The amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

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the amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

Image Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBSNat Strand and Kat Chang are two of the The 17th season of Amazing Race had its fair share of squabbling. At the end of The Amazing Race 17, it mostly came down to cabs and the order that they left the airport, and in their exit interviews, the final. Nat Strand, Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz. Occupation: Doctor Kat Chang, Hometown: Santa Monica, Calif. Occupation: Doctor Relationship: Doctors/.

You two seemed pretty cautious when you got to the Finish Line. It looked like you held off celebrating until Phil made it "official. I think when we were running up and we saw that there was no other team standing there next to Phil, we knew that we had won. We just again, we liked to get the confirmation before we got too excited. I didn't feel like I was being cautious, I just couldn't wait to hear him say it!

I think we pictured it in our minds quite a few times, so we were just waiting to be sure. Based on the fact that you had taken notes throughout the Race, it seemed like you had seen enough previous seasons to know finale memory tasks are pretty common and anticipated you were likely to see one on your season -- was that actually the case?

Yeah, we definitely were huge fans of the Race so we watched pretty much all of the seasons before, and so we definitely were aware that a memory task was very likely at the end, and it's not the fact that it was just us, anyone going on the Race now is pretty aware, and I believe that the other teams also had taken notes as well. We didn't take notes on what type of hats the greeters were wearing, but it definitely helped us to just jog our memory a little bit faster than if we were going purely just from our memory.

I bet they will going forward Oh they sure will! Do you guys agree with that? Were you surprised how simple the tasks seemed to be? I actually think that the end leg was a perfect leg of The Amazing Raceand not for the tasks, because it was true, getting [bungee] dropped doesn't involve skill, and riding in a helicopter doesn't involve skill. But what really wins the Race is not the challenge, it's finding the information, it's using what you learned along the Race to help you in the end.

So, for example, Kat and I wrote down numbers of like the LA tourism bureau and we knew from our taxi before to go through and check every single taxi driver. Make sure you have one that has a phone, make sure you have one that speaks English, make sure that you do your research at the airport at your departure location so that when you arrive to the leg, you have some phone numbers and you have some basic information. So those are all things that everybody did during the Race.

And those other two teams have certainly done that before. I think that this leg was made, not by taxis, because what we really needed to do was choose a good taxi, we needed to get the information quickly, figure out where we had to go, and I think that those were skills we all learned during the Race. So I think although it probably wasn't obvious to people that don't do the Race, the things that made or broke that last leg were the skills that -- navigational skills, information finding skills, and just knowing what the pitfalls would be and trying anticipating those, and doing what you could to get around them.

Was it checking if they had a phone and an ability to speak English? Is that what you said? Yes, so we actually got into a couple of taxis, and I think we actually got into the taxi that Jill and Thomas ended up choosing, and we quickly realized that that was not a taxi we wanted to be in.

So we got out and we just went down the line and we asked them, "What kind of phone do you have? Do you have a smartphone? Do you have a GPS system? And so, ultimately, we thought we picked the best taxi driver and that was a strategic move. It looked like you were able to solve the riddles pretty quickly after leaving the Rose Bowl. Was that your taxi's dispatcher that you were speaking to [on his phone] or who was that?

No, we had gathered some information about Los Angeles tourism bureaus and visitor's centers and informational centers, so we had a bunch of numbers in our notebook, so we just phoned We actually even called for a couple of things about Greystone Mansion.

So we just kind of used the tools that you would normally use in everyday life -- just being resourceful Last night's finale showed you mentioning how you two had both lived in Los Angeles while attending UCLA -- do you think that gave you any advantage during the final leg?

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Unfortunately, we did not go to any of the places that -- I don't normally go to the Port of Long Beach. So, while I don't think it helped us in any particular leg, I think it was just nice.

We were just happy. We kind of took it as a good omen that we were heading home. Yeah, it felt good. You guys seemed to come close to getting eliminated in Oman when you went the long way to the mountain after buying a map like [Gary and Mallory Ervin]. What was going through your heads when you were driving for hours -- did you think you were probably going to be out of the Race or had you really still been optimistic about your chances of continuing?

Well I think that we were -- we knew that we were about six hours behind the teams in front of us -- and we were hoping of course that there was another team that was behind us.

We couldn't imagine that it would be anyone that could make such a big navigational mistake that we did, and we were just really lucky that Gary and Mallory had the same exact map and that they did make the same mistake.

The map was just really really misleading and even when we got to the northern side of the mountain, we asked the locals there how to get to the mountain.

They all said, "Yeah, you can go this way!

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And there is a way you can go, it's just down the way. Yeah, there were definitely moments when we thought we were out. I mean, we were trying to be positive but it wasn't until we actually got to the first clue and we saw that there was still another number left and that just totally rejuvenated us.

We got a little extra oomph and we said, "Oh my God! We're gonna keep that streak of no all-female teams winning.

I could care less about any type of history. Dating couple, and the first team to win the Express Pass.

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They were the biggest threat to an all-female team winning, with Thomas showing a surprising level of respect for his female competition, while simultaneously showing little respect for his girlfriend's own skills. They ended up 3rd in the finale when they jumped in a cab whose driver didn't understand that they wanted to do an internet search for information, and got them dreadfully lost.

While looking for the Pit Stop in Norway, Thomas looped them back to the bridge where they did the ascender Roadblock. Failed a Spot Check: They ended up burning their Express Pass on the fourth leg Detour after they missed the arrow leading them to the Roadblock, and ran down the wrong path, dropping them to last.

They lost 1st place in Hong Kong due to their inability to find a cab to the Pit Stop. I Was Beaten by a Girl: He actually showed quite a bit of respect for his female competition. I definitely, without a question, think we're the top contender in this race, but you've got some very hungry, smart, athletic women that have proven they're a force to be reckoned with.

