Skye and ward relationship help

Agents Of SHIELD: Brett Dalton Talks Ward's New Romance With Daisy

skye and ward relationship help

This development radically changed the relationship between Daisy and by promising to help her rediscover herself and enact revenge on the . Related Topics:Agents of SHIELDaosdaisy johnsongrant wardMarvelmcu. last saw regular character Grant Ward, and his reappearance this week is some old relationships and building up a new one for Ward and Agent He helps her break Sunil Bakshi out of prison, and after Agent 33 has. Especially given that Hydra is in control, Fitz is evil, and Grant Ward is background from his perspective and how he sees the relationship.

However, as we later learn, the Clairvoyant is John Garret, a level 8 S.

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  • Agents Of SHIELD: Brett Dalton Talks Ward's New Romance With Daisy
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Regret and remorse are emotions he only portrays later on and only around Daisy, who reacted with horrified disbelief to Ward killing someone. This is what he does: Ward manipulates people to his advantage again and again and not just Daisy: And by telling Daisy about the abuse his parents and older brother inflicted on him and telling her that he is not a good person who believes he may not deserves happiness, he is again preying on her compassion and support to get her to trust him.

Skye + Ward - So Close

In season 2, he tries the exact same thing again to elicit compassion from Daisy, who is interrogating him about HYDRA while he is a captive of S. He also manipulates and abuses Kara Palamas, an ex — Agent of S. D who was captured and brainwashed by HYDRA, by promising to help her rediscover herself and enact revenge on the people responsible for her captivity and torture, but ultimately using her, making her torture others and then killing her accidentally.

And in season 3, Ward recruits the son of an ex — high ranking HYDRA member with the promise of money and power, but is after the secret family vault all along and quickly discards him.

skye and ward relationship help

Of course, manipulating people into doing what he wants is not the only crime Ward commits — that list is far, far longer and includes, apart from murdering uncounted nameless and named S. Of course, Ward often has justifications for what he does — S.

Grant Ward/Skye - Fanlore

This is a stark contrast to the compassionate Daisy who was a member of the Rising Tide and then became a S. D agent to protect people. When she gained super powers in season 2 that she could not control and that could end up hurting people, she shot herself with an ICER and then used gloves to suppress her powers which ended up hurting her. Daisy cares about people a lot, even about people she does not know, she values their lives and safety and she is willing to put her own life on the line to protect others.

Ward and Daisy are almost polar opposites — which is to be expected, after all, considering that Daisy is one of, if not the, protagonists of the show and Ward is the main antagonist. The fact that they have such differing values is what allows the conflict between them to exist, but it is also something that makes it almost impossible for them to ever become a couple, in addition to Ward continuously manipulating, kidnapping and threatening her and her friends.

After his death, Grant Ward's body is possessed by the powerful Inhuman, Hive. Skye and her Shield colleagues work to defeat him.

The Heroine and the Villain: Why Daisy Johnson and Grant Ward really don't work - The Fandomentals

In season 4, Skye enters the Framework to save her friends from that virtual reality world, only to discover she is a Hydra agent and living with Framework Grant Ward. In this universe, Ward is again a double agent, this time betraying Hydra to protect Skye and help her rescue her colleagues Fandom Skyeward is the second most popular pairing in the Agents of Shield fandom. Going undercover together sometimes leads to fake relationship scenarios.

skye and ward relationship help

Grant Ward Redemption - These fics are mostly set after he is revealed to be a Hydra double agent and usually involve diverging form the canon of Season 2. Often Skye must rely on Ward to defeat a greater evil or escape a mission gone wrong.

There are also a number of works examining Ward's inner conflict as he betrays Skye.

Grant Ward/Skye

In season 3, some fans headcanoned that Hive was defeated in a way that allowed Ward to survive. In fics with this storyline, Skye and Ward often help each other recover.

skye and ward relationship help

Ward gains Inhuman powers - These AU fics can see Skyeward working together or on opposite sides, but both characters have Inhuman powers. These fics sometimes have a lot of angst and can deal with Ward's very unhappy childhool memories. Domestic fics and fluff are often common despite their antagonistic relationship in canon. These can include Future ficssome of which find the pair married with kidsbut there are also mission related works.

Framework AUsset in the virtually reality where Skyeward are canonically in a relationship and Ward is actually one of the good guys.

skye and ward relationship help

Fanworks Fics Who is Skye? Coulson regrets his decision of firing his daughter, but now that she has ran away will he be able to find her in time, before he biological father shows up?