Rookie blue nick and andy relationship

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rookie blue nick and andy relationship

'Rookie Blue' Boss on 'Intense' Season 4 Finale, Andy/Nick and to the Andy and Nick (Peter Mooney) relationship over the course of the. 'Rookie Blue' Boss on Season 4: New Romances, New Partners and a Difficult Exit drama last year, rookies Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) and Nick very different from Andy's other relationships with the guys in her life. Nick and Andy have developed a strong friendship and Sam self and asking some insight about the baby and Sam and Andy relationship.

After dancing around a relationship, Sam and Andy take the plunge. Unfortunately, when Sam is in the middle of a dangerous undercover operation, Andy helps find and rescue Sam from the dangerous Jamie Brennan, but when the two are suspended for three months, Andy realizes that she can't stay in town and obey the orders to avoid Sam.

When Sam followed Andy's hunch instead of his own instincts and his best friend Jerry Barber was killed as a result, Sam was distraught and began to distance himself from Andy and his other friends at Sam broke up with Andy, leaving her heartbroken and confused in the parking lot of the Penny.

After ignoring her calls for weeks, Sam tries to repair the relationship when Andy finds herself in a life and death situation. Unsure of whether she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collinsleaving Sam sitting at the bar waiting for her at the end of season 3. Season 4 finds Andy returning from her six months of undercover with Nick Collinshoping to get things back on track with Samonly to learn that he has moved on with a new cop, Marlo Cruz.

While it seems that Sam is immediately conflicted, and realizes that Andy didn't leave for undercover because she no longer has feelings for him, it looks like he may crack, but he continues his relationship with Cruz. When Andy realizes that Sam is no longer an option for her, she finds herself involved with Nick Collinswho has made it clear that he has true feelings for Andy, which jeopardizes her friendship with Nick's ex, Gail Peck.

When Sam realizes that he may have lost Andy for good, he pours his heart out, just before getting shot in the station. The finale ends with Sam on the operating table, Andy by his side. Season 5 finds Andy and Sam confessing their feelings about each other, and they start dating. Nick wants what's best for Andy and they break up. Andy had to train rookie Duncan Moore, but Officer Moore abandoned her when she was protecting a child from a gunman. Andy reported Moore to the authorities.

This led to a court battle. Andy was hurt in an explosion in the season 5 finale when retrieving some evidence, consequently breaking her ribs. She is noticed wearing an arm sling. Season 6 starts with Andy and Sam returning from Oliver's cabin after a 3 week leave following the bombing. Sam learns from Marlo that she's 4 months pregnant with his child.

Sam calls Andy to tell her the news but while on the phone with Andy she is attacked at Traci's apartment. About a month after their breakup season three finalehe confesses his love to Andy, when Andy is holding a grenade. Then he tries to convince her to take him back for another chance and asks for drinks. Andy leaves with Nick for the task force without telling Sam, who is left drinking while waiting for her at the Penny. In the Season 4 premiere six months after the finale Andy gets herself and Nick in a life threatening situation and calls Swarek for back up.

After he rescues them Andy believes that they would be able to pick up where they left off; she finds out that Swarek has a new girlfriend. For the first couple of episodes in Season 4 Andy tries to win Sam back but in Different Not Better Andy decides to back off and let Sam be happy she says " I know when to quit, that's my talent". In episode 6 Andy and Sam have a heart to heart and decide to be friends.

Andy McNally

As season 4 progresses Sam gets extremely jealous over Nick and Andy's relationship. In episode 10 Sam admits how he really feels about Andy to Oliver. He says " I miss her man. I wish I didn't but I do.

I keep thinking about the future. Kids, park on Sunday, real life - something more than this. He says that he has to go to let her be happy with Nick. Shortly after this Sam gets shot. Andy refuses to leave his side and goes into the ambulance with him and tells him a story.

rookie blue nick and andy relationship

One night when she had a nightmare he hugged her close and told her he was right here and that he would hold on and never let her go. In that moment she knew that she would never feel more loved or more known. She tells him she loves him and he's her story he passes out.

At the hospital Nick lets Andy go and she waits while they try to save Sam's life. Because, they know Nick wouldn't do anything to jeopardise Sam and Andy's happiness and he is happy with Juliet.

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Nick and Andy have developed a strong friendship and Sam respects that now. The first week she was on patrol wasn't so bad. Everyone was treating her like normal, but when people found out she was pregnant they started to change their approach around her. Some things were actually funny.

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The next day when she told Collins she was expecting, they were driving around for an hour without any calls. It seems like Toronto fears Sam, and when they finally got a call for an intruder, she lights up the car and she's ready like she's never seen some action.

Once they arrived at the location, Nick looks at Andy and finally speaks " Okay Andy, I will go check and you will wait in the car. I'm pregnant, I'm still capable to do my job" she states like a matter of fact. Andy is already out of the car, slamming the door and ready to do her job. Nick reminds himself to never get on Andy's bad side.

She finds and arrests the intruder in less than 3 minutes.

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When they arrive back at 15, Andy doesn't even glance once at Sam. It's when her day is finally over and she goes to Sam's office and he said he's sorry that she kisses him and ask him to bring her home. She's angry, right, but she knows that he does it because he loves her and can't really control the over protective side of him when it comes to her safety. He just wants her to be okay and the only way he can do this is to ask her partners to double check on her every second of the day.

There is another time when she was with Chloe. A change from serious soldier boy. Chloe was her babbling self and asking some insight about the baby and Sam and Andy relationship. Andy is happy to acknowledge her. Her relationship with Sam is beyond perfect. Not perfect perfect, but the perfect imperfect kind of way.

They're finding their roots, the limits of each other and living this relationship will all their emotion. They haven't spent a night apart to often. Even if she has a late shift or Sam has one, they always end up at his place. She actually loves his place, and she knows they will have to talk about where they want to raise their little rookie, but at three months, she thinks there is still time for that.

rookie blue nick and andy relationship

You're driving really slow. She can be on the street for one more month and she wants to enjoy it. She thinks about the last time she was paired with Gail. Gail, this stoic Gail softening Gail her friend that she wouldn't change for the world.

rookie blue nick and andy relationship

Gail finally adopted Sophie a while ago and she can see the change in her. Holly did come back into her life too and she can see that Gail is more happier than ever. Even with the betrayal of her brother and her parents still not speaking to her. What a mess it was. Gail was still Gail, leaving Andy do her job even challenging her and laughing about her lack of cardio sometimes.

They were having lunch at a nearby diner when Gail bluntly said something…well Gailish… "So you're gonna be like a beluga" Gail asked without any filters "Gail, not cool" says Andy with a little smile, knowing Gail didn't say it to hurt her. It's true, you will become hugeeeeee, and the baby is going to be an handful with you and Swarek as parents.

rookie blue nick and andy relationship

You have to ask? Andy can picture herself having a kid who's a handful, just like Sam, with some cockiness and her stubbornness, his hair but her eyes. She can picture it and can't wait for it. Today she was supposed to ride with Dov, but he finally got his Detective training like he wanted. So she was paired with Chris.