerchief. Penelo is held hostage by Ba'Gamnan.