Sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility -

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

Libra and Sagittarius compatibility has its ups and downs because these However, Sagittarius lovers are the most direct people in the zodiac. Are your signs compatible? Read your Libra and Sagittarius love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Daily Love Horoscope for Libra & Sagittarius zodiac sign combination. How good is this day for a Sagittarius - Libra couple?.

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All in all, this is a strong match up that has a real chance to go the distance. Let us dive further into this zodiac combination: Libra and Sagittarius are just one place apart on the zodiac charts and hence, have a natural sense of understanding for each other.

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

Libra man and Sagittarius woman and vice-versa are attracted to each other from the word go and their bond flourishes through a natural rapport between them. Libra is an extremely easygoing and laid back individual. Hence, Sagittarius finds it very easy and comfortable to be with a no-drama partner.

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

Moreover, Libra brings stability to the whirlwind of the Sagittarius mind and helps the Archer develop mindfulness over time.

This is very important for the Libra, who feels loved and cherished in the relationship.

Libra and Sagittarius Relationship

Both compatible zodiac signs tend to be generally forgiving and thus even if they do find themselves in the middle of a heated argument, they know how to get out of it in a positive manner and without any permanent emotional scars. Cons of the Libra Sagittarius Relationship: The main problem in this relationship is that they have two very different outlooks on life.

Libra - Sagittarius Love Horoscope & Compatibility

Sagittarius is spontaneous and loves to enjoy the present moment. On the other hand, Libra is yearning for long-term stability and peace in life.


Hence, though they do not want very different things, it is tough for them to plan anything with each other in terms of their relationship. Sagittarius does not like to be bogged down with the thought of the future, while Libra cannot stay uncaring towards it for too long.

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

Moreover, Sagittarius does not know how to bite back harsh words in the middle of an argument. This combination of planets forms Neptune in a way, and speaks of the growth of satisfaction leading to orgasmic pleasure, even though both signs might not seem at all sexual to some other members of the zodiac.

Libra - Sagittarius Love Horoscope & Compatibility on Friday, December 21,

They can both go to extremes, either having unrealistic faith in each other or mistrusting every word and every action that is made. The only way to keep the image of trust for these signs seems to be to always stay in a fairytale, unrealistic state, and this is something a Sagittarius will never want to do.

As soon as they start their search for something different, Libra will sense the change and become frustrated by their inability to create oneness with a partner they love.

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

The main problem that will eventually surface and need to be dealt with, is in the forces of their Suns. Sagittarius has too much fiery energy in their Sun, active, taking action and always prepared to give some of it even if nobody asked for it in the first place. This could lead to a subtle, hidden, will imposing and a character shift that will leave them both bruised for respect when a light is finally shed on the issue.

sagittarius and libra relationship horoscope

It is not easy for any one of them to find love and share it with someone. They are, after all, an Air and a Fire sign. Even though Libra is ruled by Venus, it is linked to the mental processes, social adaptation and communication through its element, while Sagittarius has passionate feelings, but uses their head, spreading their philosophy, more than actually feeling.

When they get together, they seem to be able to find a balance in which both of them use their heads just enough, and give each other enough room for love to be born.