Sheen and libby relationship

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sheen and libby relationship

This was panned by many fans of the original series who supported Sheen and Libby's relationship (as well for Sheen uncharacteristically forgetting his friends). Sheen Juarrera Estevez is one of Jimmy Neutron's| closest best friends and one of Sheen. Sheen. Gender, Male. Hair Color, Black. Relationship, Libby (Jimmy . And this time around, Sheen and Libby just really stuck with me. I have a I think they could have a really interesting relationship, so I did some.

For some reason she just couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. He had kissed her! And right on the lips. Even though it was for only one second; it felt special to her.

Sheen And Libby Relationship

Of course no one knew about it. It was their little secret. She didn't even tell Libby about it yet. She began to ponder on whether she should tell her or not. Sure they were best friends and she felt like she could tell her everything. But after Libby had spilled about her and Jimmy playing footsie in the library; she just wasn't sure anymore. What if another live newscast became an option for her, Jimmy, Libby, Carl and Sheen? The same thing might happen again.

Only Libby would reveal about their kiss! That was more than just playing footsie in the library. Kids would really tease her and Jimmy. She did accept Libby's apology.

sheen and libby relationship

Why else would they still be friends if she didn't? She just couldn't tell her things so soon after what happened.

Cindy felt hurt, betrayed, embarrassed and mad the day after Libby had spilled. Her and Jimmy gave her the same 'you've got to be kidding me' look after she said she was sure no one knew who she was talking about. She had hoped Libby was right. But when her, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen entered the school building together; kids started saying stuff.

She knew that after Carl was teased; that she was going to be a laughing stock too. When Butch began to tease her and Jimmy; she felt her cheeks turn a bright red from embarrassment and the anger was boiling up inside her. She didn't have to take it from anyone; so she did a karate move and punched him hard to the ground.

sheen and libby relationship

He wasn't the only one who teased her and Jimmy. But all she really wanted was to sit with Sheen and listen to his outburst and prevent explosions. Thankfully, they had the same lunch period, but since Jimmy and Cindy were going through yet another rough patch, their lunch was full of hostility.

While Jimmy and Cindy hurled insults and spoonfuls of mashed potatoes at each other, Sheen and Libby tried to hold hands under the table where no one would see. I bet you five bucks and five episodes of Ultralord with no complaining that they kiss in the next ten minutes. Jimmy and Cindy were all over each other way before lunch was over.

I mean putting passion in your love life is great and all, but Oh and I won!

sheen and libby relationship

Pay up oh glorious one. Their first real fight was really their only fight.

Libby's Party

Of course not Sheen. I just don't want everyone to know. Not upset on this level. But she was hurting him, and he felt like he was going to explode.

The hyperactive loser of Retroville? If you aren't proud to date me, I don't know why you still are! She sat there, a small tear rolling down her cheek because she knew he was right and she hated herself for it. Sheen never cared what people thought of him, but it did matter to her. She wished she could be more like him. He didn't look at her for a week, no matter how many times she tried talking to him. She clutched Meltyface to her chest every night and wished she knew what to do.

Sheen wouldn't believe her if she just said she wasn't embarrassed. She needed to do something because there was no way she was letting him go. Not now, not ever. The Ultralord t-shirt she was wearing was hanging off her shoulders, and the sleeves were down to her elbows.

She figured she deserved it for having such a tall boyfriend. But she hoped it would get the point across. I, Libby Folfax, queen of fabulousness and diva of funk, have not been honest to myself, to any of you, or to my boyfriend.

And I'm sorry for not publically admitting that sooner.

Sheen And Libby Relationship

And if anyone has a problem with that, deal with it. Just as predicted, the upperclassmen shrugged it off, muttering "Stupid freshmen," and heading to class. A few girls glanced at Libby like she had grown an extra head. Several guys were just gazing at her curvy frame and coco toned skin. Jimmy and Cindy stood there with their mouths wide open while Carl was smiling and asking Sheen if he could go on one of their dates with them. The one reaction that stood above all others was Sheen's ear-to-ear grin.

Of course all girls usually do enjoy kissing their boyfriends, but Libby really, really liked it. She liked the way his scruff felt on her face and how his lips weren't ever chapped or dry. She liked how he would nibble her bottom lip and how he would smile when she started kissing him. And, like most things, the more they kissed, the better he became. Sheen was ecstatic by how often Libby would kiss him. One minute they'd be watching Firefly and the next, she'd by grabbing his face and pressing her lips on his.

She always tasted good, like vanilla and cinnamon and Ultralord gummies that he would insist she try. Soon, they had a pretty steady routine. After school, they'd go to his house and watch a movie or an episode of Star Trek. If it was something she had already seen or was uninterested in, she usually distracted him, and they'd end up in a make-out session before his dad got home.

Estevez would let her stay for dinner, but most days she just went home. She would do her homework or work on a dance routine or text Cindy until Sheen would call with a million questions about his homework.

sheen and libby relationship

She'd talk him through various geometry and biology problems before insisting that he hang up and go help Jimmy in the lab.

The boys would usually get into something, whether Jimmy took them somewhere in the rocket or had a new invention that needed testing. His texts would be sporadic and nonsensical, usually about whatever he, Jimmy, and Carl had done that day. Eventually, she would just call him. He could talk for hours, but he'd hang up around midnight because Libby would yawn more than talk back. Cindy walked in on them making out during sophomore year.

Sheen's face was bright red, and he hastily repositioned his neck so Cindy wouldn't see the bruises forming there. Libby sighed, glanced at her shrieking friend, and shrugged.

And don't act all high and mighty, I've seen you and Jimmy plenty of times. Libby, look at him! She knew he really wanted to get back to what they were doing, and Cindy's loud voice was just killing the mood. And I'm fond of him. Now please, some privacy. Shut the door on your way out. No, no, I do not want to hear this! Her phone beeped with a text from Cindy. She appreciated that Cindy was trying to be more supportive of their relationship, but the last thing she wanted to do was double date.

Cindy and Jimmy were very unpredictable, and they were often so wrapped up in each other that they made everyone around them uncomfortable. She asked Sheen about it, and he felt the same. Actually, an infinite amount of no's would be better.

That's the highest number isn't it? Between the "I'm right and you're wrong," and the "You think you're so smart," and the "You make me sick," Libby continuously rolled her eyes and Sheen ate five pieces of bread in less than 30 seconds. Libby raised her eyebrow at him. She pulled out a blue pen from her purse and scribbled a note on her napkin.

In Nightmare in Retroville, when Jimmy Neutron uses a machine to transform him into a werewolf, but he ran away to bite Libby Folfax despite being she was a vegetarian. His brain expands to huge size and now he gains telekinetic powers to destroy Retroville. Romances His romantic interest is Libby Folfaxand his interest in her became highly noticeable towards the end of the first season of the series, but in the new spin-off series Planet Sheenhe has a new romantic interest: Planet Sheen Sheen is a turbocharged, hyperactive child with an attention span of 0.

His best friend back home is boy genius Jimmy Neutron.

sheen and libby relationship

He's got a passion for life, TV, guacamole, and a superhero called Ultra Lord. He isn't the best student, but what he lacks in common sense and focus, he makes up for in burning curiosity and loads of energy. He lands on a strange planet called Zeenuwhere the grand leader thinks that Sheen is destined to bring peace, prosperity, and eternal joy.

After the Emperor promotes Sheen to be his number one Royal Advisor, Sheen gets to do virtually whatever he likes, such as battling man-eating creatures and throwing wild parties.

Even when the evil villain Dorkus tries to destroy him, Sheen's crazy ways almost always save the day.