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After the Garveys win their € prize from last night's quiz, they decide to go to Madge and Janice's mother-and-daughter relationship turns sour, when she tries to .. N/A, "Benidorm's Got Talent", Johnathan Bullen, Derren Litten, 23 March (), . One-episode return of Sheila Reid as Madge Harvey. Reuben Wells (locomotive) Alone Again (Alyssa Reid song) NC Dinos Aster (Namie Amuro album) Sheila Cavanagh Byelorussian collaboration with the The Illuminati Quiz Loafer ( film) Cortinarius gentilis Toufik Ripley P. Bullen Sporting Clube de Timor Jessica Yatrofsky Jaipur. IF Sheila Reid has enjoyed her time in the sun in Benidorm, she is with her husband Terry Bullen, Sheila has never lost her love of Scotland.

The veteran actress is a passionate supporter of Plan International UK, a charity that helps hundreds of thousands of children in 51 countries through public sponsorship. Over the past 35 years, she has sponsored two girls from Bolivia and two living in Ecuador.

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And for the past four years, she has been supporting Fernando, who lives with his family near Codo, a city in Maranhao, north-eastern Brazil. Sheila Reid walking with Fernando, his mother and cousin Image: But I really, really wanted to meet this gorgeous child and see how Plan International and my sponsorship helps him and his community. And meeting Fernando has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

As Benidorm's acid-tongued, chain-smoking, skinflint Madge Harvey Image: He has beautiful brown eyes, the most incredibly long eyelashes and such a sweet smile. He is very shy, but he was enchanting and once we got to know each other, he started putting his hand in mine and showing me round.

The money helps their families — and whole communities — by providing clean water, sanitation and health care, as well as building schools, training teachers and educating youngsters about equal rights and good citizenship.

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It is also tackling violence and the threats from drug trafficking. The remote state of Maranhao is the poorest in Brazil, with no public transport system and one hospital serving a city ofpeople.

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  • Benidorm star Sheila Reid on her real-life wedding

Sheila Reid, who plays her, isn't telling - you'll have to watch tonight's final episode of the Bafta-nominated ITV series to find out. What the year-old actress will reveal is that filming the side-splitting scenes actually inspired her to marry for real.

Last month, after 32 years together, she and body therapist Terry Bullen tied the knot in a romantic ceremony watched by 12 close friends in London. And it might never have happened if her chain-smoking alter ego in Benidorm hadn't accepted Mel's falsetto karaoke proposal on the Costa del Chaos. I arrived on my scooter in a fabulous dress, everyone was wearing flowers around their necks, the sun was beaming and the sea and a sandy beach made a beautiful backdrop.

Terry and I had talked about it many times, but were always happy as we were. I wore a lilac, lacy dress with a silvery jacket, and I carried a horseshoe covered in flowers. Terry looked dashing in a summer suit. As soon as we arrived and enjoyed a champagne toast, there was a tremendous clap of thunder, the heavens opened and rain came crashing down.

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Then the sun came up again. He does shiatsu massage, so let's just say he's very good with his hands and helps keep me fit! And we haven't talked about divorce yet, so long may it last. The hit series, set in the famous Spanish resort, follows the misadventures of a group of British holidaymakers - including Johnny Vegas as The Oracle - all staying at the Solana Apartments.

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She has had to fight off a suspected love rival played by ex-EastEnder Wendy Richard in a scooter showdown, armed only with her suncream. And tonight she faces daughter Janice's disapproval for marrying a man she has known for "five minutes".

Off-screen, Sheila is barely recognisable as Madge. In place of that strong Lancashire accent are soft, clipped tones, and there is no trace of Madge's creosote-coloured skin.