Sarai and abram relationship test

Abraham and Sarah - Bible Story, Verses & Meaning

sarai and abram relationship test

Start studying Abraham test- A Model of Faith. Learn vocabulary How did this change the relationship between Sarai and her maidservant? Hagar became. Just year later Abram, was 10 when his half-sister Sarai was born. During this time period sibling and "near kin" marriage was less. Abraham's faith would be tested regarding his son, Isaac. We know of at least two occasions in which Abraham lied regarding his relationship to Sarah in order to him a son through Sarai, to whom God also gave a new name (Genesis 17).

He failed Sarah sadly, but God was faithful to her. He honored her faith and delivered her. He never forsakes those who trust him. About twenty years later he did exactly the same thing with Abimelech, king of Gerar Gen.

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This shows how weak and faithless the faithful can be. There are probably some sins we think we will never commit again, but we must ever be watchful, for that is exactly where Satan will attack us.

The next great strain on their faith is revealed in this statement: She offered her Egyptian slave girl, Hagar, so that Abraham might have a son by her. We must admit that her suggestion revealed her belief that God would keep His word and give Abraham a son. It was obviously motivated by her love for Abraham and her desire for him to have that son.

Abraham and Sarah - Bible Story

And sharing her husband with another woman would have been one of the most sacrificial things she could do. It was another fleshly solution. Too often we time-conscious earthlings resent His long delays and take matters into our own hands, usually to our great distress. If we could learn to keep trusting Him when our situation looks the bleakest, we would save ourselves much grief.

This impulsive sin had its effect on the relationship between Abraham and Sarah. Hagar got pregnant and eventually became proud and unmanageable. Sarah blamed Abraham for the whole problem when it was actually her own idea. Then she dealt harshly with Hagar, and her unkindness exposed the bitterness and resentment in her soul.

Meanwhile, Abraham shirked his duty. But now he told her to handle the problem herself, to do whatever she wanted to do, but to stop badgering him about it Gen. There is nothing to submit to, no leadership to follow.

Even great men and women of faith have their moments of faithlessness. And no such moment was worse for Abraham and Sarah than when they laughed at God. They both did it.

sarai and abram relationship test

God told Abraham he would bless Sarah and make her a mother of nations. Kings of peoples would come from her. And will Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child? The struggles of faith are real and we all experience them. But thank God for the final triumph of faith. I believe the turning point in their struggling faith occurred during that last encounter with the Lord. That poignant challenge pierced their faltering hearts, and faith was rekindled, strong and steadfast.

There was that brief setback in Gerar Gen. But basically things were different from that moment on. Her laugh of doubt had turned to a laugh of triumphant joy, and we can share her joy with her. There would still be problems for Abraham and Sarah. The life of faith is never free from obstacles. Hagar and Ishmael were still around to poke fun at Isaac. And Sarah got upset about that.

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When she saw Ishmael mocking her little Isaac she seemed to lose control of herself. Could this be the same woman who is extolled in the New Testament for her submissiveness and obedience? Healthy submission does not prohibit the expression of opinions. Sarah at least said what was on her mind.

And furthermore, she was right! Getting upset was not right. But Ishmael was not to be heir with Isaac, and God wanted him to leave the household.

God told Abraham to listen to Sarah and to do what she said Gen. Imagine that—even though Sarah got emotional, God wanted Abraham to heed her advice. He often wants to use wives to correct their husbands, to advise them, to mature them, to help them solve their problems and give them insight.

sarai and abram relationship test

Some husbands make their wives feel like ignoramuses, whose ideas are ridiculous and whose opinions are worthless. The husband who does that is the real ignoramus. If a wife tells her husband there is a problem in their marriage, God wants him to listen to her—listen to her evaluation of the situation, listen to the changes she thinks should be made, listen when she tries to share her feelings and her needs—then do something constructive about it. One of the prevalent problems in Christian marriages today is that husbands are too proud to admit that there is anything wrong and too stubborn to do anything about it.

God may want to enlighten them through their wives. The bondwoman and her son were finally sent away. Ishmael was now old enough to provide for his mother, and God gave him expertise with the bow Gen. And with that irritant removed, this happy little family threesome enjoyed a time of unhindered faith and fellowship.

sarai and abram relationship test

But the most severe trial to their faith was yet to come. It was to be a very unusual test. But she certainly knew what was going on. She probably helped them prepare for the trip. She saw the wood, the fire, and the knife; she saw her son Isaac, and she saw Abraham, a look of agony etched on his weathered brow.

But she saw no animal for the sacrifice. Scripture says that Abraham believed that God could even raise Isaac from the dead Heb. Sarah must have believed that too. The concept of family meant everything to a person living in the time of Abraham. In that time, family units were strongly knit; it was unusual for family members to live hundreds of miles apart from each other. The people of Ur and Haran worshipped the ancient Babylonian pantheon of gods, in particular the moon god, Sin, so God called Abraham out of a pagan culture.

Abraham and Sarah were childless a real source of shame in that cultureyet God promised that Abraham would have a son Genesis Abraham believed the promise of God, and that faith is credited to him as righteousness Genesis God reiterates His promise to Abraham in Genesis 17, and his faith is rewarded in Genesis 21 with the birth of Isaac. All we see is Abraham faithfully obeying the God who was his shield Genesis As with the earlier command to leave his home and family, Abraham obeyed Genesis We know the story ends with God holding back Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, but imagine how Abraham must have felt.

He had been waiting decades for a son of his own, and the God who promised this child to him was about to take him away. We know of at least two occasions in which Abraham lied regarding his relationship to Sarah in order to protect himself in potentially hostile lands Genesis In both these incidents, God protects and blesses Abraham despite his lack of faith.

We also know that the frustration of not having a child wore on Abraham and Sarah. Sarah suggested Abraham have a child with Sarah's servant, Hagar, on her behalf; Abraham agreed Genesis Interestingly, Abraham and Sarah were called Abram and Sarai at that time.

sarai and abram relationship test

But when Ishmael was thirteen years old, God gave Abram a new name along with the covenant of circumcision and a renewed promise to give him a son through Sarai, to whom God also gave a new name Genesis Abram, meaning "high father," became Abraham, "father of a multitude.

Abraham could take his son Isaac up to Mount Moriah because he knew God was faithful to keep His promises. God is superintending and orchestrating the events of our lives. When asked to leave his family, Abraham left. Abraham, like most of us, may have agonized over these decisions, but, when it was time to act, he acted. When we discern a true call from God or we read His instructions in His Word, we must act.

Obedience is not optional when God commands something.

We also see from Abraham what it looks like to have an active relationship with God. While Abraham was quick to obey, he did not shy away from asking God questions.

Abraham believed that God would give him and Sarah a son, but did wonder at how it could be Genesis In Genesis 18 we read the account of Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham affirmed that God was holy and just and could not fathom Him destroying the righteous with sinners. He asked God to spare the sinful cities for the sake of fifty righteous and continued to work the number down until ten. Ultimately there were not ten righteous men in Sodom, but God did spare Abraham's nephew Lot and his family Genesis It is interesting that God revealed His plans to Abraham before destroying the cities and that He was not taken aback by Abraham's questions.

Abraham's example here shows us what it looks like to interact with God regarding His plans, intercede for others, trust God's justice, and submit to His will.

God had promised a son to Abraham and Sarah, but, in their impatience, their plan to provide an heir to Abraham backfired.