Uryu and orihime relationship

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uryu and orihime relationship

This week Orihime Inoue and Uryu Ishida from the world of the living will . To both of you, if you guys were in a relationship wherein you knew. Uryu Ishida and Orihime Love | IshiHime aka Uryu Ishida x Orihime Inoue from Relationship goals #bleachanime Bleach Couples, Ichigo X Rukia, Bleach. IshiHime (Japanese: 石織) is the name of the relationship between Uryu Ishida and Orihime Inoue. Orihime states that it is a boy in their class named Uryū Ishida. She states that Uryū is in the Handicraft Club with her, much to Ichigo's disbelief.

However, because it was so excessively powerful that it would cause them injury, he had trained alone. She remarks that he is so amazing to have mastered it so well in just 10 days all by himself.

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She asks herself what she had been doing those 10 days. She asks if he has ever had the same experience, like sneezing, or when at a bookstore wanting to go to the bathroom, or when biting an apple and his gums starting to bleed. He merely blinks and looks at her as she walks off cheerfully. She turns and tells him that she will do her best too, and he asks her if she is sure she wasn't hit anywhere. Ishida remarks that Ichigo and the others must really be going at it, because the surveillance has gotten tighter.

Orihime says that they should be okay if whoever they meet is the same level as the one they had met earlier, but Ishida seems to have something else on his mind. He senses Ichigo's Reiatsu along with Renji's. Remembering their previous fight, he says that Ichigo has found himself a tough opponent. He replies that he is okay and not to worry.

Although the man questioning them does not recognize them, he comes on to Orihime due to her "assets". Orihime praises herself for her great idea: They claim that they are from the 11th Division, but he recognizes the patch Orihime is wearing as one belonging to the 12th Division.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the captain of the Twelfth Division, holds a detonator and says "once the bombs are released, they are not ever supposed to return" and he detonates the last surviving squad member.

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He does so reluctantly after being threatened, and Kurotsuchi tries to bring them back with his mechanical extending arm. They believe they'll find both Ichigo and Rukia at the top. Orihime thanks him for his concern, but says since they had come all this way, there's no point in turning back. Ganju and Sado express their agreement. They all bid him farewell, saying he does not have to continue with them, and thanking him for his help.

Meanwhile in the Karakura Town, Ichigo and the others are trying to figure out what happened to Orihime after she got sucked into the strange gate. They decide to go investigate Orihime's home again. The girl wants to play a game and promises to return Orihime if the guys win.

The group reaches a room with three empty display cases with each of their names on them. They turn and see that Orihime and Sado are already in their respective cases to the side. The room darkens and all three find themselves stuck in the cases, unable to move. The hallways begin to disappear and Ririn appears and laughs as darkness swallows them all.

None of them can move in their display cases, but Ichigo suddenly feels punches and wakes up. They return back to the sequence of infinite rooms, and reach an impassable room with a giant pit in the middle. The three make their way out of the labyrinth by sprinting for three rooms in a straight line and passing over the giant pit, that turns out to be only an illusion, and find Ririn waiting for them back in the front room of the museum.

In pursuit, Ichigo and company also go outside where they find Sado and Orihime waiting for them. As she disappears into the gate, Ririn tells them that the next game is starting, and this time it will involve their school and classmates. If they screw up, then everyone in the school is going to disappear. Ichigo and his friends accuse each other of being the impostor. Ririn appears and claims that they got their first one, and Orihime goes to search for her, only to find Tatsuki's wristband on the floor.

Ichigo has to calm her down after Orihime starts to suspect everyone. After the failure of the Bankai, the entire group gets sucked into the gate. Ichigo inquires further about the Bounts. Revival of the Substitute Team!

The whole group gathers to relax during lunch, but Ririn senses something and so Ichigo and the others run off. Ichigo asks him a few questions, but the Bount refuses to answer them, and he responds by asking how delicious a Shinigami's soul is. The Moment of Collision! She tells him that her family had a law: However, if they do consume living souls, then they can obtain a powerful energy and are able to increase their power.

