Shigure and akito relationship

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shigure and akito relationship

In the anime, Shigure and Tohru's relationship is best described as one of father/ uncle and daughter. He is very protective of Tohru, and even stands up to Akito. This is for fanfics of the Shigure x Akito pairing in Fruits Basket. . When Shigure writes a book based on him and Akito, will their relationship grow, or weaken?. In a story about broken relationships, Shigure and Akito's is perhaps one of the most broken – but it's one with so much potential, and between that and the.

However, Shigure is a man with one goal, and he cares little about who is hurt in his pursuit of it. He can be friendly, warm, and cheerful — when it suits his purposes. His loyalty has crossed the line, moving into the bounds of obsession, and resulting in a severe possessiveness that drives him to do some very nasty things.

shigure and akito relationship

Akito is the head of the Sohma family, fulfilling the role of God in the zodiac. Akito is also a woman. Her mother was a bitter woman who raised Akito as a boy while heaping verbal abuse upon her, two things which combined to give Akito a burning hatred of all things female.

Akito Sohma

She despises her own gender, despises her mother, despises the female juunishi. She also quite firmly believes that as God, it is her choice to treat the juunishi as she wishes, and they are obligated to love her regardless. She wants to be at the center of all of their lives, she wants them to stay close, where she can more easily control them. She has a vision of a perfect, happy banquet, where they all come together — no one gets in, no one gets out.

When Honda Tohru comes into the lives of the Sohmas and becomes a focus away from Akito, she sees it as a betrayal, as the juunishi leaving her.

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Akito, more than anything, seems to be terrified of being abandoned. The first serious hints at something happening between Shigure and Akito come in chapter Shigure has a serious discussion with Hatori, in which his motives are called into question, and we learn that Shigure had a dream when he was young, which he is trying to preserve forever. Immediately following this revelation, Shigure goes in to see Akito, and when Akito seems surprised that Shigure has come, we get the line of dialogue: To those around him, Shigure appears to treat Akito very coldly; he does not coddle her when she is feeling down and says things that antagonize her.

Hatori tells Shigure that "even to me, it looks like you hate her" and Kureno begs him to treat her more kindly. However, when Akito tells him that she has had enough of his sarcasm and degrading comments, Shigure tells her that he's "not degrading [Akito] or trying to be mean.

Shigure, unlike Hatori and Kureno who enable her tyrannical tendencies with their well-meaning kindness, is trying to save her through the blunt truth. He tells Hatori, "[he doesn't] want to become Akito's father.

This has a double meaning: He also gives his reasons for his detached attitude: When I thought you were finally mine, you would fly to other people, fluttering away". In order to save Akito and to have her to himself, Shigure has been trying for a very long time to break the zodiac curse.

shigure and akito relationship

All his actions are geared toward this goal, from inviting Yuki to live with him to telling Ren about Akito's mysterious box. He doesn't care who he hurts to achieve it, and he knows how horrible that is but, again, for the most part he doesn't care. In the end, the curse is broken and Shigure gets his wish.

Shigure changes a little as he says to Hatori: The two reconcile, and Akito decides to take on her responsibility as the head of the Sohma family. Shigure quits his job as a writer to be there and support her against her mother.

In the anime, since Akito is male, their relationship is completely different. Shigure instead sees Akito as the dangerous head of the family, but is not afraid of him. The manga only openly reveals his feelings after witnessing the dream of Akito; he states that after the dream, he wanted to possess the god of the Zodiac fully. It shows little else of their relationship other than snippets of Akito being a lonely and self-conscious child that Shigure cares for and comforts.

shigure and akito relationship

Many posts raise the question of why the dream made Shigure love Akito when it did not have the same effect on the others Hatori, Kureno and Ayame. While first, it is important to point out that all of the characters are differecnt people. That being said, I think it is obvious in the manga that Hatori does love Akito— just not romantically.

I always got the vibe that Hatori sees Akito as his little sister.

shigure and akito relationship

Someone precious and irreplaceable while not above being obnoxious and unlikeable. Meanwhile, Ayame is simply the kind of character who could not be bothered with Akito.

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As a child and teenager, Ayame does not see the issues and problems of the people around him, he is remarkably self-centered a trait he eventually begins to grow out of and does not understand well the needs of others. This also makes Akito dislike him and so a relationship does not form. One relationship I tend to think people often misread but one that is key to understanding Shigure and Akito, is the relationship between Kureno and Akito. It is often inferred or believed that Kureno was not in love with Akito— I think that is a faulty interpretation of the text.

I think that Kureno was, like Shigure, in love with Akito as a child. He found her endearing and wanted to spoil her, though unlike Shigure he is not nearly as possessive or manipulative. Not only does he stay, but he absolutely dedicates his life to her in a way no other Zodiac member does. One does not do that without love; though not necessarily a healthy love. Kureno also sleeps with Akito.