It's a Small World After All: While delivering water during the Detour in Oman, they randomly stumbled across the cousin of the man whose house they were supposed to find, and he led them right to the house. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Thomas was a Jerkass at the beginning of the season, but later on showed that he had a definite soft spot inside of him. In finale, when he realized that they had lost, instead of getting upset about it, he just hugged Jill and kissed her on the cheek.

Thomas used the trope name in the finale when despairing over their horrible cab driver who had lost them the game. Last of His Kind: In the finale, the girls made sure to point out to Thomas that he was the last man left in the race.

Long-Runner Tech Marches On: Jill not only was a malaproper, but she tended to mispronounce words as well. There's a lot of nuts and bullets. Instead of getting upset when he realized they had lost the Race, Thomas just hugged Jill and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Read the Freaking Manual: They cost themselves 1st place in Oman by breaking the relatively new Race rule that said they could not hire a cab to lead them to a destination, and were hit with a minute penalty.

Reality Show Genre Blindness: Thomas was this, at least in his own mind.

the amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

Aside from the constant boasting of his degree from Notre Dame, and his repeatedly putting down Jill for not having gone to college she went to beauty school insteadanytime Jill would ask him if he had ever done something before such as riding in a gondolahe would respond with, "of course I have.

They got a flight seven hours ahead of most of other teams on leg 9, but were right back with the pack in the next leg thanks to an airport equalizer.

We're more of a physical couple than mental. The heavily tattooed dating couple that bumbled their way through most of the race, with Vicki doing her best to stay positive while Nick constantly berated and quit on her. Despite being so clueless that even Phil couldn't help but make a sarcastic quip at their expense, they managed to make the top 4, where they would cause the producers a huge headache after they took a 6-hour penalty for quitting the Detour, yet were non-eliminated.

the amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

Fans were ready to riot had they made the Final 3 after Nick had essentially quit the race, but they missed the equalizing flight on the next leg, and finished a distant 4th. In Ghana, Nick learned not to blow up at Vicki when things went wrong, and in Russia he learned not to give up when things looked bad. Both of those went out the window when they hit the birdcage Detour in Hong Kong.

Vicki was better than most of the guys at the physical challenges, even with her asthma. She would even leave Nick behind on most challenges. All There in the Manual: In leg 7, they were coming off of finishing last in a non-elimination leg, but inexplicably did not have to do a Speed Bump. It was leaked on Nick's Facebook page after the episode aired that the judge for the piano Detour on the previous leg had accidentally rejected their entry when they had actually completed the Detour correctly.

So, the leg was hastily turned into a non-elimination leg with no Speed Bump penalty. However, it was later reported that the lack of a Speed Bump was due to a production error that effected several teams, the maestro, did not in fact make an error, and that the leg was pre-planned as a non-elimination leg which is more believable, as it is forbidden by game show laws to change the predetermined non-elimination leg order, and the producers have not done anything to save teams from production errors since they made rules about it following Season 2.

In Oman, Nick talked about how it was easier to ask for directions from a local than trying to decipher a map. Though it played out that way in that particular leg, with the two teams who relied on their maps getting hopelessly lost and falling hours behind, it's normally a coin flip as to whether going by a map or asking for directions is faster.

The two of them standing atop Eastnor Castle, unable to find the flag on the battlement, even though it was right in front of them and Nick had touched it at one point. At the rappelling Roadblock in Oman, a goat started eating their clue as they were reading it for the camera. On the first leg they were charged with taking a flag from the battlements of Eastnor Castle. They repeatedly passed by the flags while asking the locals if they were a battlement.

At one point Nick even touched one of the flags before walking away to look elsewhere. Immediately after that they couldn't find the coracle boats to take them across the moat.

Their six hour penalty for quitting the Detour put them nine hours behind the other teams getting into Korea. It allowed the other teams to treat the penultimate leg as a free non-elimination leg. In the first leg, Vicki admitted she had never heard of Stonehenge before, then Phil baited them at the Pit Stop. It only got worse from there. We're in London, right? Nick would snap at Vicki at the drop of a hat. When it was down to the final five teams, he mentioned that he wanted the three remaining couples teams to be in the Final 3, as it would make the Race more interesting.

After they were eliminated, he picked the lone remaining male to win.

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Nick, especially in leg 10 where he taunted Claire at the fake food Roadblock, then quit on Vicki at the Detour, bullying her into accepting a penalty by refusing to participate in the task. Their final leg starts with a montage off all the abuse he heaped upon her. This was right before his ultimate blow up.

No Accounting for Taste: Despite being nothing but civil to him, Nick rained constant verbal abuse down on Vicki, and cost her the race by forcing her to quit the Detour in leg Of the Mercy Kill variety. They were shown performing the Speed Bump and said they performed the Detour, but were unable to do many of the other tasks due to the darkness and their last place finish. It wasn't very surprising when Nick said he didn't have many friends.

She blew through the vertical ascender task while Chad was still working his way up. The Quincy Punk Rage Quit: Nick provided one of the Race's uglier moments when he snapped in Hong Kong and quit in the middle of the Detour, literally lying down and refusing to help Vicki find a boat in Hong Kong harbor. The non-elimination leg dragged it out for two episodes, enraging the fanbase that they would allow a quitter like Nick to stay in the game and possibly steal a spot in the Final 3 from a more deserving team.

In the third leg, they brought too many bags of cement to the primary school, and had to go back. Vicki didn't know how the Fast Forward worked. She wanted to go for it because she was "pretty sure everybody did the Fast Forward," and then, once she and Nick got there and saw the "Fast Forward Taken" sign, Vicki did not know whether that meant someone was currently in the process of taking the Fast Forward, and wondered if they should wait around.