Ryan gosling and michelle williams relationship

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ryan gosling and michelle williams relationship

Michelle Williams said she and co-star Ryan Gosling had to pretend to break made them pretend to be in a relationship and then 'break up'. See it for [Ryan] Gosling and [Michelle] Williams, but be advised: if you . This puts a lot of pressure on their relationship as resentment and. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams had a whirlwind year promoting Blue love story, though conversation turned to their real life relationship.

We shot one scene for two days in the shower, just all day. So when you're doing 50 takes with somebody, there's nowhere to hide. It seems like I don't really understand this rating system.

I was told it's because my character performs oral sex on his wife, and I thought, 'There's plenty of movies with men receiving oral sex from women with R ratings. On top of that, it seemed like there are horror movies that are like torture-porn that are R rated. What a lot of people don't understand about the NC, which I didn't understand, is that you can't show it in major theater chains -- and you can't even air spots for your film on television.

It really stigmatizes the movie. Not all of us. But you look at someone like Christina Aguilera, who was singing like Etta James [as an adolescent]. And you see someone who is realizing their destiny.

Cover story: Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling ad-lib on 'Blue Valentine'

This is where they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to be doing -- and the same goes for a few of the other kids. I realized that my destiny wasn't that. I could make it and do enough to get by on the show, but it wasn't my calling.

So I was depressed by that, but I was also encouraged to go out and find what [my calling] was. As a result of not being as talented as the other kids, I didn't work a lot, so I spent a lot of time in Disney World, riding the rides and walking around.

ryan gosling and michelle williams relationship

And this made a big impression on me. I was very impressed by Walt Disney and the idea that you could have a dream and you could realize it to the point where people could walk around within it. It still resonates with me. I wanted to be somebody who believed in their ideas that much.

ryan gosling and michelle williams relationship

Later, it might be a chokehold. And it isn't pretty. After taking a month off to gain some weight, pick some fights and prepare to tear down the happy relationship they'd spent more than four years creating for "Blue Valentine," Gosling and Williams showed up for work at the Radisson in King of Prussia, Pa.

They'd finished shooting their film couple's courtship, a loose, spontaneous experience full of song, dance and lovemaking, now all fully sanctioned by the MPAA. But now it was time to shoot the uglier half of the film, which opened last week, the half in which the relationship is mired in tension and resentment. Neither actor had seen the room before the cameras rolled, and they opened the door, soaking in a decorating scheme that Gosling likens to the "inside of a robot's vagina.

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Together, Williams, sporting a short haircut she calls a "Ryan" in honor or her costar, and Gosling talk about what it took to create one of the year's most memorable couplings. After being with this movie for so many years, what was it like on the first day of shooting? It was this exhilarating combination of dread and anticipation.

With so much buildup, you put a lot of pressure on yourself. And I always wanted to make the movie because I loved the script so much. Then I show up for work and Derek says, "I wrote that script 12 years ago. It's dead to me.

ryan gosling and michelle williams relationship

If you say the words, I'm going to be bored. You better surprise me. But that didn't bother you at all, right? I can't remember my lines.

So when someone says they're throwing out the script, I'm loving life. I was literally on the edge of my seat every day, wondering what was going to happen and if I was going to be quick enough. You said that, but I never really believed it. Even after a couple of days when you realized that what you were doing was working? I mean, it's exciting when you catch yourself in the moment and realize you're not thinking and words are coming out of your mouth and you've never done that before.

And I feel like I grew so much. But it never stopped being terrifying. Remember that girl at the ice cream shop?

We had this night where we were supposed to do whatever we want. There's an ice cream parlor open late, so we go in and order ice cream and they're filming us. You're 16, working at an ice cream parlor … Williams: In the middle of Pennsylvania … Gosling: And two actors … Williams: