Sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

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sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

But I shall restrict myself to a small part of that reflection, as much of it as we have seen in relation with Sri Aurobindo, and incidentally with us. I shall draw. These are some observations by the Mother Mirra Alfassa on this topic, is very difficult as Sri Aurobindo says, which would simply dry up the. (Mother suggested that the following letter of hers about marriage be is very difficult as Sri Aurobindo says, which would simply dry up the.

The first step is to stop being selfish.

sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

For everyone, it is the same thing, not only for those who want to do yoga but also in ordinary life: This discipline is elementary in order to surmount oneself and lead a life which is not altogether gross. As for yoga, we may add something else: Then one is sure to get a result. As long as one relies on the love of others, one risks disappointment and more at some future stage.

One has to firmly set anchor in the Divine alone as the Mother points out here. There is one thing you must learn, never to rely on anyone or anything whatever except the Divine. For if you lean upon anyone for support, that support will break, you may be sure of that.

sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

From the minute you start doing yoga I always speak of those who do yoga, I do not speak about ordinary lifefor those who do yoga, to depend upon someone else is like wanting to transform that person into a representative of the Divine Force; now you may be sure there is not one in a hundred million who can carry the weight: Never seek a support elsewhere than in the Divine.

Never seek satisfaction elsewhere than in the Divine. Never seek the satisfaction of your needs in anyone else except the Divine — never, for anything at all. All your needs can be satisfied only by the Divine. All your weaknesses can be borne and healed only by the Divine. He alone is capable of giving you what you need in everything, always, and if you try to find any satisfaction or support or help or joy or… heaven knows what, in anyone else, you will always fall on your nose one day, and that always hurts, sometimes even hurts very much.

The number of inmates had grown to 85 members by then and the group had slowly turned into a spiritual Ashram. Integral yoga and The Siddhi Day[ edit ] On 24 November later declared as Siddhi day victory day and still celebrated by Sri Aurobindo Ashram [30] as Mirra and Aurobindo claimed that overmind Consciousness had manifested directly on earth allowing the possibility for Human consciousness to be directly aware and be in the overmind consciousness [note 1].

Aurobindo had received a few complaints against Mirra on the daily running of the Ashram.

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To settle this matter in finality Aurobindo declared 'The Mother' to be in sole charge of further activities of the ashram through a letter in April Integral Yoga an all embracing yoga. This yoga was in variance with older ways of yoga because the follower would not give up the outer life to live in a monastery, but would be present in regular life and practise spirituality in all parts of life.

sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

Under the guidance of Mirra, Antonin Raymond as the chief architect assisted by Franticek Sammer and George Nakashimaa dormitory building was constructed. By this time the second world war erupted delaying the construction but was finally completed after ten years and was named Golconde.

sri aurobindo and the mother relationship

Although some of the members of the Ashram may have supported Hitler indirectly because Britain was attacked, both Mirra and Aurobindo publicly declared their support for the Allied forces.

She considered this was a considerable movement away from usual life in the ashram which was until then practising total renouncing of the outside world. However she found that the school would gradually align to the principal of Sri Aurobindo's Integral yoga i. From 21 February she started a quarterly magazine called "The bulletin" in which Aurobindo published a series of eight articles under the title "The supramental manifestation upon earth" where in for the first time he wrote about transitional being between man and superman.

This was a terrible experience for Mirra. Mirra decided to take up the entire work of the ashram and also to continue the integral yoga internally. The years from to were the years where she was mostly seen by her disciples.

Mirra Alfassa

Mirra declared her dual citizenship with India and France. This meeting cleared many doubts he had about the Ashram. During his second visit to the ashram on 29 Septemberhis daughter Indira Gandhi accompanied him. Mirra had a profound effect on her which developed into a close relationship in later years.

She started with just simple conversation and recitations which later expanded into deeper discussions about Integral yoga where she would read a passage from Aurobindo's writings or her own writings and would comment. If a man and a woman love each other and want to live together they may do so without any ceremony. If they want to separate they can also do so freely.

The foundation of spiritual relationships

Why should people be compelled to stay together when they have ceased to love each other? A lot of crimes would be prevented if people were free in this respect. They would not have to hide things from one another or even commit crimes to be separated. Of course, if they truly love each other they will continue to live together always naturally, without being forced to do so by any law.

That is why this ceremony and ritual of marriage is so childish.

Nolini-da: Inner Relation with The Mother & Savitri Recitation

Children born in Auroville will have no family name. They will have just the first name. To unite your physical lives, your material interests, to become partners in order to face together the difficulties and successes, the defeats and victories of life — that is the very foundation of marriage, but you already know that it is not enough.