Reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

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reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

To reinforce the importance of Reuven and Danny's relationship to their respective For example, while David Malter and Reb Saunders are both fathers and. Reb Saunders said, "My father himself never talked to me, except when we As Danny's friend, Reuven has trouble understanding how this idea can the nurturing of Danny's soul, Reb Saunders sacrificed his relationship with his son. The key reason why the relationship between Danny and Reuven changes is because of Danny's father, Reb Saunders. Reb Saunders is a rabbi with very strict.

Their deep study of their traditions has led them to be ignorant of the outside world. Daniel Saunders is the son of Rabbi Reb Saunders and the protagonist of the novel. It is seen through the eyes of Reuven Malter, a boy who would appear to have much in common with Danny, for they are both brilliant, Jewish, closely tied to their fathers, and near-neighbors who live only five blocks apart.

Still, they attend separate yeshivas and inhabit very different worlds. A baseball league is begun. When Danny Saunders scho America has always faced the problem of assimilation, a challenge faced by every country with a considerable immigrant population. Because immigrants founded America, her culture is a combination of the cultures of other countries.

Should these immigrants isolate themselves from the main One thing that is symbolic in his book is the reference to the right and left sides of things. Throughout the book this is used to show what the characters are like.

First Potok illustrates the point when Reuven's left eye is cut during the baseball game. It is used again at the hospital. Danny and his father also illustrate the right and left hand symbolism. When Danny hit the ball at Reuven, it hit him in the left eye Chaim Potok's knowledge of Jewish culture and his knowledge of philosophy greatly influenced this piece of literature helping him to create a realistic setting with a believable scenario.

Because of the fact that their fathers are leaders of different Jewish beliefs, hatred clashed between them when they first met. This hatred lead to the injury Danny has a great mind and wants to use it to study psychology, not become a Hasidic tzadik. The two go into Reb Saunders study to explain to him what is going to happen, and before Danny can bring it up, his father does.

reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

Reb Saunders explains to the two friends that he already known that Reuven is going to go for his smith and Danny, who Discussion of Title Throughout our lives, we are given choices to make. Such a leader is Reb Saunders. His ways and his teachings are the ways of seventeenth century Hasids and it is this role that Danny is expected to fill when he becomes the tzaddik.

reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

And if it does not kill us, it tempts us! It asks us to join in its ugliness, its impurities, its abominations! It is not the world that is commanded to study Torah, but the people of Israel! We are only half alive in this world! Albert Einstein is part of the world…President Roosevelt is part of the world. The millions of soldiers fighting Hitler are part of the world. Weeks before the accident which brings the two boys together, Mr. At least this way he has some direction from an adult.

Malter and Reb Saunders are, in some ways, antithetical characters. Malter, overwhelming grief is followed by a determination to counter the senseless suffering of the millions who died with something meaningful: What does it mean to suffer so much if our lives are nothing more than the blink of an eye?

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A man must fill his life with meaning; meaning is not automatically given to life. It will have meaning only if we give it meaning. It is the will of God. We must accept the will of God! While Reb Saunders suffers, Danny struggles to educate himself in the ideas of Freud and in the problems of contemporary Judaism. He combines the double load of schoolwork and the rigorous study of Talmud which forms the basis of his relation to his father, with his own attempts to educate himself in his quest for identity.

Reuven, too, is seen to spend many hours of his day in study. There is a passion for learning in these two characters, one that is shaped by the religion itself. To study Talmud is to engage in scholarly work, the novel shows. There are lines of religious text and there are commentaries written by the various rabbis whose opinions are included in Talmud. Each father, Hasidic rabbi or free-thinking scholar, finds joy in the knowledge that his son will surpass him in scholarly achievements.

It is his passion to know, to know the world and to know himself that ultimately leads Danny to reject Hasidism.

reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

He comes to see that the world of his father is too restricted; he begins to feel trapped. I respect him and trust him completely, which is why I think I can live with his silence. And I pity him, too.

reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

He was born trapped. I scream with every bone in my body to get out of it. My mind cries to get out of it. Danny has decided to get out of the life that imprisons him; he will take off the clothing and shun the trappings of the Hasid, go on to graduate school, and become a psychologist.

When he has resolved to do this, Mr. Before Danny can confront his father, however, his father confronts him.

reb saunders and dannys relationship problems

Using Reuven as a foil through whom to speak to his son, Reb Saunders reveals that he knows his son will not become a rabbi. Here there are libraries and books and schools. Here there are great universities that do not concern themselves with how many Jewish students they have. I knew in my heart that it might prevent him from taking my place. I had to make certain his would be the soul of a tzaddik no matter what he did with his life. And it is important to know of pain…It destroys our self pride, our arrogance, our indifference towards others.

And of all people a tzaddik especially must know of pain. A tzaddik must know how to suffer for his people. He must take the pain from them and carry it on his own shoulders. I did not see the letters from the universities? I do not see his eyes?

I do not hear his soul crying? Let my Daniel become a psychologist.

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I have no fear now. All his life will be a tzaddik. He will be a tzaddik for the world. And the world needs a tzaddik. In a sense we come to see how much the two fathers of this novel share; how they value similar qualities in their sons: And although for Reb Saunders compassion is viewed as the ability to suffer, to internalize the pain which has always surrounded Jews in the world, for Mr.

Malters it is not enough to suffer; suffering must be wedded to work, to action which will redeem the meaningless of the evil that is always in the world. It is this work which Danny comes to seek, which he chooses, not freely, but with great anguish as he breaks the tradition that demands he become a tzaddik for a small community of Jews and establishes a new role for himself as tzaddik for the world. Identify the time and place in which the action of the novel is set, and the circumstances that cause Reuven and Danny to meet.

Why does Danny consider Reuven and his classmates "apikorsim"? What are some of the things Reuven learns about Danny during the hospital visit? What does the reader learn about Mr.