Relationship of personal and environmental health

Interface between health and environment in professional education in health

relationship of personal and environmental health

Keywords: responsibility, public health, environmental health, access to healthcare Given the well‐documented relationship between lifestyle, disease burden. Your home environment has the most immediate impact on your health. And the good news is that you have some control here!At homeIn your home, the. Relationship Between Personal and Environmental Health. March 21,

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Los sujetos relataron comprender que hay una estrecha interfaz entre salud y medio ambiente. Algunos sujetos, entre tanto, presentaron dificultad para manifestar una idea sobre el tema. This ecological crisis does not only have a repercussion on biological order, because it involves a multiplicity of aspects: It is a crisis that has required a review about postures of humans, since those that relate to human existence itself ontological to the way of knowledge production epistemologicalgoing through different aspects of everyday life, and relying on the understanding about the past, present and future 1.

Although different sectors of society are related to the ecological problems, what we see is that some knowledge fields and areas of action have not discussed this issue strongly yet, for example, the health area. However, it is increasingly evident that there is a close interface between environmental problems and health, which cannot be neglected by governments, researchers and health professionals.

There are already studies that indicate strong evidence about population impairment for diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, respiratory diseases related to environmental causes 2,3. Another study 4 highlights a number of consequences for the health of populations from climate change, including: The World Health Organization considers the global climate change a challenge to the protection of human health, highlighting that, the consideration of environmental-climate risks should play a central role in the discussion of the sustainability transition.

This requires the implementation of adaptation strategies in order to protect the public health, including, besides financial resources, technology and infrastructure, activities directed to education and public awareness 5.

Environmental health

However, despite this obvious concern, it seems that there is a certain distance between health area and effective practices related to environmental protection or to minimize its effects. In this sense, the development of studies which discuss the issue of health and environment interface, both in the qualification scenario as in the context of nursing professional practice and health are essentials. In this gap, this research was developed with the following question: Therefore, among the objectives set for the study, we presented in this article, the following: The research is classified as descriptive and exploratory, it has been conducted with 24 academics from the health area of a public institution of higher education in southern Brazil.

Data were collected during the months of August and Septemberseeking to keep some proportionality between subjects. Accordingly, interviews were conducted with four academics from the Nursing course, five from the Medicine course, five from the Physiotherapy course, four from the Phonoaudiology course, three from the Pharmacy course and three from the Dentistry course. Constituting the inclusion criteria: The conclusion of data collection followed the criterion of data saturation.

The Environment and Human Health

Data collection occurred through semi-structured interviews with leading questions about the topic investigated. The interviews were conducted by trained interviewers, in a private room, being recorded and later transcribed by the interviewers. The subjects were identified according to their undergraduate course and the number corresponding to the interview. Data were analyzed according to the proposed referential content analysis 8according to the following steps: The study followed the ethical guidelines indicated for human research; data collection was performed only after Institutional and Ethics Research Committee approval CAAE No.

In this sense, the subjects were only interviewed after reading and signing the consent form. Mostly, they obtained information about it through the media, as the study showed that the approach on the subject during the professional qualification is quite fragile.

relationship of personal and environmental health

In order to meet the objectives of the study, respondents were addressed to reflect about the health and environmental interface and its expression in the academic experience.

The data revealed to be evident to academics; there is a direct interface between health and environment, as an example of one of the exposed testimonials below: For me, they are directly related".

Physiotherapy 04 "I think there are two things that walk together and that are important, very important. I think we can see like this, not preserving the environment can bring many diseases, can bring many, many things which can affect people's lives, then I think these two things are very important which combines and walk together ".

Nursing 04 It was noted that the academics had the notion that there is a connection between environmental problems and the health of populations. However, the idea of health and environmental interface is very present, or more precisely, the diseases caused by environmental damage directly affecting underprivileged populations.

Thus, the demonstrations give conformation to the categories health, environment and poverty. For example, where there's open sewage, it is not the same thing where everything is well built not have the bugs that carry diseases and such, I think it interferes completely health When reflecting on the context that encompasses the overlapping risks of both cities, characterized by lack of sanitation, housing, among others; as those arising from environmental pollution, occupational, generated by the "modernization", among others, many academics have exposed a series of cases of diseases that they believe are directly related to environmental issues, including: These expressions resulted in category: If the factories stop polluting so much, pollute, if you had, for example, fewer cars in the world we would have fewer respiratory illnesses.

If traffic is not so chaotic there will not be so much stress, so much hypertension, we will not have this kind of problem so much. Accordingly, even though they emphasize diseases by environmental causes, resulting from the lack of socioeconomic and health conditions, in a sense also make an interrelationship with other aspects that are most at risk of becoming ill. However, the study showed some weakness in regard to this issue, as they observed the establishment of a linear view of cause and effect.

There was not seen, among the respondents, an idea that refers to the complexity that goes through the process of being healthy and ill, and the health and environmental interface, consequently.

In this regard, we emphasize that although many respondents have shown a direct interface between health and environment, there were those who expressed vague terminologies on the issue, demonstrating a non-reflexive process or a structured knowledge in this regard. Thus, the category configuration gives vague notions about health and the environment. I think that's it I think that's health and the environment.

I think it has, has relationship, which has an intimate relationship, but What I think, is that actions that may destroy the environment will be reflected in our health. The testimonial below is an exemplary of this conception: I feel like there's a gap, I cannot see how I, as a health professional, could do something about it, you know?

But I do not see it that strong in the health workforce, kind of concern for the environment, even I do not have much knowledge about it. It's an interesting thing to address, these climate changes are consequences of something, some actions of ours, some actions of mankind we can say, well, that is a global change. But we can perceive in our body, what it causes, the impact of this on people, which is something very easy to perceive.

relationship of personal and environmental health

Sometimes we do not think that these climate changes, Physiotherapy 01 authors' emphasis Thus, it was explicated that there is a change in perception, including issues that affect people's health as a result of environmental concerns; however, a sense of distance between the subject and the environmental problems of great magnitude are produced see italic's testimony. This feeling, allied with a lack of knowledge, as evidenced in this research by the lack of a thematic approach for professors of undergraduate courses, it may be the source of difficulties in the development of actions addressing environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change of the population, during professional life.

It is noteworthy that respondents linked the vulnerability of the environment and their effects on health. In Brazil there are at least three dimensions of vulnerability between health and the environment. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health.

Relationship Between Personal and Environmental Health

It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments. This definition excludes behaviour not related to environment, as well as behaviour related to the social and cultural environment, as well as genetics. They also carry out that role by promoting the improvement of environmental parameters and by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly and healthy technologies and behaviors.

They also have a leading role in developing and suggesting new policy areas. Researchers and policy-makers also play important roles in how environmental health is practiced in the field.

In many European countries, physicians and veterinarians are involved in environmental health. The environmental health profession had its modern-day roots in the sanitary and public health movement of the United Kingdom.

relationship of personal and environmental health

This was epitomized by Sir Edwin Chadwickwho was instrumental in the repeal of the poor lawsand in was the founding president of the Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors, now called the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Each of these disciplines contributes different information to describe problems and solutions in environmental health, but there is some overlap among them. Environmental epidemiology studies the relationship between environmental exposures including exposure to chemicals, radiation, microbiological agents, etc. Observational studies, which simply observe exposures that people have already experienced, are common in environmental epidemiology because humans cannot ethically be exposed to agents that are known or suspected to cause disease.

While the inability to use experimental study designs is a limitation of environmental epidemiology, this discipline directly observes effects on human health rather than estimating effects from animal studies.