Private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

Private Peaceful : Tommo and Charlie's relationship by Finn Byrne on Prezi

private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

In the novel Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, it becomes highly and stirs up trouble for Tommo when he doesn't need it, but Charlie will. An examination of the relationship between brothers Tommo and Charlie in between two brothers which faces many challenges/difficulties/problems etc. The main characters in the story are Charlie and Tommo Peaceful, has learning difficulties; Molly, a girl who befriends Charlie and Tommo;.

Meanwhile, an unknown fate awaits in the morning, getting closer and closer as the clock carries on ticking. Throughout his young life, Tommo has been repeatedly let down by adults: But through it all, Tommo has relied on the support and help of his beloved brother Charlie.

The question is, how much longer can Charlie help him?

private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

Private Peaceful's story is moving, shocking and life-affirming, a celebration of life's pleasures as well as a condemnation of the pointless barbarity of war. It is also a gripping tale of suspense: Does he manage to? And how does Charlie change as he grows older? Do you think Tommo changes, too?

private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

The title of the book could refer to Tommo or Charlie. Which do you think is more likely? Tommo convinces Molly to let him enlist by saying he needs to look after Charlie, who is "always getting himself into nasty scrapes".

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What other reasons do you think Tommo might have for enlisting? Tommo and Charlie's early life is dominated by Grandma Wolf and the Colonel.

How does Michael Morpurgo make us dislike these characters?

private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

What differences are there between the Colonel and Sergeant Hanley, do you think? Tommo's mother reacts very differently from Charlie to the Colonel and Grandma Wolf? What are the dangers and consequences of Charlie's response to people in authority? Who do you like best, Charlie or Tommo?

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The countryside On page 35 Tommo tells us that "there's a mouse in here with me". The presence of the mouse on the front line reminds us that we are seeing two versions of countryside in Private Peaceful - one unspoilt and one ravaged by war.

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How else does the author link the countryside of England with the countryside of the Western Front? Can you see differences and similarities between the two places?

What has happened to the steeple on page 87? Can you remember where else we see a steeple and what does Joe believe is at the top of it? If you do know, what might the "broken promise" on page 87 refer to?

We see birds, especially crows, throughout the book. Can you see the significance of birds? The presence of birds can mean different things. On page 61 Tommo talks about seeing larks on the front.

Tommo and His Relationship With His Brother

Why do you think the image of the crow differs from the image of the lark? What do you associate with crows? The passage of time How do the clock times before every chapter make you feel? Running throughout Private Peaceful is a sense of something bad about to happen. What parts in the story of the brothers' childhood make you feel this sense of danger?

What role does death play in the early part of the story? However, Tommo also notices the unfaithful sides of Charlie, which leaves him feeling abandoned. The deep love Charlie shows towards his brother, effects Tommo as a character, making him want to be more courageous like Charlie. This novel shows the love between two brothers and the development of Tommo as an individual. Tommo admires and commends Charlie for not only confronting but also defying authority.

When Tommo nervously sets off to school for the first time, Charlie takes him by the hand and reassures him that all will be alright. Both of the brothers are protective of their older brother Joe and have no respect for anyone who treats him disrespectfully. Tommo respects Charlie and his often courageous choices that revolve around his loved ones. He feels proud and lucky to have an older brother like Charlie.

When Molly and Charlie get moved up a level in school because they are older than Tommo. When Charlie leaves home from the war after his wounded leg, he feels betrayed by the amount of happiness Charlie shows from their separation.

private peaceful tommo and charlies relationship problems

He was drowning in anger at the thought of his brother abandoning him. It is also seen when Charlie was stirring Hanley up unnecessarily and was making things difficult for everyone else. Before Charlie gets shot, Charlie tries to protect Tommo, from the sadness when he leaves, he tries to reassure and comfort him.