Relationship of engineering and design

relationship of engineering and design

Meet Smashing Book 6 — our brand new book focused on real challenges and real front-end solutions in the real world: from design systems. TY - CONF. T1 - The relationship between engineering design and information and knowledge. AU - Culley,S J. AU - McMahon,C A. PY - Y1 - A design engineer is a person who may be involved in any of various engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textiles, aerospace.

However, with the advent of CAD and solid modeling software, the design engineers may create the drawings themselves, or perhaps with the help of many corporate service providers.

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The next responsibility of many design engineers is prototyping. A model of the product is created and reviewed.

Prototypes are either functional or non-functional.

relationship of engineering and design

Functional "alpha" prototypes are used for testing; non-functional prototypes are used for form and fit checking. Virtual prototyping and hence for any such software solutions may also be used.

relationship of engineering and design

This stage is where design flaws are found and corrected, and tooling, manufacturing fixtures, and packaging are developed. Once the "alpha" prototype is finalized after many iterations, the next step is the "beta" pre-production prototype. This is often determined through statistical process control.

Variations in the product are correlated to aspects of the process and eliminated. The most common metric used is the process capability index Cpk.

A Cpk of 1. This early collaboration transforms the hand-off period into a fluid, naturally evolving process of development and refinement.

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It allows the designer to focus specifically on design itself rather than the implementation of the design in CAD, allowing them to work more freely, knowing that there is some degree of oversight on their work.

It is also much easier to spread and embed a company culture across disciplines when teams interact naturally on a daily basis.

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They have to be far more adaptable and innovative and take cues from the design process. They should use exploratory and iterative techniques to progress a project, in much the same way that designers do.

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Combine this approach with traditional analytical engineering and you will develop a creative and user-focused team that can interface more easily with design professionals. By leveraging individual capabilities regardless of background, you tighten relationships between teams. More importantly, you gain valuable team members that bring different perspectives to the project.

Integration of design and engineering is a way of life at Design Partners. All of the above have been instrumental in forging the culture of the company. Our engineering teams iterate and explore like designers; our designers appreciate the importance of analytical engineering.

relationship of engineering and design