Spock and mccoy relationship

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spock and mccoy relationship

Bones McCoy is the often-overlooked third point in the Trek triangle along While most think of Kirk and Spock as a duo, Bones was actually a third . His relationship with his father, however, is well-documented, and adds. When most people think of Star Trek, they of course think of Kirk and Spock. This isn't surprising, as they were the star and the break-out. 'Star Trek Beyond': Karl Urban on the Relationship Between Spock and Kirk and Spock and a little more on the relationship between McCoy.

Granted I think this interpretation is in the minority but I have seen it enough Okay yes I know Spock and McCoy argue all the time.

Star Trek: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy

That is part of their relationship. It wasn't something that started out with these characters. It just became popular and the writers caught on to that and continued to write for it. However despite their disagreements and yes they weren't always playful it is abundantly clear that Spock and McCoy actually respect and like each other.

Spock and McCoy both have helped each other countless times.

spock and mccoy relationship

Spock entrusted his soul to McCoy. Both Spock and McCoy have shown worry when the other was hurt, etc. Really Spock and McCoy must be the absolute worst enemies ever.

‘Star Trek Beyond’: Karl Urban on the Relationship Between Spock and Bones

But of course if that doesn't convince you both Nimoy and De Kelley have said that Spock and McCoy liked each other deep down. Heck even Roddenberry has said it there are plenty of quotes available which I will add later.

spock and mccoy relationship

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spock and mccoy relationship

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Star Trek Beyond - McCoy & Spock

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Don't downvote as disagreement. Not just as the show that started it all, but because the storylines and characters are still as captivating now as they were in the '60s. While most think of Kirk and Spock as a duo, Bones was actually a third point to their triangle: Originally brought to life by DeForest Kelly, our latest Bones is played by Karl Urban, and both bring something of their own to the incredible doctor of the Star Ship Enterprise.

DeForest Kelley was the fourth actor considered for the role, and would have made for a very different Spock had he been cast!

spock and mccoy relationship

Of course, the version of Spock that Kelley was considered for was not the same one we now know, but a red-tinged, devilish alien, possibly with some Martian blood in him, and much more emotional and hot-headed.

The first pilot for the series, "The Cage", featured a very different cast from the final product and some very different characters, too. The actor was actually born Jackson DeForest Kelley inbut used his middle name for his film career.

Clearly, DeForest was meant to be an actor!