Professional relationship and friendship

professional relationship and friendship

(, ) A professional relationship is a formal relationship whereas a friendship is informal. This essay will use four main points to compare and. Professional Relationship and a Friendship. See the following page for a Handout detailing the differences between friends and professional colleagues. We asked 12 execs “How do you maintain a professional relationship with your manager if you're friends outside of work?” At one point or.

Having a military background, I personally experienced this situation many times.

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If you share personal interests in common, that is okay in office conversations especially where others can participate in the conversation. However, you cannot share those interests together outside of work unless it is in the form of an office function where all are invited to participate.

I worked for a colonel who I considered a friend and who considered me a friend.

How to Maintain Professional Relationships with Friends

We ensured just as I explained above to keep it professional. Now that we are no longer working together directly, I can call him a close friend.

I recommend setting up a meeting with your manager with the agenda to discuss your professional relationship. I would do this in a professional setting and during work hours to set the tone for the meeting. Be transparent with your manager in discussing that you are not sure how to move forward with your feedback to this person.

Because you are friends and have so much in common, you want to make sure that you hold each other accountable for the work, meetings, and company responsibilities that are going to need to get done. Lead first in letting your manager know that there are going to be some situations that your manager is going to need transparent feedback or will need to give feedback on any issue.

These situations could be: Have this conversation now. Some of my more difficult moments in the work setting have revolved around these sorts of scenarios.

It started with mutual respect, trust, and understanding of roles.

How to Maintain Professional Relationships with Friends in the Workplace

I try to never put these relationships at jeopardy. Sometimes it means putting my personal feelings on the back burner, although I try not to take them off the stove all together. And sometimes it means doing the right thing for both the business and the people involved by knowing when to keep my thoughts to myself, and when to speak up.

I strive for consistency and authenticity in my communication and actions. Another general rule of thumb: Does it have to be said now timing is often key? In my experience, true friendships stand the test of time. Talking about work or trying to give or receive feedback with your friend while you are hanging out at the beach, shopping, or going to the movies is not the right environment and will strain both your professional and personal relationship. Take extra measures to create a clear work relationship and environment.

Instead, schedule some time with her letting her know exactly what you want to discuss and what you want feedback on, and then come prepared to listen and take notes. Ask questions and thank her.

professional relationship and friendship

This extra effort will help you create some personal and professional barriers so that you can have a more productive time at work and a more relaxed time outside the office. This topic touches so many of the topics we discuss each day: It occurs to me that much of what we do to be a good friend is applicable to the essence of good management.

professional relationship and friendship

We willingly engage with someone in hopes of creating experiences that improve both our lives. We understand that we each do so without sacrificing our individual values or identities. At times, we had to remind each other which domain we were operating in.

It was essential that we agreed on the goal of business success and what that success looked like for each of us.

professional relationship and friendship

The boundaries in a friendship Page 2 are also much different to a professional relationship there can be looser boundaries in a friendship depending on the people involved. There are no consequences in a friendship for informality or un-adhered rules. This should only be done when it is absolutely necessary to meet outside of service hours or if a particular service has no limitations of service hours.

Failure to conform to this may lead to boundaries being broken, trust mislaid and for more serious cases legal action taken against the company because of the professional over stepping the rules and regulations of the organisation.

This can be very confusing for the client as it breaks the boundaries put in place by a professional relationship and the client may not know how to respond to the situation, on the other hand if it is the client asking about the professions personal life the professional should respond in a professional way explaining that it is about the client not you.

professional relationship and friendship

Garavan, The consequences for revealing personal information is the relationship can become too involved and you may lose the oversight and focus. If you lose that focus, your judgement is clouded and you will be less use to your clients. You can tell your friends your deepest darkest secrets, family problems, relationship issues, social difficulties, the list is endless.

In a social care setting the clients may be emotionally and psychologically vulnerable, so a professional to engage in such relationships would be taking advantage of that client. Kaplan, The consequences for the professional engaging in intimate relations with the client could lead to them being fired, have their licence revoked or temporarily suspended. The repercussions for the client are more emotional and affect them internally.

A study carried out by pope and Vetter of nine hundred and fifty eight patients who had been sexually involved with a therapist, identified ten of the most common problems associated with therapist-patient sex, they are as follows; Ambivalence, cognitive dysfunction, emotional lability, emptiness and isolation, guilt, impaired ability to trust, role reversal and boundary confusion, sexual confusion, suppressed anger and increased suicide risk. To conclude this essay has addressed four main traits of a professional relationship.

Professional relationships are formal, legal and ethical, the professional does not discuss personal problems with a client, only meets clients within service hours except for circumstantial cases and the professional does not have intimate relations with the client. The text then discussed the traits of a friendship which were more or less the reversed traits of a professional.

A friendship is informal, friends discuss all kinds of personal matters there are no boundaries to a discussion, friends can see each other at any time and lastly friends can date and be intimate. From comparing and contrasting both relationships it is clear to see the extreme differences between the two relationships are that there is little to none similarities.

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