Doing so would destroy the balance of the world, so they decided they would not do such a thing, until now. They go to see him and he relays the information he learned from Yoshino. It was like that of his mother's, who always seemed to be sad.

In the silence afterwards, Rukia gets annoyed at the dripping of the water and tries to turn off the faucet. However, the water starts pouring out and soon fills the sink. The faucet water starts taking form, first surrounding Renji and then turning into two water balls, with a bottle cap as the nucleus of each. As a result, the fire alarm goes off and all of the hospital staff and patients evacuate.

By using bottle caps, the two are able to call forth their Dolls from ordinary water. Ichigo decides that the best course of action is to run away. But I think his scowl is very much him.

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He's just so serious all the time, but that's ok. I like how smart he is and how strong he is. Plus his hair is fun! I know that he'd always protect his friends even if he doesn't let them get close. And if not, then who are you seeing or hoping to get together with? I have to protect the city since Ichigo sucks at it. How come you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet?

uryu and orihime relationship

I think Tatsuki might get mad at me anyways. She is always telling me to just ignore all the people that look at me I'm not really sure how to deal with it most of the time, so I try to look past it. Maybe it's to keep dust of his shoulders? To make it look cool when he jumps? Maybe he has a superhero fetish? I enjoy your designs, although I'd prefer it there were more white. There's nothing wrong with capes, they're an on old school class of elegance and will never go out of style.

They might not be the most practical but they always add something to an outfit. Maybe I just misinterpreted things? I believe in second chances, and that most people are good. If the relationship isn't working out then end it, don't continue dating that person while going after another. Everyone loses in that case.

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I would dump the cheater, you clearly couldn't trust them anymore. Any reason you haven't offered to heal him?

You can write everything, even if it's something as lame as sewing - Quincy hater I like cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I tried photography for awhile but I'm not very good at it, I think. I'm a good artist though! There's nothing wrong with those things, they're not lame, they're useful.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Tatsuki saved me though because she used to be a junior lifeguard.

Also, I don't have a curfew since I live alone so sometimes I stay out really late! Stop shouting "Kurosaki-kun" all the time! It just makes everyone want to kill you. And it's very distracting and embarrassing - K.

But it's hard because he's always in danger and I just can't help it. And when he's not in danger he's looking sad so I want to cheer him up. What's wrong with your father?

uryu and orihime relationship

Why do you hate each other so much? And don't tell me it's about different philosophies, that can't be it. If I knew that I'd make him write a prescription for himself and take whatever anti-psychotic meds he obviously needs to be on.

He's arrogant, disinterested, disapproving, and pretty much a jerk in every way. I'd rather not even confront him, just live my life and ignore him.

I think it has to do with my mother and with me being a quincy, but I honestly have no idea.

The Shipper's Manifesto

I adore Uryu and just wanted to know more about the training his dad put him through to regain his powers. He told me that I needed to fight him, and I was definitely willing to do that, but it's hard fighting against someone like that without any powers.

I did the best I could but failed, and yet when I woke up I had my powers back. He said that he only shot me near the heart when I was exhausted because that's how a quincy can regain their powers, but I never trust what he says. Ever thought of hooking up? You guys seemed like you got very close in Soul Society. He's a little too mellow to deal with me for too long I think I annoy him sometimes.

She's too innocent and naive in general, people like that should be watched over so that they don't get hurt. Can you send me one of your wonderful recipes?

uryu x orihime

Here's a recipe for edible cookie dough no baking! Use your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and instead of eggs use one tablespoon of water. Then, instead of chocolate chips add other things that will be tasty. I like crunchy stuff in my cookies so I put croutons and pistachios in mine, and substitute the vanilla extract for mint extract.

And you eat it raw like that? If only he hadn't been so stubborn and just let Ichigo rescue me. I know that she would come for me if I needed help. It's honorable to help your friends. I mean, more than an acquaintance, obviously. And no, I took the weapon because I needed it.

uryu and orihime relationship

Sure it looks cool, especially with my cape, but that had no effect on my decision. I am a Star Wars fan though, but only of the original movies.

Maybe we could have tea party?